C15485 小三 半山舊山頂道 跟功課, 全科 每小時學費 200(可提供$50車費津貼)

  • Student Class: Primary Three
  • Remedial subjects: homework, general subjects
  • Tuition Area: Old Peak Road, Mid-Levels
  • Number of classes per week: 2_times
  • Tutoring time per session: 1.5_ hours
  • Budgeted hourly tuition: $200 ($50 fare allowance can be provided)
  • Student level: ordinary
  • Special requirements: 1. The best teacher is fluent in Mandarin 2. Experienced and patient in teaching children's homework, both male and female teachers are available 3. On weekdays 7pm class 4. Student class: after summer vacation to primary three (international school)

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