C15519 中六 北角港運城一座 化學 每小時學費 200-600(兩位價)

  • Student Class: Secondary Six
  • Remedial subject: Chemistry
  • Tuition area: No. 1, Hong Kong Yuncheng, North Point
  • Number of lessons per week: 1_ times
  • Tutoring time per session: 1.5_ hours
  • Budget hourly tuition: $200-600 (two price)
  • Student Level: Top notch
  • Special requirements: 1. Full-time tutoring or retired tutors (not college students) 2. Need to have abundant resources (practice, mock papers), and practice stickers and DSE, the most important exam oriented 🙏 3. Need to have experience in changing papers or have applied for HKDSE and have Get 5** in chemistry, and the applicants who continue to apply every year are better🙏 4. I hope that the class can focus on DSE, I hope that the tutor is familiar with the answering framework, answering skills, and has researched the question type, and clearly understands how to get 5**

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