C16591 小二 Siu Sai Wan 跟功課, 中文, 普通話 每小時學費 200

  • 學生班級:小二
  • 補習科目:跟功課, 中文, 普通話
  • 補習地區:Siu Sai Wan
  • 每星期堂數:3_次
  • 每節補習時間:1_小時
  • 預算每小時學費: $200
  • 學生程度:普通
  • 特別要求:The child is available in the evening on Weekdays after 5 pm. I am open for tutorial classes more than 3 times a week as well. The child is Non-Chinese and studying in EMI DSS but attending regular Chinese Classes. Therefore she needs guidance and support as her parents are Non-Chineses. Thanks