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Want to study physics, but also want to find a suitable home chemistry tutor for you? Helping you have both my GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association. Whether you want to get DSE chemistry tutoring or one-to-one chemistry tutoring scheduled for ZOOM online teaching, a dedicated person will match you with a chemistry tutor for free to help you choose your favorite chemistry tutor!

2023 化學補習老師推薦

Miss Cheng is currently a chemistry teacher in Band 1 English Middle School

Ten years of teaching experience as a middle school chemistry teacher

Current middle school teacher, teaching Band 1 English middle school and high school science for more than 10 years of tutoring experience

Good at clarifying concepts for students

Provide notes and exercises

There are also science supplements for junior high school students

化學補習 化學老師

Kelly Yip Chemistry 5** Full-time tuition

7 years of tutoring experience Full-time tutoring Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University Applied Biology

I am a full-time tutor, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Applied Biology and Biotechnology (Applied Biology w/ Biotechnology), and graduated from a traditional female school in secondary school.

I have seven years of experience in teaching mathematics and science subjects in secondary schools in a small tutoring agency and home tutoring experience. I am proficient in HKDSE/IB/A-level/IGCSE courses.Be patient and responsible.

I will provide students with exercises and test questions in class, assist students in dealing with problems in their subjects, teach them to understand complicated concepts in an efficient way, and prepare for exams.

I got 5** in Chemistry in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE). We are currently taking supplementary chemistry and biology courses for local middle school students and international school students. One-on-one/group tuition is welcome, thank you.

化學補習 化學老師

Rachel Hui Chemistry 5* University graduate

More than 8 years of tutoring experience, Hong Kong Chinese Secondary School Environmental Science students specializing in high school chemistry

I am currently a graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Environmental Science,DSE Best 5 31 points

DSE Best 5 31 points, 5** in Biology, 5* in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Eight years of tutoring experience, good at tutoring self-study students. In the past, he also took education-related courses at CUHK and achieved good results. Math and Biology have note and test question banks.

化學老師 化學補習

Iris Law Chemistry 5**Undergraduate

3+ years tutoring experience Bachelor of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong

I am a traditional female schoolSheep En Middle SchoolGraduates have achieved the top ten in multiple subjects in their academic career, and are resident in elite classes of various subjects.

I am a traditional female schoolSheep En Middle SchoolGraduates have achieved the top ten in multiple subjects in their academic career, and are resident in elite classes of various subjects.

I am familiar with the question-setting mode and question type, so I will be able to teach students according to their aptitude and help students achieve unexpected results.

Private students from: Kowloon Huaren, Xie'en, Dewang, etc.

DSE results:

Chinese 5*|English 5*|Mathematics 5**|Economics 5**|Chemistry 5**

Tuition Details

Once rebounded from the bottom, understand the difficulties of students

Teaching simple language, tailor-made personal courses

Have all previous exam questions and by topic exam questions

Additional questions and detailed answers are available if needed

24 hours whatsapp to ask books and homework

化學老師 化學補習

Abby Chung Chemistry 5* Undergraduate

3 years tutoring experience Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong

Graduated from a traditional women's school, chemistry, English speaking 5*

The middle school maintains the top ten in the whole grade, the top five in English general mathematics, the English subject award in the sixth year of the primary school, and the second in the sixth grade.

He used to teach general subjects for middle school/primary students, with top-notch supplements.

Since Secondary 3, he has been tutoring in element, the first chemistry tutoring agency in Hong Kong. He has a full range of note-taking exercises to teach chemistry knowledge in a simple way, and can assist sba.

Obtained the distinction of the second-level academician diploma in flute performance. The teaching materials are various, and some teaching materials will be tailor-made for students to teach students according to their aptitude. The ensemble has rich experience and can teach students ensemble skills in addition to solo performance and develop their musical attainment in an all-round way.


Ryan Yeung Chemistry 5*Undergraduate

More than 4 years of tutoring experience Actuarial Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong

I am studying actuarial science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I got Best 5 29 in the HKDSE, with 5** in Economics, 5* in Biology, and 5* in Chemistry (Chinese paper).

I am dedicated and responsible in teaching and have experience in tutoring for senior high school students. Tutoring is supplemented with essential notes and examples, so that students can easily understand the key points of scoring, and they will patiently teach students the concepts that are difficult to grasp, and prescribe the right medicine for their weaknesses. At the same time, there are sufficient exercises for students to practice in the tutoring, and a whatsapp inquiry service will be provided after class to follow up the learning progress of the students in school and tutoring, and try their best to improve the performance of the students.

Chemistry Tutor Pairing

Chemistry tutor of eight universities

The tutors come from eight universities, and any requirements can be matched as much as possible, and the teachers are guaranteed.

One-to-one chemistry tutoring

One-to-one tutoring will be provided to you by a dedicated person, who will follow up carefully to meet your learning progress.

online chemistry tuition

Online tutoring can be done anytime, anywhere. More tutors to choose from.

Chemistry tutors of different academic systems

A-Level Physics, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics. In addition to DSE, we also have tutors of different academic lengths to choose from, providing the widest range of tutoring services.

Six Chemistry Study Tips + Useful Textbooks

Chemistry Study Skills


So you spend a lot of time studying, but you still struggle with exams. What should we do now? First, know that you're not alone - some of the best students struggle with chemistry at some point, so stick with it!

Learning chemistry takes time!

Mission time!

Just as you need to spend time practicing sports or learning a foreign language, you need toTake the time to practiceChemical. We don't expect you to get everything right away; in fact, some of the best students in these courses have to wrestle with the material before they really understand everything. Make sure you allocate enough time to regularly review the course material and practice problem solving.


There's a reason these courses aren't directed reading: All sections -- practice questions, readings, lectures, sections, labs, office hours, self-study or with friends, tutorials -- work best when you use them together.

Dig deeper into practical issues

Just doing a lot of practice problems won't necessarily make you a better problem solver. You'll never see an exam question that looks exactly like a practice question, so doing every possible question is not a good strategy. Instead, when you solve the practice problems we give you, make sure you can explain why and when each step will be taken in your to explain

  • why some information is useful to you
  • Why a message might be unnecessary
  • What transformations do you need to make to use the information correctly
  • why you use a specific formula
  • How to rearrange formulas to find new parameters
  • Why you need to consider a specific response
  • When are you able to make whatever assumptions you are making
  • which structures are helpful to understand

It's easy to fall into the trap of reading the solution key and thinking it makes sense. But unless you can justify each step with a "just because" statement, it's hard to apply these skills to another problem.

Do reading and warm-up questions before lectures


If you have followed theown rhythmIntroduced to the material, you can use lecture time more effectively to reinforce and practice these concepts. The more you hear and practice the material (ie problem sets, lectures, sections, study time...), the easier it will become.

The lab part is important

Sections are constructed to highlight and guide you through particularly important concepts and chemical phenomena. Make sure you can apply the main concepts of each section before your next exam. A good way to see if you are applying concepts rather than memorizing them is to check if you can explain why to each step you take in the question. Also be sure to complete any additional practice questions provided in the section and lab notes.


ask questions

Scientists keep asking questions! Especially why! Teachers are always grateful when students ask questions because it shows they are listening and really thinking about the material.

  • Ask "What the hell does this mean?" in each section as you read this chapter.
  • Ask the "why" of a question when you decide what it's asking and how to fix it.

Ask questions about the lecture and some of the material. If you review the material yourself, pleasewrite down these questions. It would be great if you could answer it yourself! If you're having a hard time, take them with you to office hours or a study group. Then you don't forget, you make sure you have a more thorough understanding of everything.

Brush up on chemistry while you're awake


We all tend to put off the hard things, but that means you might end up studying chemistry at the end of the day, when you're exhausted and too tired to think properly. And, if you never practice, it never gets easier!

Instead, try to set aside some time each day when you know you'll be alert and ready. It doesn't have to be a huge block of time, but this way you'll at least get some quality time to combine with your chemistry.

Learn More Effectively - Not Just More!

  • The first step in coming up with an effective study strategy is to assess what -- of all the things you're doing -- that seems to help you the most? What gives you the greatest confidence? If there are things you're used to, maybe spend less time reviewing those and more time on concepts that are still challenging.
  • Take some time to assess the difficulties you encountered on the exam. When you take the test again, please retry any questions you missed (before viewing the solution). Did you go further than you did on the exam? Are you really able to do them with more time or in a less stressful environment? Are you stuck with concepts or definitions? in math? Questions at the beginning?
  • Debriefing exams helps you identify conceptual gaps that require relearning and errors that may be caused by test stress or misreading questions.
  • If you can start to identify where/how you are struggling with the exam, then you can think about how you can make better use of your study time when preparing for your next exam.

study/group tuition

Numerous studies tell us that students who regularly participate in study group tutoring end up achieving higher grades.

  • As you study with your classmates, use this opportunity to explain and discuss concepts or problem-solving strategies with others.
  • When you look at the problem set together, not only to see how to solve that particular problem, but to see if you can come up with a few different approaches, we can ask other questions about the system. Can we ask you to address different parameters? How does the problem change under different conditions? This will help you think about and practice different problem-solving strategies.
  • No study group? Connect with students during office hours, sections, plazas, ad hoc tutoring, and more!

Organic chemistry is three-dimensional!

You'll find that almost all of the study skills developed in general chemistry apply equally to organics: you still have to take the time to pickle the concepts, you have to dig deep into the problem, and you have to be always vigilant to ask "why." In organic chemistry, however, there is a new visual component to consider: molecules must be viewed in three dimensions (rather than two-dimensional lines and letters on paper), because 3D structure greatly affects actual chemistry. To start visualizing these structures, use the Model Toolkit to build molecules every time you do organic chemistry (reading, practice questions, etc.). Bring the model kit to the section.Your model will reveal important properties of the molecule, such as the spatial relationship between different atoms, or how easily bonds can rotate.Always keep a model kit with you and use it!


Most importantly, keep working hard! ! Everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. There are many resources at your disposal because we know you can do this with the right tools. If you don't know where to start, just ask - with one of theCHEM tutoring tutor. We're all here to help you succeed!


Chemistry tutoring students and how to benefit from chemistry tutoring?

Tutors provide private tutoring and professional assistance to meet the needs of your student's studies. Your student's grades will improve, but more importantly, his/her self-confidence and sense of competence will increase.

Other benefits include:

  • Improve attitudes towards school
  • Finish chemistry homework faster
  • more effective study habits
  • More free time for other activities


Who will use the recommendation of a chemistry tutor?

recognizeChemistryPrivate tutoring is one of the most successful teaching/learning models parents and students have chosenChemistryTuition:

  • One-to-one is the most effective way to learn
  • Chemistry students seeking additional tuition in elective subjects or skills
  • want to Parents who have succeeded in the test
  • Chemistry students struggling to keep up in class or not reaching their full potential
  • Chemistry students who wish to remediate before taking exams or entering secondary school


What are the benefits of one-on-one chemistry tutoring compared to group chemistry tutoring?

Each student learns differently and at a different pace; in one-on-oneChemistryDuring tutoring, students receive the undivided attention of their tutors. In this way, answers and recommendations can be tailored specifically to individual learners, taking into account learning styles, strengths and interests. A mentor works with your student to achieve his/her goals.


Once I have decided to hire a chemistry tutor, why should I choose GETUTOR's mentor?

GETUTOR has served Hong Kong for ten years by pairing students' academic needs and learning styles with the right tutors. All of our mentors join based on their desire to be educators, but equally important is their love of teaching.

GETUTOR has 200,000 professionalsChemistryTutoring tutors, a trusted team of tutoring specialists, covering all nuclear water subjects and electives.

GETUTOR 以其專業的方法和致力於提供靈活性和最高質量的教育而與同類補習中介機構區分開來。香港2023最佳補習中介

What is the registration process for tutoring?

Click here to register for tutoring

If you decide to use GETutor. We can discuss your student's past experiences, goals, areas of difficulty/strength, learning styles, and teacher/teaching styles. Then we choose the best one for your studentChemistry tutoringtutor. Tutor rates depend on how much teaching experience the tutor has. Once we have identified a suitable tutor, we will contact you with theChemistryMentor's contact information and background. The whole process usually only takes a few hours.

How long should a chemistry tutoring session be?

most students andChemistryTutoring tutors will all require one and a half or two hours of tutoring (preferably).

How many times a week should we have chemistry tutoring?

It depends on your student's current level, what you want to improve, and your schedule. Most students work withChemistryTutors tutor together two or three times, but only one lesson per week can see modest progress.

How soon can I see results?

It depends on the student.ChemistryTutoring results show up over time – on average, after three months, significant improvements are seen.ChemistryA major goal of tutoring is to provide students with the tools for their own success. It takes time to develop successful study and study habits, but once learned, these habits can have a positive impact on a student's learning throughout their academic career.


Where are the Chemistry Private Tutoring Courses held?

ChemistryTutoring takes place in the student's home. If this is inconvenient, online tutoring/ZOOM tutoring is available. Students feel comfortable and relaxed while at home at ZOOM, soChemistryTuition and learning are more opendivisionand accept. Additionally, when tutoring online at home, students can do more with less in a home environment.


Will GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors always assign extra assignments to my students?

your students andChemistry tutoringbetween tutorsChemistryRemedial courses are created entirely to meet the needs of your students. Tutors can bring extra homework if your students need extra practice.


Will chemistry tutors contact parents?

We generally recommend that tutors and teachers liaise with parents; thus,ChemistryThe tutor can notify parents of student progress and alert him/her where your student may need additional assistance. Parents, tutors and teachers work together to become your studentsEnroll in ideal high school.

How can I maximize my student's chemistry tutoring grades?


Make sure tutors and students have all the required materials and a quietChemistryTutoring space. existChemistryCheck with your student before tuition to ensure he/she has all applicable homework and textbooks that will be used. Follow up with your students on the goals set in the tutorial. Provide specific positive feedback to your student about his/her learning efforts. Maintain an active line of communication with your student's teacher. Connect with your student's tutor and GETUTOR for feedback and suggestions for improving your learning environment.


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