【Tutoring Competition】Tutoring club? Or private tutoring?

The tutoring agency offers private tutoring, how about your children first?

In Hong Kong, many parents find that their children are unable to keep up with their studies or homework after their children go to primary or secondary school, and they will help their children with tutoring, hoping that the children can keep up with their academic progress. At this time, many parents will encounter a question: Is it better for private tutoring to go to the society? Today, we will compare the advantages of the two with you, and you can compare them when parents ask for tutoring!

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

Tutoring clubs and private tutoring have their own advantages


Advantages of tutoring clubs

1. Rich in resources

The advantage of a general tutoring agency over private tutoring is that the tutoring community has more abundant teaching resources than private tutoring teachers. The tutoring agency has sufficient supporting resources, so it can easily provide students with sufficient teaching materials and exercises, which is definitely incomparable to many private tutors.

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

Tutoring clubs will have more resources than teaching materials


2. There is a system, a bigger road

Another advantage of the tutoring agency compared to private tutoring is that the teaching department of the tutoring agency will be more systematic. Because the tutoring agency usually has more tutoring experience, their teachers are often more experienced, and they know more about the problems that ordinary students commonly encounter during their studies and teach them. The teaching content will be larger and more systematic. .

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

The tutoring society is more systematic


3. Fees are cheaper

Generally speaking, tutoring agencies are cheaper than private tutoring. Tutoring agencies are generally set up in classes, and each class has ten to twenty students, or even more, which is very common. Therefore, the price of tutoring agencies will be cheaper than private tutoring. For lower-level families, the cheaper fees of tutoring agencies can make it more affordable for parents.

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

Price is one of many factors that parents consider


Advantages of private tutoring

1. Targeted teaching

Compared with sending children to tutoring clubs, the advantage of private tutoring is that it can provide targeted teaching for your children. Let’s talk about it, because compared to the one-to-many students of the tutoring agency, private tutors usually attend the class one-on-one. Even if it is a group tutoring, it is mostly a one-to-two situation, so a private tutor is more able to provide targeted teaching for each different student. They can adjust the pace and content of teaching according to the needs of different students, so as to provide students with teaching services that better meet their needs. This is also the biggest consideration for many parents when they finally decide to choose private tutoring.

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

Private tutoring provides targeted teaching


2. Convenient, flexible and flexible

Another advantage of private tutoring is that they are more convenient than tutoring agencies, and the schedule will be more flexible and can be arranged more flexibly. Many times, if parents choose to send their children to the tutoring agency, because the tutoring agency often goes to class in one class, parents and children will need to accommodate the time arranged by the tutoring agency. It will be more troublesome if the time schedule needs to be changed.

On the contrary, private tutoring is not a problem. Each class of private tutoring is made by parents and teachers themselves. Parents can discuss with the teacher a time that is convenient and comfortable for everyone. If there is any need to make any changes, both parties can accommodate each other. more flexible and flexible.

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

Flexible private tutoring time, more convenient to arrange time


3. Low sense of distance

One of the advantages of private tutoring is that the distance between students and tutors will be lower. Because private tutoring is generally one-on-one, the interaction between teachers and students will be higher, and there will be more communication between the two, and there will not be too much distance between the two. Relatively speaking, tutoring agencies are often one-to-many relationships with multiple students, and the roles of both parties will be clearly defined: the teacher will speak in front of the blackboard, and the students will sit on the other side to listen to the book, and both parties will have a clear sense of distance. This slight sense of distance will often affect students' concentration during class, and more or less will affect the progress of students' learning.

private tutoring tutoring tutoring agency

A sense of distance affects students' concentration



All in all, both the tutoring agency and private tutoring have their own advantages. Parents can decide to help their children enroll in a tutoring class according to their children’s needs at the time of choosing. It is a private tutor. .

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