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Member tutors should fully understand the fee system of the Association. Therefore, this page is specially designed to clearly introduce various criteria and standards for measuring fees. It is hoped that members must be clear about their rights, responsibilities and obligations before applying or accepting cases. Register now to become a tutor, you can choose from thousands of tutoring

project instruction Fee (HKD) Payment term
Join as a member free ——-
Receive SMS alerts free ——-
Special person reminds the first lesson free ——-
Verbal commitment to abandon a case before confirming the case No charge* ——-
Verbal Commitment Confirmation Case (1)(2) Negotiated number of classes for the first 2 weeks or half of the tuition fee for the first month
whichever is more
From the first day of work until the day before the first day of work of the following month (7)
Case Cancellation due to no-show for any reason(3) Protocol Class Math Fee + $200 Confirmed case cancellation within 72 hours
Termination of service by parents due to default (4) Remaining agreement class math fee + $200 Confirmed case cancellation within 72 hours
Cancel accepted case
The first lesson has not yet started: the fee is $200
The first lesson has been taken: the remaining agreement class math fee + $200
Confirmed case cancellation within 72 hours
Parent Termination of Service After Case Begins
Termination within two weeks: half of the tuition has been counted (9)
Termination after two weeks: still full administrative fee
Confirmed case termination within 72 hours
or agreed date
Overdue payment more than 5 days or more (5) Original administrative fee + 10% additional fee ——-

The company's general fees for tutors are as follows:

The agreed number of classes for two weeks is determined based on the number of classes per week.

every week

1 class

2 classes 3 classes 4 lessons 5 lessons 6 lessons 7 classes
charge an administrative fee

2 classes

4 lessons 6 lessons 8 classes Class 10 Class 12 Class 14


For example, if you attend 2 classes per week, each class costs $150, the introduction fee will be charged for a total of four classes: $600 in total.

*If the instructor decides to abandon the case twice before the case is finalized, he or she may be placed on the blacklist.

*Half of the first month refers to half of the 31 days from the first class day, whichever is more.

After confirming the acceptance of the case, for any reason including illness or any accident, an additional fee of $200 will be charged.


  • The collection of administrative fees is based on the number of regular classes promised by parents and GETUTOR. Even if parents or tutors are temporarily absent from class or change tutoring time for any reason, the total administrative fees will not increase or decrease accordingly; however, if due to any circumstances If the number of regular classes or tutoring time increases, the total administrative fee will be adjusted accordingly, and the tutor shall not object.



(1) Confirmation of case refers to the telephone conversation between the GETUTOR staff and the tutor indicating that the case has been confirmed (confirmed).

(2) Payment of administrative fees by credit card is subject to a 4% service charge.

(3) For any reason, including illness or any accident, an additional fee of $200 must be paid.

(4) Default behaviors include no-shows, late arrivals, defaults, providing false resumes, changing or frequently changing class dates and times, etc.

(5) If a valid receipt is not provided to prove that the payment has been made, it will be regarded as a delinquent fee, and an additional fee of 10% will be added to the payment.

(6) According to the ICAC Prevention of Corruption Regulations, after the confirmation of the three parties, any party cannot privately propose to change all the agreements related to the transfer of benefits. The Association has a comprehensive system to check abnormal cases. If found, the Association will take action without any notice. , don't try it yourself.

(7) The first month's salary payment date and method for member tutors are as follows:
From the first day of the tutoring case until the day before the first day of work of the next month, GETUTOR will transfer the full amount to the member tutor within five working days after deducting the fee. From the following month, parents or students will be paid by themselves.

(8) If the tutor is terminated within the first two weeks (within 14 days after the start of the first class), we will refund half of the tuition fee to the tutor, but each case will be charged at least $250, and the tutor must pay within 24 hours Call the GETUTOR hotline to notify the case officer in charge, otherwise the full original administrative fee will still be paid. If a mentor is fired after two weeks, GETUTOR will still deduct full administrative costs.

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