C22682 中一 Online 跟功課, 英文 每小時學費 Depends on suitable tutor’s rate

  • 学生班级:中一
  • 补习科目:跟功课, 英文
  • 补习地区:Online
  • 每星期堂数:2_次
  • 每节补习时间:1.5_小时
  • 預算每小時學費: $Depends on suitable tutor’s rate
  • 学生程度:普通
  • 特別要求:My daughter goes to an international school. She will be going to S1 in August. I am looking for a tutor who can teach secondary school students through to IGCSE and hopefully, IB Diploma. I am looking for a very good, top tutor to help her with English and English literature and motivate her. Obviously, the more experience the tutor has the better, but I’m also happy to consider those top students who are presently in university or who have just completed their studies. At this stage, I’m looking for once a week lesson for, say, 1-1.5 hours. Weekdays after 4 pm are preferred. However, for July and August during summer school holidays we have more flexibility and she can have more than one lesson a week and for a longer duration to try and boost up before the start of a new academic year at the end of August.