C12851 學前 紅磡陽光廣場 英文 每小時學費 300-350

  • 學生班級:學前
  • 補習科目:英文
  • 補習地區:紅磡陽光廣場
  • 每星期堂數:3_次
  • 每節補習時間:1_小時
  • 預算每小時學費: $300-350
  • 學生程度:普通
  • 特別要求:The teacher should be a current or ex-kindergarten teacher with native English. She should be available to come 2-3 times at fixed timeslots a week. She should have teaching materials. The class will focus on oral English and phonics. My kid is 2.5 years old.