C16767 成人 油塘油美苑澤美閣 其他 每小時學費 350

  • Student Class: Adult
  • Remedial subjects: other
  • 補習地區:油塘油美苑澤美閣
  • Number of lessons per week: 1_ times
  • Tutoring time per session: 1.5_ hours
  • Budgeted hourly tuition: $350
  • Student level: make up for the bottom
  • 特別要求:女導師, below is information about me and my available time: I would need an A to meet the lower boundary for my course at University. International A level Pearson Edexcel business ( taking it in 2023) available time: Monday and Tuesday from 8 am to 530 pm Thank you very much for considering teaching me, I do appreciate it very much.

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