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Mrs.Leung(Kathy Yip)
Mrs.Leung(Kathy Yip)
Face to Face Private Tuition
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Getutor's service is good, diligent and fast. Provided several candidate teachers and made adetailed introduction. The child was very happy after the trial class, and decided to ask the trial class teacher to continue tutoring. It will be done in one go, saving time and effort for the parents, thank you Getutor.
Mrs.Kwok(Tracy Suen)
Mrs.Kwok(Tracy Suen)
Online Private Classes
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It is convenient and quick to introduce tutors, follow-up is fast, the introduction specialist has a good attitude, tutors are professional, and the explanations are clear, so that students do not have pressure when studying, and I feel very good.
Mrs.Cheung (Kacey Wong)
Mrs.Cheung (Kacey Wong)
Hong Kong Island Parent
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Thank you GETUTOR for helping my daughter find a suitable teacher. The reply is very fast. They will find a tutor according to the parents' requirements. Very professional service, thank you!
  • Tuition Details

    Parents will receive tutor candidates on Whatsapp within 24 hours after submission, and parents can freely choose whether to start or not. Our staff will assist in matching the best tutors.
  • (1)Subjects
  • If there is no required option, you can choose Other, and the staff will follow up with you to provide specific tutors
  • (2)Requirements
  • (For matching purposes only) It is convenient for the instructor to apply after knowing the location, please fill in as much detail as possible
  • Two or more lessons per week are recommended
  • Each class is usually 1.5-2 hours
  • If the budget is higher, tutors with higher education and experience will apply, and the price will usually be quoted by the tutor within the budget
  • (3)Contacts
  • We will try our best to contact with Whatsapp first (completely confidential, only for matching tutors)
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