[DSE Chinese Composition] Basic knowledge and winning skills for argumentative essays! [Examples and masterpieces]

Many students feel confused when writing the argumentative essay for DSE Chinese Paper 2. This is a genre that requires you to analyze things and express your own opinions. We will determine the correctness of a point of view through methods such as examples and reasoning.

Past exam questions include "sunshine and shadow" and "study is useless". To write an argumentative essay in 90 minutes, time management and various writing skills are important.

If you have questions about writing argumentative essays, you can contact GETUTOR’s Chinese teachers. They will give you individual advice to help you achieve good results. With them, you can master the skills of writing argumentative essays and perform well on exams.


  • Argumentative essays are a style of writing that expresses opinions and expounds opinions, and requires sufficient arguments and demonstrations.
  • The word count for DSE Volume 2 argumentative essay is 650-1200 words, and the time is 90 minutes, which needs to be allocated reasonably.
  • The structure of an argumentative essay consists of three parts: introduction, main thesis, and conclusion. The main thesis generally has three arguments.
  • Common argumentation methods include citation argumentation, example argumentation, metaphorical argumentation, comparative argumentation, etc.
  • In the examination room, you must review the topic clearly, choose the right angle, plan the layout, and use appropriate beginning and ending techniques.

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essay elements Element description
View The central idea of the article, the author’s views and attitude towards the issue
argument Factual basis and theoretical basis to support the point of view
Argument Use logical reasoning to organically combine arguments and opinions to make your opinions more convincing
structure The layout of an argumentative essay usually includes three parts: the beginning, the main body, and the end.

Argumentative essay is a speculative and logical style. Writing requires insight and knowledge. By learning argumentative writing, you can improve your critical thinking. If you have questions,GETUTOR Chinese private tutorWe will give you professional help.

An argumentative essay is a contest of ideas and a confrontation of opinions. Only by convincing people with reason can we conquer people's hearts.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when writing a good argumentative essay:

  • Determine the topic and argument of the article
  • Collect materials and form strong evidence
  • Be logical and make your arguments clear
  • Concise language and rigorous structure
  • Pay attention to article layout and organization

Argumentative essays inspire thinking and cultivate language skills and logical thinking. It is important in studying and exams. Learn it well and it will improve your writing and grades.

Argumentative essay examples

There are many argumentative essay teachers in history who are full of praise. These works not only demonstrate the author's wisdom, but also serve as good examples for future generations to learn from. Let's take a look at some famous argumentative essay fragments and learn their arguments and argumentation methods.

"Theory of Six Kingdoms" - presenting facts, reasoning, and clarifying right from wrong

During the Warring States Period, combining vertical and horizontal lines was a very important strategy at that time. Su Qin discussed this theme in a political treatise called "On the Six Kingdoms". Here are the fascinating parts:

Now Qin has discovered and reported to Chu, with troops thousands of miles away, sweeping the world, and shaking the sea. This is not the reason why Chu can be so calm all day long. I think it's the king's plan. It's better to rely on the dangers of mountains and rivers, harbor the princes, and hold the emperor's hand to order the world.

Su Qin's article first elaborated on the situation at that time and then proposed a solution. His method of argumentation is very clear and powerful. Through this article, we can understand the argumentation method: presenting facts, reasoning, and clarifying right and wrong.

"Fish I Want"——To illustrate the truth and integrate philosophy into the ordinary

"The Fish I Want" is a very good example of an argumentative essay. Mencius expressed the wisdom of making choices in life through analogy and argumentation:

Fish is what I want; bear paws are what I want. You can't have both, it's like giving up the fish for the bear's paw. Life is what I want; righteousness is what I want. You can't have both, you have to sacrifice your life for righteousness.

Mencius used metaphors clearly and skillfully to express many profound philosophies. By analyzing this argumentative essay, we can better understand the principle that big principles are hidden in small things. It is through illustrating the truth that the words are powerful.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are also excellent argumentative essays such as "The Chronicles of Xiang Yu", "Qiu Sheng Fu", and "Chibi Fu". These works demonstrate the author's diverse arguments and ability to present universal values.

The key to writing a good argumentative essay is that the arguments must be clear and the arguments must be reasonable. Regarding the skills of argumentative essays, if students have any questions, you can findGETUTOR’s Chinese teacherAsk for help. They have rich teaching experience and can certainly provide effective guidance. This way you will stand out in the exam.

Argumentative essay structure

Argumentative essay structure diagram


The introduction introduces the problem, topic and expresses the point of view. This part should be concise and vivid to attract readers. Multiple methods can be used to introduce the introduction, such as asking questions, introducing background, etc. Either way, stay on topic and avoid going off topic.

This thesis

This thesis is the focus of the article, including enumerating arguments and in-depth demonstrations. Use parallel, progressive, contrasting and other pattern layouts. The arguments should be sufficient and the arguments should be reasonable, and the paragraphs should be logically connected to avoid contradictions. Each paragraph should be organized around a topic and sub-points.

When writing this thesis, use parallelism, parallelism and other techniques appropriately to make the article vivid. At the same time, pay attention to logic and keep it clear, orderly and reasonable.

Minimum word count requirements and suggestions for DSE Paper 2

In the DSE Chinese Paper 2 exam, you must write a 650-word argumentative essay. It is recommended that students write 1000-1200 words. This will illustrate your point of view and demonstrate your writing skills.

The argumentative essay should be divided into 5-6 paragraphs. Each piece of content needs to be relatively balanced. You can write more argument paragraphs, and the introduction and conclusion should be concise.

The DSE Paper 2 exam has a time limit of 90 minutes. Candidates should use their time wisely and ensure that each section is sufficient.

In argumentative essays, candidates should use different argumentative techniques. Common methods include examples, quotations, comparisons, etc. This way the article will be more convincing.

In addition to argumentative techniques, it is also important to use rhetorical techniques. Restate your point in the final concluding paragraph. This can leave a deep impression on readers.

Overall, there are a few things to pay attention to in order to get high scores. The topic should be closely related, the structure should be reasonable, the argument should be complete, and the language should be fluent.

When preparing for the exam, pay attention to current events and practice more. This will result in ideal results. If you want to improve further, you can findGETUTOR’s Chinese private tutors. They have rich teaching experience and can help students improve their writing skills.

The beginning of an argumentative essay

The beginning of an argumentative essay is very important because it creates the first impression on the reader. A good beginning will catch the reader's attention and help them quickly understand the topic of the article.

When writing the beginning, you should understand the main point of the article and express it clearly and powerfully. Use clear words rather than being overly complicated. Doing so can effectively attract readers and make the article resonate with the readers' hearts.

Writing an argument

The way to write an argument is straightforward and usually the most direct way. It immediately reveals the core idea of the article and makes it clear to the reader. This method can quickly arouse interest and lay the foundation for subsequent discussions.

For example, when discussing "friendship", you can start by explaining that "friendship is an indispensable part of our lives." This paves the way for subsequent analysis and argumentation.

citation method

Start your article with a quote or aphorism. Doing so increases the persuasiveness and professional feel of the article. Appropriate citations can clearly convey the main idea of the article and resonate with readers.

For example, when discussing the "value of life", Tagore's words are quoted: "Life is as holy as a lotus, death is as quiet and beautiful as an autumn leaf." This emphasizes deep thinking about life.

word splitting method

The word splitting method is to explain the title of the article so that readers can see the topic at a glance. This kind of opening sentence helps readers quickly understand the content of the article.

For example, if the theme is "Facing Difficulties". We can explain the meaning of these four words and express our views on overcoming difficulties.

Break first and legislate later

Break first, then legislate. First refute the other party's point of view, and then put forward your own opinions. This expands the topic of the article and makes the discussion richer and more convincing.

For example, when talking about "integrity", you can point out that "breaking trust will make people regret for life" and infer "integrity is the cornerstone of success". This shows that you have thought through the topic thoroughly.

Establish first and then break the law

To establish laws first and then break them is to state your position and then fight back against other viewpoints. This makes the article more opinionated and clearly expresses the author's views.

For example, when talking about "environmental protection", support the importance of environmental protection from the beginning. Then refute the idea that "economic development takes precedence over environmental protection." This shows that you have a deep understanding of environmental issues.

How to start an argumentative essay Main points example
Writing an argument Get straight to the point and point out the central argument directly Friendship is an indispensable spiritual wealth in life
citation method Quoting famous aphorisms and outlining the main points Life is as holy as a lotus, death is as quiet and beautiful as an autumn leaf
word splitting method Break down the key words of the question and explain the meaning of the topic in depth Interpret the meaning of facing difficulties and moving forward from the perspectives of "greeting", "difficulty", "er" and "up"
Break first and legislate later Refute the opposing viewpoint first, then put forward your own point of view If you don’t talk about integrity, you will eventually break your trust. Integrity is the foundation of your life.
Establish first and then break the law Put forward your own point of view first, then refute the opposing point of view Environmental protection is a citizen's responsibility, and economics cannot be prioritized over environmental protection.

The beginning of an argumentative essay determines the style of an article. Choosing a suitable method can make the article more attractive and convey the meaning more directly.

When students write argumentative essays, remember to analyze the topic and information and choose an appropriate way to start. This makes your article more compelling and persuasive. If you have any questions, please ask a GETUTOR teacher for help. They are professional and experienced and can give you valuable advice.

How to end an argumentative essay


Anaphora is an interesting writing technique. It allows the end of the article to echo the beginning, emphasizing the theme of the article. This will impress upon the reader, for example, that the answer to the opening question will be found at the end.

Inductive summary method

The inductive summary method is useful, especially when the article has many points to discuss. Summary allows readers to fully understand the article. When summarizing, conciseness and clarity are most important.

Don’t repeat yourself too much and keep your summary concise.

natural bandha

Sometimes an article needs to end in a natural way. This is the natural bandha. Suitable for articles with focused topics and concise content. At the end, the language is concise but not obtrusive.

How to end an argumentative essay Features Applicable situations
anaphora Echo the beginning and highlight the theme Start with a question and end with an answer or solution
Inductive summary method Summarize arguments and deepen impressions There are multiple sub-points that need to be summarized
natural bandha Natural ending, concise and clear Focused topics and concise content

A great ending can enhance the effectiveness of your article. In writing, you must deeply understand the topic and apply writing skills. In this way, you can write an engaging ending within the limited number of words.

If you encounter difficulties, you may wish to ask GETUTOR Chinese private tutor Ask for help. They have rich experience and can provide professional guidance to help improve writing skills.

Three elements of argumentative essay

An argumentative essay explains a position or point of view through argumentation. To write a good argumentative essay, you need three major elements: arguments, arguments, and arguments. These factors influence each other and none of them can be missing. They make your article more complete and persuasive.

Illustration of the three elements of argumentative essays


The argument is the heart of your article. It clearly expresses your central point. Articles usually have only one central argument. But it may also contain several sub-arguments that supplement and support the central argument. A good argument should be clear, focused, and logical so that readers can quickly understand your ideas.

argument type Argument characteristics argument examples
central argument The core point of an argumentative essay, indicating the author’s position Social media has pros and cons and should be used rationally
Sub-arguments Refine and support the central argument to make the argument more complete Social media promotes interpersonal communication; social media easily leads to Internet dependence


Arguments are the evidence that supports your argument. There are two types of factual arguments and theoretical arguments. Factual arguments are tangible things, such as examples and data. They help you convince your readers. And the theoretical arguments are based on science and philosophy. An excellent article should have rich and novel arguments, and the appropriate combination of arguments and arguments.

In the DSE exam, making good use of factual and theoretical arguments can add a lot of color to the argumentative essay. Candidates should pay attention to observe more, think more, accumulate argumentative argument materials, and learn to apply them flexibly in writing.


Argument is the cornerstone of argumentative writing. It organically combines arguments and arguments. This will make your article more convincing. There are many methods of argumentation, including examples, comparisons, quotations, and metaphors. When writing, choose the most powerful method based on the situation.

In short, writing argumentative essays should be done with ease. You need good arguments, arguments, and arguments. These three must be combined organically to write excellent articles. If you still have problems with argumentative essay writing, find an experienced teacher. They will provide effective guidance to help you improve your writing skills. GETUTOR's Chinese private tutors are skilled in DSE argumentative essay writing and are absolutely trustworthy.

The relationship between the three elements of argumentative essay

In argumentative essays, arguments, arguments and demonstrations are very important. They are closely intertwined and none of them can be missing. The argument points out the direction of the argument. The arguments prove the validity of the argument.

If your argument is not clear, the evidence is insufficient, or the argument is not good enough, your article will be difficult to convince. For example, the argument is unclear and difficult for readers to understand. If there are insufficient arguments, the argument will appear weak. If the argument is wrong, it will be difficult to combine the arguments and arguments, and the article will become illogical.

Understanding the relationship between arguments, arguments, and arguments is important to writing good argumentative essays.

Arguments are the soul of an argumentative essay, and arguments are the flesh and blood. Argument is the meridians. All three are indispensable, and together they form a complete and powerful argumentative essay.

Overall, the three elements of an argumentative essay are absolutely required. To write a good argumentative essay, the key is to handle the relationship between each element. Achieve correct arguments, substantial arguments and sound arguments. In this way, your article will be good in all aspects, enhancing logic and appeal.

If you have difficulty with the three elements of an argumentative essay, finding a Chinese private tutor may help. They will provide effective guidance according to your needs and help you write excellent argumentative essays. GETUTOR's tutors are a good choice.

Argumentative essay argumentation techniques

Citing arguments

Citing arguments is a technique that works well. It uses famous quotes or expert opinions to support its point of view. This will enhance the credibility of the article.

For example, when talking about "the importance of knowledge", it is very appropriate to mention Bacon's famous saying "Knowledge is power". This can help demonstrate the importance of knowledge to personal advancement.

metaphorical argument

Metaphorical arguments express abstract concepts using concrete examples. This makes the argument more vivid, understandable, and acceptable. For example, when discussing "the importance of persistence", it is very appropriate to say "a drop of water will tell the story of a stone."

This metaphor expresses that as long as you persevere, you can achieve your goals. Clever use of metaphors makes the article richer.

comparative argument

A comparative argument compares two things. Analyzing their similarities and differences helps us make strong arguments for our views. For example, comparing reality versus ideals can emphasize the importance of effort.

This approach can make the argument more robust. We should work hard instead of dreaming.

argument by analogy

Arguments by analogy use similar things to illustrate an argument. This involves inferring unknown conclusions from known facts. Such an argument expands our thinking.

For example, when talking about "the importance of reading", you can use the metaphor of "eating". This illustrates the importance of reading to the soul.

deductive argument

Deductive arguments draw specific conclusions from general principles. This requires correct arguments and sufficient evidence. Deductive arguments improve the logic of the article.

For example, from "Everyone makes mistakes", "Tolerate the mistakes of others" is derived. Such an argumentation method conveys an inclusive attitude.

inductive argument

Inductive arguments draw general rules from a large number of facts. Examples should be representative. For example, by analyzing successful people, we concluded that "diligence is the cornerstone of success."

This kind of argument makes the article's point of view more in-depth and real.

Give examples

Examples support a point of view by listing facts. This method is very intuitive. When giving examples, pay attention to the choice of examples and strive to be comprehensive.

For example, when talking about "the importance of integrity", we give a counterexample of shoddy goods in shopping malls. This demonstrates the necessity of integrity.

There are many effective argumentative methods for argumentative essays. When writing, be flexible according to the situation. This makes the manuscript stronger and more convincing.

If you have questions about argumentative essay writing, please contact GETUTOR’s Chinese tutors. We have extensive experience in helping you crack the DSE exam. GETUTOR's teaching quality is reliable and trustworthy.

Citing argument examples

Citing arguments is a common technique in argumentative essays. It uses famous quotes and proverbs to strengthen the argument and also show the author's cultural literacy. When using quotations to make an argument, choose quotations that are concise and relevant to your argument. At the same time, clarify the source of the quotation to avoid taking it out of context. It is also important to explain the quotations appropriately rather than just pile on the material.

  • "Don't ignore good deeds because they are small, and don't do evil deeds because they are small." This sentence comes from "The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms·Book of Shu·The Biography of the First Master". It illustrates that no matter whether good or evil, small things should not be ignored.
  • "Be born in sorrow, die in peace and happiness" This sentence comes from "Mencius Gaozi Xia". It tells us that difficulties can make people grow, and comfort can easily make people lose progress.
  • "Studying alone without friends means you will be lonely and ignorant." This comes from "Book of Rites·Xue Ji". It emphasizes that learning requires communication with others, otherwise knowledge will be limited.

There are also many famous quotes and aphorisms that are very philosophical and suitable for use in argumentative essays. We should pay more attention to these materials and know how to use them in writing. This can improve the quality of the article and increase its persuasiveness.

Confucius said: "When three people walk, they must have my teacher. Choose those who are good and follow them, and change those who are not good." - "The Analects of Confucius·Shu Er"

This sentence teaches us to be humble in our dealings with others. No matter who provides advice, you should learn from it with an open mind. Reading more and studying more can effectively improve your writing skills.GETUTORThe Chinese private tutors have extensive teaching experience. They can provide students with argumentative essay examples to help them learn writing skills. Students who need help are welcome to contact us.

Argumentative essay writing exam tips

Select topic

Candidates will encounter three choices: narrative, lyrical and argumentative. It is important to choose the right topic. Choose a topic that you are familiar with and have material to prove it.

Don't go off topic, you need to understand the topic clearly.

time management

Time allocation within 90 minutes is critical. It is recommended that you spend 10 minutes writing the outline and 75 minutes writing the essay at the beginning. Finally, take 5 minutes to check in.

The time for each part should be evenly distributed. The introduction and conclusion should take 5-10 minutes each, and the argument part should take up to 40 minutes. Articles should be at least 650 words, and 1000-1200 words are recommended. Each paragraph should be approximately 150-200 words.

argument thinking

The argument is the focus of the article. Focus on the theme and select the key points. Think about it in different terms, such as personal, social or future.

This helps you write in depth. However, the arguments must be logically clear and echo each other, and remember not to contradict themselves.

Use of argumentation techniques

The argumentative technique determines the persuasiveness of the article. There are many methods, such as examples, introductions, metaphors, etc. Choose an appropriate method based on the argument.

The arguments and arguments should be related, and the transition between arguments should be smooth. Make the article read naturally and smoothly.

To sum up, to write a good argumentative essay, you need foundation and skills. This includes topic review, article planning, time allocation and argumentation methods. Learn these techniques and use them flexibly. Only by practicing more and making timely adjustments can you achieve good results.

in conclusion

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to how to write an argumentative essay. It includes definitions, examples, structure and requirements, as well as opening and closing suggestions. This information can help students write more effective argumentative essays.

In DSE exam, argumentative essay is very important. It tests your logic and expression skills. This guide provides important writing tips to help you do well on your exams.

If you have any questions, please feel free to seek help from GETUTOR. They have experienced Chinese tutors who can provide professional guidance. Take this opportunity to visitgetutor.com.hk/chin-tutorlearn more.


What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essays express the author's opinion by analyzing and discussing facts. It contains arguments that reinforce a point with facts and logic. Argumentative essays require persuasiveness and clear logic to prove the validity of a certain point of view.

What are some classic examples of argumentative essays?

Some classic argumentative articles such as "On the Six Kingdoms" and "Fish I Want". "On the Six Kingdoms" convinced the six countries of the need to unite to fight Qin. "Fish I Want" uses metaphor to explain the importance of spiritual pursuit. These works have strong arguments and are worthy of our study.

What is the basic structure of an argumentative essay?

Argumentative papers generally consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction raises questions, the thesis analyzes and provides evidence, and the conclusion summarizes. This structure makes the article organized and easy to read and understand.

What is the word count requirement for the argumentative essay in DSE Chinese Paper 2?

DSE Paper 2 requires a minimum of 650 words, but 1000-1200 words is preferred. Mainly based on introduction, argument and conclusion. When writing a shared article, you should arrange your time reasonably according to the paragraphs, and check the manuscript at the end.

What are some common ways to start an argumentative essay?

At the beginning, you can choose to establish an argument, quote, split words, break first and then establish, or first establish and then break. These methods quickly attract readers and lay the foundation for the article.

What are some common ways to end argumentative essays?

The ending is often a summary, appeal or warning. Alternatively, start with a quote or response. These methods can strengthen the theme of the article and leave a deep impression on readers.

What are the three elements of an argumentative essay? What's the relationship between them?

The three major elements include argument, argument, and demonstration. They complement each other and give the article structure and logic. The cooperation of the three makes the article's ideas powerful and persuasive.

What are the common argumentative techniques used in argumentative essays?

Commonly used argumentation techniques include quotation, metaphor, comparison, analogy, deduction, induction and examples. Flexible use of these methods can enhance the argumentative power of the article.

What are some tips for writing argumentative essays in the exam room?

When writing in the examination room, you must make good use of your time and review the questions carefully. Use the framework to think about your argument and choose an appropriate argumentation method. These techniques aid performance.

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