C11844 小三 銅鑼灣近維多利亞公園 全科 每小時學費 180-250

  • 學生班級:小三
  • 補習科目:全科
  • 補習地區:銅鑼灣近維多利亞公園
  • 每星期堂數:3_次
  • 每節補習時間:1.5_小時
  • 預算每小時學費: $180-250
  • 學生程度:補底
  • 特別要求:Weak on reading, spelling, 最好係 an undergraduate student who is studying to become a specialist teacher. The teacher can prep the school material before his schooling. Also, revision of what he learns on the day. He understands Cantonese but responds in English. prefer Tuesday Wednesday and Friday