C16590 中二 Jordan/Nam Cheong 全科, 數學, 普通話 每小時學費 200-300

  • 學生班級:中二
  • 補習科目:全科, 數學, 普通話
  • 補習地區:Jordan/Nam Cheong
  • 每星期堂數:2_次
  • 每節補習時間:1.5_小時
  • 預算每小時學費: $200-300
  • 學生程度:普通
  • 特別要求:All his subjects in school are taught in English except mandarin. He is smart and learns fast so need someone who can keep up with him and teach him study methods. Needs more help with mandarin. Available: Tues: 5pm onwards Fri: 4pm onwards Sun: after 11am.