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If you feel that the instructor is not suitable within half a month after attending the class, you can notify the staff of the association and only pay the fee for the total number of classes attended. The association will deal with the tutor by itself. If you go to class for half a month, you can deal with the tutor yourself. If you feel that the tutor is not suitable within half a month of attending class, you can notify the staff of the association to re-arrange another tutor.

However, we hope that parents can spend more time observing the tutor's performance and avoid changing tutors immediately after the first lesson. Since tutoring has just started, it will take some time for tutors and students to adapt to each other. Responsible tutors will try their best to understand students and make remedies in response to students' weaknesses. This will take some time.

Yes, we introduce the tutor to the parents, and the intermediary fee will be borne by the tutor. We will never charge parents any additional fees.

When the student successfully cooperates with a tutor who meets the requirements, our staff will immediately call/Whatsapp you for confirmation, including simple tutor information and the time and location of the first tutoring session. You need to check the time and place of the first class to ensure that the information is correct.

Within three days after the completion of the tutoring, the teacher's tuition fee for the first two weeks of tuition can be paid to GETUTOR via bank transfer.

After the instructor has been introduced to the parents, parents can contact the instructor directly to arrange for changing the class date, etc., without having to deal with the instructor. Unless there is an increase/decrease in the number of classes per week. If classes are reduced from three classes a week to two classes a week, you need to contact our staff immediately.

One day before the class, Getutor will notify both parties of their contact information via Whatsapp.


GETUTOR will charge the tutorFirst two weeks of class math feeas an intermediary fee. I hope that the tutors can teach with their heart, so that students can improve their grades.

  1. The tutor must know whether every detail of the case meets his requirements, location, and time before leaving a message. If the time is not suitable, it is recommended to make a note in the message.
  2. Self-introduction is concise and easy to understand.
  3. The past record is good, and there is no record of suspension, complaint or other bad behavior by parents.
  4. The instructor has a good attitude.
  5. Through the online application case, GETUTOR uses the online system to match, please do not call the company frequently to ask for a tutoring case, it will greatly reduce the chance of selecting you.

After the tutor confirms the acceptance of the tutoring case by phone/Whatsapp with the staff of the company, if the tutoring is canceled for any reason (including illness) on the day, the handling fee will be the tuition fee of the first class plus $200. If the tutor can call us to confirm the cancellation of the case 48 hours before the start of the first tutoring class, the company will only charge the first class tuition fee and handling fee of $100. The instructor must pay the fee within 72 hours.

If the tutor is terminated within the first two weeks (within 14 days after the start of the first class), we will refund half of the tuition fee for the class to the tutor, but a minimum charge of $250 per case, the tutor must be notified within 24 hours by whatsapp Geturtor If not, the staff in charge of the case will still have to pay the full original administrative fee. If the tutor is dismissed after two weeks, GETUTOR will still deduct full administrative expenses. Therefore, I hope that the instructor will prepare the class well before the first class.

Because the tutor has fully understood the student's situation and requirements before accepting the case. As a responsible tutor, one should not accept his case without adequate consideration; this behavior will also make the parent/student of the case lose their trust in the Association and cause GETUTOR's reputation to be damaged. If the instructor can withdraw from the case within 48 hours before the class starts, the company will only charge the first class tuition and handling fee of $100.

The company does not guarantee the life safety of the tutor, and hopes that the tutor will pay attention to the safety of life. GETUTOR expressly states that the mentor's life safety or other personal interests are beyond the control of GETUTOR. The company does not accept or assume any legal responsibility between the tutor and the parent or student.

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