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Continuously optimize the matching process, and strive to find the most suitable tutors for parents and students



Follow up every case diligently and try to provide the best communication channel for parents and tutors



Strict selection of tutors to ensure the quality of tutors' teaching

“an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

ten years experience

since 2000

We have 12 years of experience in education intermediary to match suitable cases, and our confidence is guaranteed.

Professional education consultants follow up tutor information, leave messages and questions, and set up a number of professional education consultants to follow up on tutoring cases.

Continuously improve the intelligent matching of the computer system for handling tutoring cases

Set up a special person to charge, fair and just for follow-up.


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The Hong Kong Tutors Association is a professional on-site tutoring agency in Hong Kong. It specializes in providing high-quality on-site tutoring tutor matching services for primary and secondary students. It has a large network of high-quality tutors, academic elites gather, star tutors, excellent teachers, quality assurance, trustworthy, Confidence and reliable choice for parents.


The Association is committed to finding suitable tutors for parents to come to tutoring, and parents are free of charge. The Association is committed to providing comprehensive and comprehensive services, covering primary and secondary school tutoring, public examination tutoring, musical instrument teaching and language teaching. In addition, the process of applying for a tutor is simple, and the registration is completed in five minutes, and tutors are matched very quickly, providing students with high-quality on-site teaching services.

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Advanced Computer System Pairing System

Quickly match students with the right tutor in one hour

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