C12285 Online tutoring for colleges and universities Other tuition fees per hour are 400-500

  • Student Class: Junior College
  • Remedial subjects: other
  • Tutoring area: online tutoring
  • Number of lessons per week: 1_ times
  • Each tutoring time: 1_ hours
  • Budget hourly tuition: $400-500
  • Student level: ordinary
  • Special requirements: - Subject: GMAT (For application of Master of Finance in US and UK in August 2021) - Student: F, 22, HKU Social Sciences Year 4 - Lesson schedule: 1 hour/lesson, weekly lessons. Online mode is highly preferred. Or if the teacher can come to HKU's campus, 2 hours/lessons, biweekly lessons. - Hourly rate: $400 but negotiable. - Preferred date and time: Before 5pm on Mon, after 7:30pm on Tue & Thu, Friday & Saturday whole day Requirement: MUST scored 720 or above in the past 2-3 years as 720 is usually the median score for top business schools. The tutor has to be strong in Quantitative Reasoning, having scored between 49-51, as I'm relatively weak in this part.

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