[Learning under the epidemic] Is it good or bad to take summer vacation early?

early summer vacation

In response to the worsening of the pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong, the government announced that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will open their summer vacation earlier, and all schools will not start their vacation later than March 17.

The early summer vacation is believed to be very happy for many students. At the same time, many parents are worried that the early summer vacation will affect the students' learning progress. Today we will discuss this issue with you.

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Summer vacation early, how are you feeling?


Worry about an early summer vacation?

With the early summer vacation, many parents are worried that the suspension of classes will affect the students' learning and psychological development.

Because of the epidemic, in the past two years, it is believed that students have been taking online classes for a lot of time, and the days when they can return to school for face-to-face teaching are very few. Long-term confinement to home-based corporate online classes will have a certain negative impact on children's psychological development.

And the sudden vacation can certainly help you relax, but if you can't make good use of it, it will be a waste of time. When you resume classes, you will have a good chance of not keeping up with the progress and difficult to adjust your learning attitude. The problem is that parents should pay close attention to these two points.

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It is important for students to adjust their mentality


What else can I do this holiday?

1. Read more

Reading is one of the activities that can help students maintain their interest in learning. In this technologically advanced age, many people prefer to use mobile phones and forget the benefits of reading. When was the last time you picked up a book and read it? During this summer vacation, parents may wish to encourage students to put down their mobile phones and take a little time every day to read, which will be of great benefit to students' spiritual development!

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How long have you read the book?


2. Exercise more

As mentioned earlier, even before classes were suspended, students spent a lot of time at home and company online classes, but now they spend a lot of time at home and company, which is not very healthy for students' spiritual growth. Trying to think about going to the hall every day and reading books, all staying in the house and living in front of the four walls every day, it is really crazy. Therefore, during the summer vacation, parents may wish to go out with their students to do exercise. Not only is it good for health, but it can also help students relax and avoid feeling too depressed.

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The long-term commitment to housing enterprises will affect the development of life and heart


3. Ask a private tutor to recover the progress

If you want to recover the progress, parents can consider finding a private tutor to help your child recover the progress during the suspension period.

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It is fun to talk to students about the early summer vacation, but at the same time as you relax, you must remember not to let yourself be too indulgent and slow down your studies, so that you waste your vacation in vain.


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