C18005 中四 Diamond Hill _(離地鐵站_1 分鐘) 物理, 化學, 生物 每小時學費 300-400

  • Student Class: Secondary Four
  • Remedial subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • 補習地區:Diamond Hill _(離地鐵站_1 分鐘)
  • Number of classes per week: 3_times
  • Tutoring time per session: 1.5_ hours
  • Budget hourly tuition: $300-400
  • Student level: ordinary
  • 特別要求:1. English volume 2. student is now studying DSE curriculum at her school but aim to take A level in parallel with her own effort, The lessons are merely about preparing for A level 3.可上課時間:after 4.15pm on weekday (except tue and fri); Sat: after 4pm.

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