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Do you need to pay attention to private tutoring?

Earlier, a 38-year-old female tutor was sentenced to prison for allegedly taking off the boy's pants and then hitting his hips and bouncing his lower body because one of the male students was naughty. In Hong Kong, not many parents will arrange private tutoring classes for their children, and the seriousness of similar incidents has drawn parents' attention to the ethics of private tutoring teachers.

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The conduct of private tutoring teachers is concerned


Recently, the epidemic has slowed down a bit, and the school is about to resume classes. Many parents are afraid that their children will be too patient during the holidays and that they will not be able to keep up with their studies for a while, so they have begun to look for private tutors to help. But parents need to understand that every industry in every part of the world has its own bad horses, and the private tutoring industry is no exception. If you fail to hire a teacher with ethics problems, the loss of money or the low effectiveness of teaching is a small matter. If it causes irreparable damage to the minds of children, no amount of money can save it!

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Don't let the black sheep influence


Don't want to ask a teacher who has problems to do it?GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutor AssociationLet’s talk to parents about some important points to pay attention to when hiring a private tutor to ensure that you find a teacher who is ethical and suitable for your children!


Three ways to help you find reliable private tutors:

1. Find a teacher with successful experience/reputation

When looking for a tutor, parents may wish to pay attention to whether the teacher has relevant tutoring experience, or has a successful experience and praise from other parents. This experience can help parents get to know the teacher first before going to class.

Although tutoring is crowded, previous successful experience does not mean that a teacher will definitely be able to hook up with your children. But first understanding the teacher's background and relevant experience can greatly increase the chances of finding a suitable teacher; and if the teacher has a good reputation, the chances of that teacher being the black sheep will also be narrower.

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Learn about the teacher's experience and reputation


2. Observation and Communication

Secondly, we would suggest that parents, if they have time, try to be present in the first few classes to observe. Because the first few tutoring sessions are usually at the stage of understanding and testing, parents can not only see if the teacher and the child are engaged, and their teaching methods are not suitable for children, they can also observe the tutoring teacher. In terms of words and deeds, pay attention to whether the teacher has any strange behavior, and see that the teacher is a trustworthy person, so you can make a preliminary judgment on whether you can continue to teach this teacher.

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Parents can observe a few lessons first


In case, parents really don't have time to watch the class, we recommend that parents communicate with teachers and children after they leave the class. Because communication is the other most direct way to understand the situation of returning to the classroom, through the communication on both sides, it can help parents to decide that they can choose this teacher to continue tutoring.

1. Through the communication with teachers after class, we can understand:

  • When the teacher goes to class, teach me what?
  • Use the babble method to teach;
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Need to communicate with the teacher after the class


2. Because the children receive tutoring services in person, communicate with the children to understand their feelings after class. You can know:

  • The teacher and the children are stuck together,
  • Is the teaching mode suitable?
  • And the most important thing: the child did not feel any discomfort when he was in the tutor's class.
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If it doesn't feel right, change it


3. Choose a reliable and reputable tutoring agency

The last point is that parents can consider using a reliable tutoring agency on the market to find tutors for you. A reputable tutoring agency can help parents effectively filter out teachers who have served Jiujia and have bad records. Finding tutors through a reliable tutoring agency can more effectively find tutors for their children!

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To sum up, parents should be careful when hiring private tutors to prevent themselves and their children from being influenced by the black sheep!

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