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Looking for a Chinese tutor? Whether it is primary school Chinese, middle school Chinese, DSE Chinese, college Chinese, or adult Chinese. IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese. Hong Kong Tutors Association GETUTOR can provide relevant Chinese tutors.

Serving Hong Kong for 10 years, you can choose from a large number of Chinese tutors from different majors and educational backgrounds. The most suitable tutor can be matched according to your needs.

Chinese tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese DSE
Chinese tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese DSE
Chinese tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese private tutoring, Chinese DSE
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  • Two or more lessons per week are recommended
  • Each class is usually 1.5-2 hours
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2024 Chinese teacher recommendation

Chinese teacher Chinese tutor

Miss Kwok Senior in-service secondary school teacher

Current teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Bachelor's and master's degree from the Chinese Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Senior in-service secondary school teacher, holds an honorary bachelor's and master's degrees in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Senior in-service secondary school teacher, holds an honorary bachelor's and master's degrees in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Regardless of age, gender, or level, everyone can teach students according to their talents, have patience and methods, and are good at making up for the weak. He once compiled Chinese language textbooks for the Secondary School Entrance Examination for Qisi Publishing House. Proficient in various Chinese courses: Chinese subjects at all levels in primary and secondary schools, sub-tests for entering high school, DSE Chinese, Literature, LB Chinese A, any professional Chinese courses in colleges and universities (including text/phonology/classical/modern literary criticism) and essay writing Guidance (can revise the paper). He has rich experience in teaching DSE Chinese. He has dozens of students who have passed Level 5 or above in the past years. He is familiar with the characteristics of each paper, can follow the trend of the papers, and develop learning methods according to the weaknesses.

Chinese tutor Chinese tutoring

Teacher Zeng Registered Band 1 teacher with the Education Bureau

Diploma in Education (Chinese Language for Secondary Schools) with more than 10 years of teaching experience

I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master's degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature

. As a senior teacher, I have rich experience in marking papers and fully understand the scoring principles of examination papers. I can provide self-made teaching materials and simulation tests to familiarize students with question types and master answering skills to improve their test-taking abilities. I teach students in accordance with their aptitude, teach students in a patient and attentive manner, and at the same time, I am also strict in order to make students continue to improve and achieve great results!

Wang Zhi Chinese: 5** Full-time tutoring

6+ years tutoring experience

I graduated from the Chinese Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and graduated from the prestigious Zhang Zhushan English Secondary School with a 2017 DSE Chinese Language 5*

2017DSE Chinese Language and Literature 5*, 2021DSE Chinese Language and Literature 5**.

Has teaching experience in private tutoring, tutorial centers (for Chinese language majors), and on-campus after-school tutoring classes (taught in different banding schools)

I have helped students rise from lv. 1 to lv. 4, and some students have obtained 5* and 5** grades.

Chinese tutor Chinese tutoring

Miss Wu Chinese 5*Full-time Tuition

More than 6 years of tutoring experience. Graduated from the Chinese and Bilingual Department of the Polytechnic University.

I graduated from the Bachelor's Program in Chinese and Bilingual Studies of the Polytechnic University. I have six years of private tutoring experience for primary and secondary school students. I have also worked in a tutoring center and have experience in one-on-one/two-on-one, one-on-one small class, and Zoom video tutoring. I am now a part-time private tutor. Supplementary tutor.

2016DSE 5** in Chinese subject, 5** in composition and oral examination. I am happy to study question-answering techniques, and hope to teach students the most convenient answering methods by sharing their freshly remembered exam experiences and reading experiences, so that they can at least find fun in learning, and then push themselves to find their best learning. method to improve performance.

Patient and fond of children. Notes and exercises will be provided, the time is flexible, and intensive exercises will be provided to target the weaknesses of individual students. Wtsapp can ask questions at any time.

Chinese tutor Chinese tutoring

Sir He Chinese 5** Full-time tutoring

More than 10 years of experience in tutoring Chinese language

I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying Chinese Language and Literature, and studying at Yingzhong Chan Shui Kei (La Salle) Secondary School in Kowloon District

Self-introduction: I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and studied Chinese Language and Literature. I attended Ying-Chong Tan Sui Kee (La Salle) Secondary School in Kowloon District. I have been engaged in the tutoring industry since university and have more than 10 years of teaching experience. DSE obtained 5** in Chinese, 5* in General Education, and 5 in Mathematics. Provides self-made notes on practices and techniques for each volume. Teach grammar, new words, sentence patterns, etc. to consolidate the foundation.

Chinese tutor Chinese tutoring

Guan Guiting Chinese 5*College Student

3 years of tutoring experience

I am currently in my third year at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at CUHK. I studied band 1 English and Chinese in my secondary school. I have excellent grades in Chinese. My elective subjects are Chinese and Western History and Chinese Literature. I also achieved 5* in DSE.

He is patient, caring, likes children, and has good communication skills.

Students can use Whatsapp to ask about their homework after class, and can report their learning situation and progress to their parents, and formulate study plans, hoping to pay equal attention to learning and thinking. Composition classes are set up to allow group composition and essay editing services.

In the tutoring community education, there are a large number of teaching materials. Primary and secondary students, regardless of whether they have SEN or not, will be dedicated to designing individual learning plans for them. They can teach exam skills based on exam questions and avoid rote memorization.

Just three steps to match with Chinese tutors in Hong Kong

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

1> Fill in your requirements

You need to fill in your case information and your requirements for the tutor.

2> Instant and free matching with multiple specialized Chinese tutors

We will recommend 3-5 suitable GCSE A-Level IGCSE tutors by providing their resumes, GCSE A-Level IGCSE teaching experience ,and other related information. It will take one working days to process your application normally.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring
Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

3>Hire the most suitable Chinese tutor

We will coordinate the time and arrange to start classes.

Our Feedback

Let's hear from our customer Nicole, 2022 IGCSE candidate

Thanks Miss Yau

The teaching is very careful, and he will teach students in accordance with their aptitude. He will first understand my needs and then formulate the course content that suits me.

Thank you very much for helping me to upgrade my DSE from 5 to 5**.

Cherry Yip

2024 DSE 5**

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

Chinese guide + useful teaching materials

Every year, tens of thousands of students will enter the examination room to take the HKDSE Chinese Language Examination. Considering that classes have been suspended and mock exams canceled due to the epidemic in recent school years. If you are one of the candidates, don't be nervous and believe in yourself.


Learning strategies for 2024DSE Chinese

In order to help all DSE candidates prepare, GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association has specially consulted "Sir Ho", a star-rated DSE Chinese tutor who has received five stars in the DSE Chinese subject, to guide candidates on how to handle each DSE Chinese subject paper.

Tip 1: Have your own interpretation

Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

All DSE candidates are requested to read the twelve designated sample essays thoroughly. As long as you read these twelve sample essays thoroughly, you can get most of the points.

Of course, it is still not possible to know which model essays the HKEAA will choose to formulate the questions. It is rare for the same templates to appear two years in a row. So for review candidates who don’t have enough time, the star DSE Chinese tutor Sir He has a little suggestion:

If you really don’t have time, try excluding the sample essays that appeared last year. The rest is what you need to review. Please communicate with your tutor and let him help you. Of course, this method is not absolute, it is best to read all the examples!

Understand the central theme of the sample essay

Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

For the twelve sample essays, Sir He suggested that all DSE candidates:

You can try to understand their central themes while revising or tutoring.

Asir said that when he was tutoring his DSE students in Chinese, he often reminded them that this part is the most time-consuming part of the DSE Chinese paper, because the twelve designated essays are the part where it is really easy to get points. We can’t lose a single point, we can take it all if we can! Therefore, in my Chinese tutoring class, teaching model essays is the highest priority part of my entire Chinese tutoring course arrangement.

Practice more papers to understand the question types

Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

When it comes to the modern articles section, Sir Ho believes that the key to this section is to learn as much as possible about the types of questions that are usually asked by the HKEAA when preparing, such as "The Ninth Flavor", which was cited by the HKEAA in the early years.

When Sir He was tutoring, he discovered that Chinese tutoring students often mentally simulate the emotions or motivations of the central character when dealing with narrative articles. Regarding this situation, Sir He often reminds students in tutoring classes that if you don’t know the central character’s emotions or motivations, don’t give the most obvious answer, because there is a huge gap between the character’s actions and their feelings. Correlation is not always correct. When dealing with this type of problem, you should instead consider other factors that may affect your character's feelings.

avoid confusion

Chinese tutor Chinese tutor Chinese tutor review questions

Sir Ho also discovered during tutoring that students sometimes confuse the word 'mentality' with 'values' or 'personal traits'."

He most often corrects students in Chinese tutoring classes, and carefully analyzes the past grading criteria for his Chinese tutoring students in his private Chinese tutoring notes, teaching students to distinguish the requirements of each question to avoid students from correcting the wrong questions. At the same time, he will also teach students to analyze article features and literary techniques in Chinese tutoring classes and Chinese tutoring notes, because these techniques are often used.


DSE Chinese Paper 2: Writing

Coming to the DSE Chinese Paper 2 Writing Paper, DSE candidates need to choose from three questions and write an article of no less than 650 words.
  • Question 1 usually requires you to write a narrative or descriptive essay,
  • The second question is an argumentative essay.
  • Question 3 is usually an open-ended question. For open-ended questions, candidates can write in various styles according to the keywords of the question, which are generally narrative or argumentative in nature.

avoid vague answers

Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

Star-rated DSE Chinese tutor Sir Ho said:

In recent years, the Examination and Assessment Authority's questions and requirements for the DSE Chinese Paper 2 Argumentative Paper have become more extensive. They no longer require students to compare two different topics, but require students to explain and write more deeply, and require students to explain and write more deeply. "Don't be the first, nor be the last", "discuss character", or "discuss the effectiveness of learning" and other topics.

Taking the last question as an example, Sir He said that most students would answer something like "Learning is useful because we can learn knowledge." Sir He thinks this type ofThe answer is a bit vague, it is difficult to attract DSE examiners.

Based on many years of Chinese tutoring experience, Sir He reminded students to elaborate on the actual benefits of school learning. For example, learning can guide students to make career plans, can cultivate a person's taste, conversation, behavior and soul, and can even inspire people to change society. face. "

Multi-angle Thinking

Thinking about Chinese tutors from multiple perspectivesChinese tutors
To do well in writing argumentative essays, you need to practice "thinking from multiple perspectives." In other words, analyze an issue from multiple perspectives, such as its short-term and long-term effects, advantages and disadvantages. To grab the grader's attention, you may need to try to find a more unique argument and cite arguments.
DSE Chinese Chinese tutor Chinese tutor
Argumentative essays usually assess the depth of your thinking and the arrangement of your ideas. Sir A said that when I am tutoring Chinese, I often remind my Chinese tutoring students:
Please make sure your argument is clear so that the examiner can clearly understand your argument and your logical reasoning. Also, it is recommended to choose a controversial essay topic rather than a descriptive topic because they are easier to outline and analyze, and easier to score. Candidates can also prepare some "one-size-fits-all" examples in advance that are suitable for various arguments, so that they can be easily used when answering. Don't talk too much and spend time embellishing your sentences, and your opinions should be sharp.

Review questions carefully and pay attention to psychological changes

Chinese writing Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

If you plan to write a narrative or descriptive article, first of all, please carefully analyze the keywords of the topic to ensure that your story is on topic. If it is off topic, Sir will not save you. Because in Chinese tutoring classes, Sir often finds that the most common problems among Chinese tutoring students are:The article has no title.

Psychological changes Chinese tutor Chinese tutor

Secondly, what Sir He will do in the Chinese tutoring class and hisChinese Intensive Reading Tutorial NotesMiddle school students are taught how to carefully handle turning points in a text, such as where a character changes psychologically. He advises students to set aside a paragraph to describe the defining moment and the emotional transition it involved, such as a change in mood, perspective, or perspective.


If you think you still don’t understand something when learning Chinese by yourself, you can also find someone toPrivate tutoring tutorCoach you. GETUTOR can match you with specialized tutors for Chinese tutoring: Chinese private tutoring/Chinese home tutoring/Chinese online tutoring/Middle school Chinese tutoring/Primary Chinese tutoring. Welcome to match nowAll Chinese tutors in Hong Kong, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately.



1. ChineseTutoring students and how to start fromChineseBenefit from tutoring?

Tutors provide private tutoring and professional assistance to meet the test study needs of your students and parents. Grades will improve, thinking will be sharper, and learning will be more efficient, but more importantly, his/her self-confidence and abilities will increase.

Other benefits include:

  • To improve candidates’ perceptions of school and Chinese language, school and exams are not a battle that is difficult to win, but an opportunity to express themselves, and every student has this potential.
  • Complete your Chinese homework faster, because completing your homework faster will give you time to do other things.
  • For more effective study habits, there are ways to learn. If you can't do it, you just haven't found the right method yet.


2. Who will recommend a Chinese tutor?

As long as you have needs, anyone can come to consult or use a Chinese tutor. Not only recommended Chinese tutors, but also other registered tutors are welcome on the platform.

Demanders such as:

  • Candidates who need one-to-one as an effective learning method
  • Chinese tutoring students seeking additional tutoring in elective subjects
  • Parents who want their students to succeed in their Chinese exams
  • Chinese tutoring students who are struggling with class progress or who are not reaching their full potential
  • Chinese tutors who wish to tutor before taking the Chinese Language Examination or Diploma in Chinese Language Examination


3. What are the benefits of one-on-one Chinese tutoring compared to group Chinese tutoring?

Each student has different learning methods and absorption speeds, as well as different preferred learning styles, strengths and interests. Therefore, in one-to-one Chinese tutoring, this specific tutor can concentrate on teaching one student and specifically target individual Chinese students. Tailor-made lessons, answers and advice to achieve his/her learning goals together.


4. Why should I hire a Chinese tutor at GETUTOR?

GETUTOR is confident in saying that we have been serving Hong Kong students for ten years and have the absolute experience and ability to match students' academic needs and learning styles with suitable Chinese tutors.

GETUTOR has 140,000 professional Chinese tutors and a trustworthy team of tutors who can cater to students with different needs and abilities. The tutors all join because they want to be excellent educators and contributors to a better society, but equally important is their love for teaching. As the saying goes, it takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to cultivate people. Education is the foundation of the future and the foundation of the world. Fundamentally, only by teaching students well can we have a better world.

At the same time, GETUTOR is committed to providing flexibility and high-quality education with its professional approach, which makes it stand out among similar tutoring agencies and was awarded the 2024 Best Tutoring Matching Platform in Hong Kong.


5. What is the registration process for tutoring?

If you decide to use GETUTOR, we can discuss your student's learning level, goals, areas of strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and ideal Chinese teachers and teaching methods, and then we will match the Chinese tutor who is most suitable for the student.

Interested parents and students please click directlyRegister for tutoring here.

Tutor fees depend on the tutor's teaching experience, the student's level of study and subject area, etc. Once we confirm a suitable Chinese tutor and class time, we will proactively contact you and provide the contact information and background of the Chinese tutor. The entire process usually only takes a few hours.


6. How long does the Chinese tutoring class last?

Most Chinese tutors will provide 1.5 to 2 hours of tutoring. Firstly, the transportation and time arrangements of both parties will be better; secondly, students can learn more deeply, and at the same time, it will not be too burdensome for students.


7. How many times a week should we have Chinese tutoring?

This depends on the student's current level, goals for improvement, and schedule. Most students schedule 2 to 3 Chinese tutoring sessions, but progress can be seen in every session.


8. How long will it take for me to make progress and see results?

It also depends on the student. Results from Chinese tutoring come over time and with student effort - on average, significant improvements are seen after 3 months. A major goal of Chinese tutoring is to provide students with the tools to succeed. Developing talent and learning takes time, but once learned, these habits will have a positive impact on students throughout their academic lives.


9. ChineseWhere do private tutoring sessions take place?

Generally, Chinese tutoring takes place in the students’ homes. If it is not convenient, you can choose online tutoring such as ZOOM. When using ZOOM at home, students will feel comfortable and relaxed. In a familiar environment, their brains will be calmer and clearer, so they will be more open and receptive to Chinese tutoring and learning.


10. Do Chinese tutors from GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association assign extra homework to students?

Chinese tutoring courses between students and Chinese tutors are created entirely to meet the needs of students. If a student needs extra practice, you can ask the tutor to schedule additional homework. But please note that homework is to consolidate what you have learned and deepen your understanding, not more is better.


11. ChineseWill tutors contact parents?

We generally recommend that tutors contact parents. Chinese tutors can notify parents about student progress and alert areas where your student may need additional help. The three-way cooperation between parents, tutors and teachers is the cornerstone for students to achieve their ideal goals.


12. How can I improve the effectiveness of Chinese tutoring for students?

If you are a parent please:

  • Make sure tutors and students have all needed materials, and check with your students before Chinese tutoring about the applicable homework and textbooks that will be used.
  • A quiet space for Chinese tutoring.
  • Follow up with students on the goals set in the tutorial.
  • Recognize students' efforts and provide positive feedback.
  • Maintain active communication with Chinese tutors.
  • Connect with your student's mentor and GETUTOR for feedback and suggestions for improving the learning environment.

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