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Rebecca Lee 7 subjects 5**

I got 5** in 7 subjects in dse. Among them, I am good at science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) and have teaching experience. Exercises will be provided during class, and you can also ask questions via WhatsApp after class. Self-made notes will be provided in class, with special techniques and methods for each paper, making it easier for students to master the exam. I hope it can also improve the school performance of your children.

Jackson Lo 6 subjects 5**

Graduated from a prestigious school, with DSE scores of 5** in 6 subjects, outstanding university performance, and been on the dean's commendation list for three consecutive years. There were three primary six students in the past, and now they are all admitted to prestigious middle schools. I have just returned to Hong Kong from overseas exchange and am looking for students for next year. In order to ensure that students receive the best care, we will only accept one student and do our best to help students learn.

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the UniversityDepartmentteacher sexTeacher introduces himselfteacher educationDSE ChineseDSE EnglishDSE Mathematicsdse general studiesAvailable gradescurrent occupation
Hong Kong universityengineeringmaleNine-year experience HKU undergraduate mathematics and science specialist

I am a graduate of the University of Hong Kong. I am currently a full-time tutoring tutor. I have just been admitted as a master student by the University of Hong Kong. I have more than nine years of tutoring experience. I have taught primary school students and different Banding middle school students. There are many tutoring students, including one-on-one and Group tutoring and online teaching, rich experience and excellent grades in mathematics and science subjects, Mathematics, Physics and Chinese Conversation, all scored 5** (full marks in physics and mathematics MC), and his ability is worthy of recognition. I have applied for DSE many times to understand the latest exam trends, and I have self-made notes and practical exam papers to explain abstract concepts and test-taking skills.

After-school services: SBA support, homework questions on mobile phones, information on further studies

One-on-one starting from 200/HR, depending on the location and level to adjust
Welcome to enjoy preferential prices for group tuition
1:2 from 150/HR per person
1:3 from 120/HR per person
master55**Form six or abovegraduate from university
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityPhysiotherapyFemaleI once studied at the Holy Family College in Canossa, and my DSE English and LS scores are level 5*. I understand the language needs of English middle school students. Now studying in the Department of Physical Therapy, I also have a lot of experience in studying science, which can help students master the content of books and the skills of answering questions. I have also been tutoring for elementary school students and junior high school students. I am able to patiently teach students and teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and impart knowledge all the way.bachelor degree)55*45*Secondary 6College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongQuantitative FinanceFemale✨Introduce yourself
I am a graduate of the traditional girls' school ❇️ Xie En Secondary School ❇️. I have achieved top ten in many subjects in my academic career, and I am resident in elite classes in various subjects.
As a recent graduate, I have completed past paper practice for many years, and I am familiar with the question pattern and question types. I will be able to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and help students achieve unexpected results.
✨Private scholarship students come from: Kowloon Huaren, Xie En, etc.

✨DSE Predicted Grades:
Chinese 5*|English 5*|Mathematics 5**|Economics 5**|Chemistry 5**

✨Tutoring Details
❇️I once rebounded from the bottom of the valley, and I understand the difficulties of students
❇️Teaching in simple terms, tailor-made personal courses
❇️Have a complete set of previous test questions and by topic test questions
❇️Additional test questions and detailed answers are available if necessary
❇️24 hours whatsapp to ask books and homework
Secondary 65*5*5**Secondary 6College Students
Chinese University of Hong Kongsocial workFemaleI am currently studying in the Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I am currently a third-year student. I once scored 28 points in the HKDSE, and scored 5** in both Chinese and Liberal Studies. In addition, I have worked as a part-time tutor in a small tutoring agency. I understand the curriculum of elementary schools. I also have three years of private tutoring experience. In addition, I have been an intern in a child development center and served children with special needs. I love getting along with children and young people, and I am kind and patient.bachelor degree)5**445**Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong universityDepartment of Biomedical EngineeringFemaleI am studying biomedical engineering at the University of Hong Kong, and I have achieved excellent results in the 2019 DSE exam. Chinese is 5* (5** for reading comprehension, 5** for listening and synthesis), 5* for mathematics, 5* for chemistry, and 5* for physics. I have excellent grades in middle school, and I can get a scholarship every year. I am patient. I have two years of experience in teaching mathematics and science. I have taught many middle school students in mathematics, and they have made significant progress. I am confident that I can teach students more knowledge and help them make greater progress.bachelor degree)5*35*4Secondary 6College Students
City University of Hong KongLawFemaleI am a student in the Law Department of CityU (49 in the QS global ranking). I have tutoring experience for students of different grades, and I can patiently answer questions in class. Each class can provide study notes and related exercises to ensure that they can master and consolidate relevant knowledge, and they can teach students more knowledge and help them make greater progress. At the same time, you are also welcome to ask questions on whatsapp after class.bachelor degree)Secondary 5College Students
Hong Kong universityPolitics and LawFemaleHKU Law Year 4
There are 5 tutoring students who specialize in English
If you have your own notes, you can go to court in the UK
bachelor degree)5*5*55*Secondary 3College Students
Hong Kong Polytechnic Universityoccupational therapyFemaleI have three years of tutoring experience and have taught DSE twice. Currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree at PolyU. Obtained 5** in DSE Chinese and LS (Chinese paper) in 2018, and 5* in English Mathematics, which can provide a lot of practice, practice and skills for each volume. Provide whatsapp homework service. I am patient and responsible, and have experience in top-notch supplements.bachelor degree)5**5*5*5**Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong universityQuantitative FinancemaleCurrently an HKU Quantitative Yr 3 student. Worked as an intern in Hedge Fund, Investment Bank, and Big4 Consulting. I excelled in my studies, obtaining Grade A in Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics, Derivatives, Econometrics, Portfolio Analysis. I am experienced in tutoring students from top-notched schools to an under-privileged backgroundbachelor degree)45*5*4Form six or aboveCollege Students
Hong Kong universityBEcon&FinmaleCurrent teacher (4 years of experience)
DSE Econ 5** / Maths 5*
HKU BEcon&Fin grad
Notes provided upon request
Good at understanding students' needs
bachelor degree)5*5*5*4Form six or aboveCurrent Teacher __________________________
City University of Hong KongInformation SystemFemaleI am outgoing and patient, have 2 years experience working in private tutorial center.bachelor degree)4445Secondary 3College Students
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyBiomedical SciencemaleGraduated from a British high school new hall school, and obtained AABB in the British public examination A level (respectively: Chinese, chemistry, mathematics, biology). And achieved 7 in the International English Proficiency Test ielts. Now studying at the University of Warwick, UK, studying Biomedicine. Fluent English accent, patient and caring. Students can bring their own notes if required, and they can also contact via WhatsApp after classForeign secondary school or international schoolPrimary 6 or belowCollege Students
Lingnan UniversityBusinessFemaleHello, I am currently a university student, a freshman at Lingnan University. I am eager to teach each student, and very patient. Although I was not born in a prestigious school, I also worked hard and studied hard. My public examination results are not bad. I have achieved level 4 in Chinese, mathematics and general education, and level 5 in economics. I also have 2 years of tutoring experience, working in a tutoring agency and home tutoring. I have some tutoring experience, and now I also have home tutoring. I think the moral character of the students is as important as their studies, and I hope you will consider it.bachelor degree)4344Primary 6 or belowCollege Students
The Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and TranslationFemaleI am currently studying in the third year of the Bachelor of Language Studies and Translation at the Open University of Hong Kong and graduated from Pedder College Canossian with electives in Geography and Introduction to Business, Accounting and Finance. In addition, I am careful, serious, and nervous about my work, so please consider it.bachelor degree)3333Primary 6 or belowCollege Students
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologySchool of Business- OM and MarketingFemaleHello, I am a female tutor. I have 3 years of experience in private tutoring, group tutoring and tutoring agencies for primary and secondary school students online and on-site. I am tutoring students from Kowloon Wah Yan College and St. Stephen Girl College. I also teach high school students Chinese, Experience in economics and mathematics, familiar with DSE exam questions and sample essays, DSE score of Best 5 27, Chinese 5* English math Econ bio chem 5, and entering year three at HKUST Buisness School of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I believe it will help improve academic performance.bachelor degree)5*554Form six or aboveCollege Students
The Open University of Hong KongBachelor of Nursing (Honours)FemaleHi.
I am a second-year student studying for a Bachelor of Nursing at Caritas Institute of Higher Education. The main subjects of my tutoring are Chinese and mathematics, but all subjects are acceptable. The main tutoring target is primary school students. I have 1 year of private tutoring experience. Having educational skills makes it easier for children to understand and enables them to concentrate on class. Passionate about education and patience. The time and place can be clipped again, thank you again for taking the time to read my self-introduction.
bachelor degree)4343Primary 6 or belowcollege students
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyProfessional AccountingFemaleI am currently studying in the third year of the Accounting Department of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, DSE Mathematics 5*Economics 5. In the past 3 years, I have mainly supplemented mathematics and economics for middle school students, and served as a homework tutor. I have sufficient supplementary exercises, so I am confident to answer questions for students.bachelor degree)445*4Secondary 5College Students
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMSc in Operations Research and Risk Analysismale"The Best Choice for Stars"

Master of Science in Operations Research and Risk Analysis, Department of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with a grade A for his graduation thesis, his strength is beyond doubt.

With many years of teaching experience, he is now a full-time tutor. He understands the difficulties of students in learning, and can make students progress in a short time. In the 2019 HKDSE Mathematics subject, it even created the myth of 100% students winning stars.

In addition to real tutoring, he is also good at video tutoring, so that students can get the highest quality education at home.

In terms of courses, it will not only explain the public exam questions of up to 40 years, point out all the traps of the exam questions, let the students know themselves and the enemy, and win every battle, but also teach more than 20 extremely powerful computer programs and hundreds of exam kills. skills, allowing students to kill a variety of test questions in seconds.

Students can also ask questions on whatsapp after class to ensure that all questions will be answered.
masterForm six or aboveFull-time tutoring __________________________
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyBEng in Civil EngineeringmaleSophomore at HKUST, majoring in Civil Engineering, Math 5 M2 4
Primary school can supplement Chinese/Mathematics/General subjects
Middle School: Math/Science
High school major supplementary mathematics
bachelor degree)3354Secondary 5College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongFood and Nutritional SciencesFemaleHi! I graduated from Dewang Middle School with high grades and patience. Currently studying in the first year of Bachelor of Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutrition. I have DSE Chinese reading 5*, comprehensive 5, English speaking 5*, mathematics 5 and Chem 5, IELTS overall 7, including listening 8, reading 7.5, and have studied M1 (extended mathematics) and Chinese literature, with more than one year of tutoring experience . For Chinese, I will teach idioms and practice classical Chinese with students; in mathematics, I will choose difficult problems to solve problems with students and understand different problem types; English will teach new words in sentences and practice oral English with students to achieve fluency𣈱 . Thanks!bachelor degree)4454Secondary 5College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongBBA in Hospitality and Real EstatemaleI am a hotel management student at Chinese University. I have mentored different primary school students and helped them with their academic questions. Therefore, I have full tutoring experience!bachelor degree)Primary 6 or belowCollege Students
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityeducateFemaleHello, I graduated from Band1 Secondary School in Kowloon Tong. I will be studying in year 1 of the Department of Education of Hong Kong Baptist University. Respond to the request of parents and students to review and preview the content taught by the school, and prepare additional exercises and notes if necessary, hoping that students can make progress in their studies.bachelor degree)3333Primary three or belowCollege Students
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityEnglish DepartmentFemaleI completed secondary school in Canada and have a good command of English with a solid accent. Graduated from the English Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. With more than four years of early childhood education experience, and one year of playgroup tutor experience, I hope you can consider it, thank you!bachelor degree)Primary three or belowFull-time tutoring __________________________
Hong Kong universityBachelor of NursingmaleI graduated from Band 1 English Secondary School, studied Physics, Economics, M2, and enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong through Jupas. Now I am studying in Year 2. Have tutoring experience in primary schools, English secondary schools, and Chinese secondary schools. I love football and badminton. I was qualified as a football coach at the age of 18. I have been involved in football and badminton teaching for 3 years. I have rich experience in communicating with children. I participated in the inter-school English poetry solo competition for 5 consecutive years in middle school and won the second place 3 times. Participated in the primary school's lesson plan in the fourth grade to help the primary school students complete their homework. In the first year of the university, I participated in three volunteer teaching groups, including teaching activities in Guizhou, Nepal, Meizhou, etc., hoping to help students and inspire them to learn. enthusiasm. He also has experience in helping middle school juniors and younger sisters with tutoring. I am the sports officer for the 2019-20 year of the University of Hong Kong Lee Ming Chak Residents' Association. In addition, he also has the qualifications of level 5 music theory, level 6 piano, and brown belt judo.bachelor degree)4453Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong University of Science and Technologycivil EngineeringFemaleCurrently studying in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Science and Technology, graduated from Zhenguang Girls' College, Zeng Yan's tutor of English supplementary classes in elementary and junior high schools, has one year of tutoring and private tutoring experience, and can provide exercises and notes.Secondary 64454Secondary 3College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongEconomicsFemaleI majored in economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and am currently working as a secondary school teaching assistant. I will be studying for a teaching diploma next year. Friendly, patient and responsible. In order to help the tutoring students, I can provide extra-curricular exercises and private tutoring notes of the corresponding level for the on-site tutoring students, so as to help the students get high marks.bachelor degree)5455*Form six or aboveother
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyBiochemistry and Cell BiologymaleI am currently teaching in a primary school in Kowloon, teaching mathematics and general knowledge. Before taking office, he worked as a tutor in a tutoring center for more than 3 years, mainly teaching Chinese and mathematics. I have dabbled in various teaching methods, and I believe that I can provide the most suitable teaching method according to the students' personalities and abilities.

PS I hold the Chinese University of Hong Kong Diploma in Education (Primary Mathematics)
bachelor degree)4445Primary 6 or belowCurrent Teacher __________________________
The Education University of Hong KongEarly Childhood EducationFemaleI am a female tutor. I will be graduated in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong this year. I will have the license of Kindergarten Teacher, Special Child Care Work of the Social Welfare Department and Child Care Staff. I was studying in a band 1 primary and secondary school which is St. Francis' Canossian College. I love children very much and I am a caring, patient and responsible tutor. I am capable to speak in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. I have won a lot of Chinese and English Speaking Festival awards. I have experiences in both private tutoring and tutoring centre and also school's homework assistance teacher. IELTS: 7 DSE English speaking 5**

He was born in a prestigious school and graduated from the Department of Early Childhood Education of the Education University of Hong Kong this year. He has experience in kindergarten practice. He will have a kindergarten teacher license, a photo of the staff of the child care center, and a certificate of vocational training for special children. Three years of tutoring experience, English DSE speaking 5** IELTS: 7 Responsible and punctual female tutor.

I especially focus on English tutoring. The students who have tutored have progressed from unqualified to more than 80 points. I also have tutored students who are special children and can make great progress under my teaching. I will give them different exercises and exercises according to their needs. Take notes so that they can improve their grades. I love children very much and have patience and love for them. Have tutoring oral English and experience teaching local traditional schools and international schools. Can be taught entirely in English.
bachelor degree)3533Secondary 1College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongDepartment of NursingmaleI am studying in Year 3 of the Department of Nursing, and I got 5 points in English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology in the HKDSE. I am currently tutoring 3 middle school students and 2 primary school students, among which there is a famous band1 school in the North District. I have more than 3 years of tutoring experience for middle school students, and I have a clear understanding of the curriculum and requirements of the middle school. After the tutoring, the students’ scores in major subjects have improved significantly. Parents are also satisfied with the students’ performance and my teaching attitude. I am very patient with students and will explain to students in different ways, so that students can easily understand the content of the textbook. I also know how to teach English Pinyin, which makes it easier for students to master English and hopes to help students improve their English. In addition, I also provide notes and exercises to help students familiarize themselves with the key content of each subject.bachelor degree)4554Secondary 6College Students
Lingnan UniversityBA (Hons) in ChineseFemaleI am currently studying in the Chinese Department of Lingnan University. I have more than one year of tutoring experience for primary and secondary school students. I can provide exercises and notes. I am punctual and have a sense of responsibility, and I am determined to join the education sector as a nurturing talent after graduation. Therefore, I will teach every student attentively, and I hope parents will consider it.bachelor degree)5334Secondary 5College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongBimodal BilingualmaleI have studied Chinese and English bilingual communication courses and am proficient in Chinese, English and Mandarin. In addition, I also understand the English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and can teach students the correct pronunciation of British English. I am very enthusiastic and patient in teaching. I am punctual and flexible in class time. In addition, I also passed the ABRSM piano grade 8, and I know how to play chord. I have 1 year of experience in teaching classical and popular piano.bachelor degree)4343Secondary 1College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongDepartment of EconomicsmaleI graduated from Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. I am a first-year student of the Department of Economics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializing in teaching. I have obtained Level 5 in 2019 DSE Mathematics and all elective subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Economics), and I am in the first year of Economics. The DRQ (Data Response Question) that appears will get full marks. I also have one year of tutoring experience. Currently, there is a Form 5 student who studied biology and economics through me. The student's thinking and performance have improved a lot (this year's economics grade has risen from the last 4 to the sixth). Self-prepared notes will be used in class to help students understand the logical thinking in economics courses, so that students can understand learning methods and thinking methods to analyze problems, and reduce memorization.Secondary 65Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityspreadmaleI graduated from Yingzhong Lin Taihui English Secondary School in Shatin District, and have one year of teaching experience in primary school and junior high school. He is currently studying an associate degree at City University College of Higher Education. I can provide self-made notes, practices and techniques for each volume. Teach grammar, new words, sentence patterns, etc. to consolidate the foundation of the language, and provide the service of rewriting and whatsapp homework. English IELTS level 6 scores can provide students with a good education method.Non-Degree Programs2222Secondary 3College Students
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyBusinessFemaleI have tutored students from Primary 1 to Secondary 2. I have a year of experience in teaching children, I am patient, and I have a reward system that can provide practicebachelor degree)5444Secondary 4College Students
Hong Kong universitycivil EngineeringmaleCurrently studying in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. During my studies, I studied hard and achieved excellent results. I also achieved 5** in DSE Mathematics and Economics. In the past four years, I have also taught mathematics for over 100 high school students in secondary schools. Teach middle school students math exam-taking skills.

I also have numerous private one-on-one tutoring experiences. I have good language skills, are good at communication and expression, and have a sense of responsibility. For understanding and taking care of students' personal abilities and controlling the daily affairs of the classroom, I am confident that I can handle it with ease.
Secondary 6345**3Secondary 6College Students
City University of Hong KongHuman Resource ManagementFemaleI am a graduate of City University of Hong Kong and have many years of tutoring experience. In addition to providing exercises to students (if needed), I can also whatsapp to answer students' questions.
I also like children very much, and I am very patient. I can improve students' performance in many aspects such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
bachelor degree)Secondary 3graduate from university
Hong Kong universityBA translationFemaleHello, I am Karina, a first-year translation student of the University of Hong Kong. I graduated from Shatin Government Secondary School, a traditional school in Shatin. I have two years of tutoring experience. I have tutored primary and secondary school students and college students, including students from prestigious schools and international schools. I am dedicated to teaching, in order to provide students with a pleasant and fulfilling learning experience.bachelor degree)5545Secondary 6College Students
The Education University of Hong KongEarly Childhood EducationFemaleHello, I am currently studying the Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, and I have also studied social sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After graduating from secondary school, I have been tutoring with different students, so I have about three years of tutoring experience, and now I have a Primary Six student.Non-Degree Programs4244Primary 6 or belowcollege students
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHistoryFemaleI have 6 years of tutoring experience. After graduating from a Hong Kong university, I went to the United States to study psychology and engaged in education for 4 years. Now I am a master student in the Department of Social Engineering at the University of Chicago.bachelor degree)5*434Secondary 3graduate from university
Hong Kong universityhiFemaleI am a fresh DSE candidate, graduated from Canossa College with an elective in visual arts. I have a strong interest in painting and intend to devote myself to education in the future.Secondary 6Primary 6 or belowother
The Open University of Hong KongBusinessFemaleI am a college student who is currently studying business at the Open University of Hong Kong. I have great enthusiasm for teaching! I am caring, patient and patient! I have rich experience in private tutoring for primary school students! Understand the mindset and situation of weaker students. If I can become a student's mentor, I will try my best to make the students succeed and improve their learning motivation and attitude. Please consider myself as your child's tutorbachelor degree)2232Secondary 2College Students
Chinese University of Hong KongComputer SciencemaleI graduated from Lui Mingcai Secondary School, a prestigious Baptist school in Shatin, with half a year of tutoring experience. He is currently studying computer science at CUHK and obtained the dean list (cgpa: 3.61) during his freshman year. Be patient and answer after class.bachelor degree)4354Secondary 5College Students
Hong Kong University of Science and Technologymechanical engineeringmaleA 4th-year student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, all dse math chem phy m2 with 5 stars or above, with many years of tutoring experience, can provide practicebachelor degree)445**4Form six or abovecollege students
Hong Kong Polytechnic Universitysocial workFemaleI graduated from Band1 English Secondary School in Hong Kong Island with two years of tutoring experience. Studied at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and later transferred due to personal interests. Now he is studying a Bachelor of Social Work at PolyU. 5 in DSE Economics*5 in Mathematical Chemistry. I have good grades in middle school. I often answer questions for my classmates, brothers and sisters, and I know the difficulties of my classmates. I am patient and serious, always answering questions for students, regardless of long question/mc. I hope that I can share my reading experience and methods with my classmates, so that they can achieve ideal grades and enter their favorite universities.bachelor degree)4453Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyDepartment of MathematicsmaleI am currently a third year student majoring in mathematics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and I am also a professional chromatic harmonica player.

In terms of mathematics, he has taken the DSE mathematics examination twice, and both core subjects and M2 extension courses have been affirmed at level 5 or above.
He has taught specialized courses and substitute classes in a tutoring agency, as well as private tutoring experience for the past two years, and has faced students of different levels and even SEN. The good teacher guides students with a patient and friendly attitude, aiming to cultivate students' interest in mathematics, so as to achieve more with less. Students of all ages are dedicated to teaching. Appropriate exercises are available for training.

In terms of music, I have been learning harmonica for nearly four years. I have been taught by harmonica masters in Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. During this period, I have participated in many large-scale international competitions and performed at the Hong Kong City Hall to verify my learning achievements. Tournament winner** and *top place in other tournaments*.
I am committed to promoting harmonica culture. The harmonica styles are varied, classical, jazz, pop and even rock have excellent expressiveness, and I guarantee an unforgettable try. If you are interested, you can consider more.
In terms of classical music, the harmonica is similar to the flute, and the breath is sometimes melodious and sometimes detached. There are also many demonstrations of works on the Internet.
He has provided harmonica classes for many schools and taught private harmonica students for more than a year, which has been well received.
bachelor degree)5Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDepartment of NursingmaleMy name is michael. I am currently a full-time tutor. I have two years of rich tutoring experience. I have had students from 80 to 40 in the whole class under the guidance of me. I can provide targeted assistance. Science and general education are my strengths.

Some exercises will be prepared in class, so that every second counts, and learn more test skills and principles in the shortest speed, I will also provide consultation time after class, 08:00-23:00. If you have homework or other problems, you can inquire. The character is outgoing and strict, and only wants the students to improve.
bachelor degree)3334Secondary 5college students
City University of Hong KongEnglish International Corporate Communication BA (Hons)maleHello! I am a University student with the major in English and Business. I have obtained 70 marks or above in the most modules of Year 1 and Year 2 semesters. I am a passionate English tutor, and wish to provide 1 – hour tailor – made Zoom lessons for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. In addition, I am also a one – to – one voluntary English of a Primary 3 student.

Topics Covered:
1) Tense Usage
a) Present Tense
——- Simple Present
——- Present Continuous
——- Present Perfect

ai) Past Tense
——Simple Past
——- Past Continuous

aii) Simple Future Tense
Difference between “Be Going to” & “Will”

b) Passive Voices & Active Voices

c) Relative Clauses (Who, That, Which)

2. Writing Skills
i) Connectives such as Then, After That, & Finally
ii) Proper Structure of an article

3. Reading Skills
i) The Link between the Main Verb & Helping Verb
ii) Question Word Concepts (Who, When, What, Where, Why, & How)

4. Oral Practice
i) Self – Introduction (1 minute)
WhatsApp/Mobile: 96179129 (For any questions regarding English)
Secondary 62342Primary 6 or belowcollege students
Chinese University of Hong KongBachelor of Medicine and Surgery – Global Medical Leadership ConcentrationFemaleHello! I am currently a Year 4 medical student (GPS) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have two years of experience in tutoring IBDP HL/SL Maths and Physics, with some experience in tutoring younger students English as well. Rates are negotiable and I will be happy to provide Zoom/ Online lessons as well!Foreign secondary school or international schoolSecondary 6College Students
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityBachelor of ArtsmaleWith 1 year of private tutoring experience in primary school, secondary five and six, currently working as a tutor in a tutoring agency.bachelor degree)4425**Secondary 6College Students
City University of Hong KongDepartment of Media and CommunicationFemaleI am a recent graduate of the Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Digital Television and Broadcasting and minoring in Creative Media. I currently live in Tin Shui Wai, and my secondary school also attends Ying Chung (Chongde), a famous school in the district. I am a full-time tutor and can accommodate their flexible tutoring hours.
I was on the Dean's list and received as many as ten scholarships and grants during my studies.
In terms of tutoring, I have four years of private tutoring experience. I have also served as a resident homework tutor for different primary and secondary schools in Tin Shui Wai Teacher Fung Tutoring Center and Lutheran Social Center. Therefore, I can adjust teaching according to the needs of different students. policy.
In other work experience, I was a trainee reporter in the TV news department of RTHK (see:, a director in the TVB news department, Served as the bilingual emcee of ceremonies in both Chinese and English for the annual gala of the City University Orchestra.
In terms of extracurricular activities, I have communicated with Ryerson University in Canada, during which I showed fluent English news reporting (see:, and also obtained IELTS Overall Score 7, The professional qualification of CERF Level C1, won the champion of the English public recitation team of the Hong Kong School Recitation Festival in secondary school, and also joined the top English conversation class. He is also the student ambassador of Yuen Long. I am good at teaching Chinese and English conversation skills, and I will do my best to teach the knowledge I have learned to my younger brothers and sisters.
bachelor degree)5444Secondary 4Full-time tutoring __________________________
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityEarly Childhood EducationmaleHello, I graduated from Sacred Word Secondary School and am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree programme of Hong Kong Baptist University. Moreover, I have three years of tutoring experience, mainly tutoring for K1 to Primary 5 students. Currently, I also help a K2 and Primary 2 student with tutoring. I know how to use different skills to teach different types of children. In addition, I am very patient and enthusiastic in teaching children, and I am happy to answer any questions of students after class. In addition, I also have extensive experience in preparing personal interviews for kindergarten and primary school students to prepare them for admission to primary or secondary school.bachelor degree)4343Primary 6 or belowCollege Students
The Education University of Hong KongSocial Science in PsychologyFemale"Inspire wisdom with knowledge, cultivate confidence with patience" - As a school worker who loves teaching, this is the belief that I have always upheld. I believe that I can impart knowledge to others, so that they can understand, learn, and even learn. The satisfaction of increasing confidence through progress is indescribable.
It is true that my grades are not outstanding, but this is the case. I am more able to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, understand and assist students to solve their learning difficulties. With my approachable, responsible, serious and patient personality, I believe I can become the learning navigation of students.
I am relatively good at mathematics, and I have obtained a fifth grade in the public examination. I have about three years of experience in tutoring clubs and private tutoring. The teaching includes secondary and primary school levels. In addition to caring for the individual learning needs of students, it also focuses on communication with parents, negotiating with parents and students and adjusting the teaching speed and methods appropriately. When necessary, it will also design notes and exercises that are tailored to the level of students to help students. Master the relevant subject knowledge. In addition, I am also happy to use the extra time to answer learning problems. If students or parents have any questions, they can contact me after class. I hope I can use my abilities and experience to help students learn more effectively.
bachelor degree)Secondary 6graduate from university
Chinese University of Hong KongDepartment of NursingFemaleGraduated from the Department of Nursing, CUHK School of Medicine, a traditional prestigious school in the Central and Western District
HKCEE 26 points (out of 30) 2A4B
Six years experience strength is math phy chem bio

Popular with students and parents Cumulative number of students exceeds 100
Most of the previous students came from traditional famous schools, including Nvba, St Mary, Huangren, BPS, La Salle, True Light, St Paul, Xie En, Dewang, etc.
bachelor degree)Secondary 6graduate from university
Chinese University of Hong KongScienceFemaleI am currently studying science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I graduated from Sha Tin District English Secondary School. I was also at the top of my class in secondary school and got 5* in HKDSE Biology. Polite and responsible, caring, like children, serious attitude, patient teaching, I have helped my younger brothers and sisters in school, and I have always been tutoring my younger brother's homework, so I understand the needs of students, understand what students don't understand, and be patient Answer until students understand. It can provide tutoring for primary school students in general subjects, homework tutoring, etc. and tutoring biology (English) for high school students. If the time provided is not suitable, it can be accommodated.bachelor degree)3444Secondary 6College Students
City University of Hong KongAccountingFemaleHello, I just graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a major in Accounting and a minor in Economics and Finance (CGPA: 3.74, ieDean's List & First Class Honours), and graduated from secondary school in Kwun Tong District Band 1 English Middle School (St. Jeremy). I have achieved good grades in various subjects in the small school. I have achieved level 5 in economics, BAFS (accounting) and mathematics DSE, and I have achieved A-level results in both economics and accounting subjects during the university. I am a careful and patient person. I have four years of tutoring experience. I have tutored a Form 5 student from level 2 to level 4. I can provide students with some textbooks and notes that meet their level, and answer students' questions at any time through whatsapp, hoping to help students learn. Finally, I am confident that I can be competent for this tutoring job, and I promise to do my best to teach students. Please consider and give me a chance, thank you!bachelor degree)5Form six or abovegraduate from university
Hong Kong universityBachelor of Business Administration (Brussels)maleOne-to-one on-site professor of DSE for junior high school or high school. Graduated from KU Leuven in Business Administration with excellent results in the examinations. He has many years of tutoring experience, specializing in English, mathematics, and business (economics, accounting). There have been many students who have risen by more than 20 in their class rankings. Among them, a Secondary 3 student's grades have risen sharply from failing general subjects to 79 points (45) in English and 75 points (40) in mathematics.bachelor degree)Form six or abovegraduate from university
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityData SciencemaleI am a student of data science and business intelligence. I have a lot of experience in teaching mathematics and economics in general subjects. I am also a football coach and have a lot of experience with children. I specialize in teaching supplementary students. A supplementary student doesn't know what a D is, and needs a D, but as a past person, I will know that a supplementary student needs a D. I dare not say that my students will become academic masters, but I will definitely make them pass. Example: I have a secondary 5 student who used to test 20/50 and home, 40/50bachelor degree)2232Secondary 6College Students
Hong Kong universityFaculty of Business and EconomicsmaleI graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a major in Economics and Finance and a minor in Accounting. He then completed a master's program in counseling at Chinese University. After graduating from university, I taught BAFS and economics in an English middle school for several years, and I have a little experience in improving students' ability to take the economics exam.masterSecondary 6Current Teacher __________________________
The Education University of Hong KongCreative Arts and CultureFemaleI am a 2019 dse candidate with a total of 22 points in the best five. Currently studying in the first year of the Department of Creative Arts and Cultural Sciences, The Education University of Hong Kong. He has taught many elementary and middle school students to follow up their homework and cope with silent writing exams. Patiently explain textbook knowledge and explanations, and will provide tutoring for different students' personalities and patterns.bachelor degree)5335*Secondary 6College Students
City University of Hong KongDepartment of BiomedicinemaleI am currently studying at the City University of Hong Kong, a first-year biomedical student. He is currently a part-time tutor and also serves as a tutor for after-school Secondary 3 tutoring in the middle school of his alma mater. I also have a number of junior high school and primary school students with considerable tutoring experience, and their grades have improved. I mainly supplement primary and junior high school general subjects. I am very enthusiastic about teaching and very patient with children's teaching. You can also whatsapp to ask your homework at any time. Available hours: Monday to Saturday 11am-7pm. can start anytimebachelor degree)4344Secondary 3College Students
Lingnan UniversityBBAFemaleI graduated from St. Paul's Secondary School, a prestigious Band 1 school in Happy Valley, and am now studying in the BBA of the eight majors. I have achieved 5*, 5**, and 5 in general in the reading paper of dse Chinese, and I also got level 5 in English writing, and Ilets reading 8.5, with a total score of 7, which is equivalent to dse level 5. I currently have four students, three from famous elementary schools and one from band3 school. Both of them can make great progress in the test. I provide different exercises and teaching materials, teach students according to their aptitude, and welcome students to whatsapp themselves to ask questions outside class time. I am very patient and like children, and I hope to help them learn through vivid forms. Hope to have the opportunity to help your children.bachelor degree)5434Secondary 1College Students
City University of Hong KongEnglish International Business CommunicationmaleHello! I am a University student with major in English and Business. I am a passionate English tutor, and aim to provide 1 – hour and tailor – made Zoom lessons for Primary 1 to 6 students. Grammar concepts such as tense usage, pronoun usage , countable and uncountable nouns, adjective usages, and so on are covered in Zoom lessons.
Also, students are going to learn the link between the main verb and helping verb, and 5W1H question word concepts in reading skills.
Apart from this, they are going to have an oral practice, which is a 1 – min self – introduction.
Furthermore, students are going to learn proper writing skills, such as connectives.
Last but not least, I am confident that the students are more likely to love English with my patience.
Secondary 62342Primary 6 or belowCollege Students
The Education University of Hong KongDepartment of ChineseFemaleI have completed the Master of Chinese Studies at PolyU. I have completed the "Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education (Major in Music, Minor in Mandarin)" offered by the Institute. In 2000, I was required to study Chinese, Mathematics and General Studies, majoring in Putonghua, and was awarded the Certificate of Primary Education (two-year system).

In terms of Mandarin, I have passed the assessment of each paper of the benchmark test and obtained a score above the benchmark level 4. In order to increase undergraduate knowledge, I enrolled in a number of Mandarin enrichment courses (such as Hanyu Pinyin, Zhengyin and reading and recitation training courses) in the college. In the evening, he also served as a Mandarin tour guide, participated in the Mandarin recitation competition and the Mandarin proficiency test organized by the State Language Commission, and won the third place in the third Hong Kong tertiary student Mandarin recitation competition (collective recitation) and was admitted to the Mandarin proficiency test (Level 2 and B) Level Certificates. I have also obtained Grade 8 piano and Grade 8 music theory certificates.
masterPrimary 6 or belowCurrent Teacher __________________________
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversitybusinessFemaleShe is very patient with children and has more than two years of tutoring experience. I hope that through tutoring, I can make children understand the joy of learning and try my best to improve their level.bachelor degree)3444Primary 6 or belowcollege students

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