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Want to find a BAFS tutor? Whether primary school BAFS, middle school BAFS, DSEBAFS, college BAFS. IGCSE BAFS, IBBAFS. The Hong Kong Tutors Association GETUTOR can provide relevant BAFS tutoring tutors.

Serving Hong Kong for 10 years, you can choose from a large number of BAFS tutors from different majors and academic qualifications. The most suitable tutor can be matched according to your needs.

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2023 BAFS補習老師推薦


Mr Chan is currently the director of Band1

Incumbent teacher 13 years teaching experience

I am a secondary school teacher teaching on Hong Kong Island, the head of BAFS, with about 13 years of teaching experience. I can provide a lot of Chinese and English notes and topics.

Tutoring students: DBS/St. Paul/Sacred Heart/Germany/Maryman/American International School/Singapore International School/Shatin Government Secondary School/HKU Alumni Association/Hong Kong Island People's Livelihood/Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School


Zhang Muxiang BAFS: 5** full-time tuition

full-time tuition

I have completed a degree program in business administration at the Polytechnic University, and am now a full-time tutor. I have achieved 5** in the BAFS subject at this DSE.

I have more than ten years of tutoring experience for many middle school students in the BAFS subject (including students who have obtained 5** in the HKDSE examinations for many sessions), and I deeply understand the difficulties students encounter in their studies. I have a strong sense of responsibility and patience, so I can prepare my own notes and exercises. I hope you can give me a chance, thank you.

BAFS tutoring

Sir Liao BAFS: 5** Former Zun Li and the famous teacher of the Emperor

6+ years tutoring experience

\- Former Zun Li and Emperor BAFS tutor
– 8 years tutoring experience

– Graduated in Accounting and Finance of the University of Hong Kong
– BAFS 5**, AL Accounting A, AL Business Studies A
– Provides all packages (Notes, exercises, mock papers, past paper, book from heaven)
– One-to-one/group available

BAFS tutoring

He Shanwei BAFS 5**University student

7+ years tutoring experience

I graduated from Wah Yan College in Hong Kong and am currently studying in the third year of the Department of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of China. Got the best 5 29 points in DSE,

Where BAFS(accounting)5**.
I have more than two years of experience and have been tutoring for Secondary 6 DSE candidates for two consecutive years. All students (6 students) have been successfully promoted to two grades within 2 months, and four of them have obtained 5 or above.
I understand the insufficiency of day school teachers and the problems faced by students. I will share my answering methods and experience, and I will be able to recover all the topics in a short period of time.
There are notes and questions for practice, and will provide the method and timetable for the practice of the paper. You can also whatsapp to ask the book at any time to meet the needs of the students.

Ye Zhenyan BAFS 5** College student

More than 2 years of supplementary BAFS experience

I am a first-year student of Bachelor of Finance (Asset Management and Private Banking) at the University of Hong Kong. I have studied at Marymount Secondary School, a traditional famous school.

The dse score is best 5 31 and won the Hong Kong University Entrance Scholarship. BAFS 5**
I got 8.5/9 in IELTS IELTS reading and listening. I have been conditionally admitted to a top British school and have tutoring experience for primary and secondary school students. I will prepare notes and practice for students in each class. I hope that students can master the course in a short time and enjoy learning. pleasure


Hu Wenmin BAFS 5*University student

2+ years tutoring experience

I am a graduate of Band 1 Girls' School and am currently studying in HKUST BBA IS year 2. I got 28 points in the public examination in 2020, of which I got 5** in mathematics and 5* in BAFS.

I have two years of tutoring experience. I will provide personal notes for students to review, as well as test questions for students to apply what they have learned. Before the students take the test, a mock test paper will be provided to help students practice the speed of answering and familiarize themselves with the test mode.
As I am a recent graduate, I can master the questioning methods and answering skills of the HKEAA, and I can pass on my personal experience to high school students. I hope the students can use clever skills to shorten the time for answering questions without losing points.
Although I am only a college student and do not have extensive tutoring experience, I still use my spare time to make notes, understand students' weaknesses and improve them, hoping to achieve good results for students.

In just three steps, pair with BAFS tutors from all over Hong Kong

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

1> Fill in your requirements

You need to fill in your case information and your requirements for the tutor.

2> Instantly match multiple BAFS specialist tutors for free

We will recommend 3-5 suitable GCSE A-Level IGCSE tutors by providing their resumes, GCSE A-Level IGCSE teaching experience ,and other related information. It will take one working days to process your application normally.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring
Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

3> Hire the most suitable BAFS tutor

We will coordinate the time and arrange to start classes.

Our Feedback

Let's hear from our customer Nicole, 2022 IGCSE candidate

Thanks Miss Yau

The teaching is very careful, and he will teach students in accordance with their aptitude. He will first understand my needs and then formulate the course content that suits me.

Thank you very much for helping me to upgrade my DSE from 5 to 5**.

Cherry Yip

2022 DSE

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

BAFS strategy + useful teaching materials


為了幫助您在BAFS DSE和考試中取得優異成績,GETUTOR向明星導師——林SIR——得到一些最後的建議和策略。

Paper 1 tests the candidate's knowledge of the compulsory parts of the BAFS course. It is divided into two parts: Part A consists of Multiple Choice (MC) questions and Part B consists of short questions.

 大多數簡短的問題通常是情境問題,學生往往會因為沒有詳細明他們的答案而被扣分。 “當他們處理與‘管理入門’和‘個人理財’模塊相關的問題時,這種情況尤其常見。


“To get full marks, they have to show their whole process of deductive reasoning. In other words, they should start by pointing out that such behavior makes HSBC stock less attractive to its shareholders, causing some of them to sell their shares. The increase in suppliers will cause its share price to fall."



Take the advantage of division of labor adopted by garment manufacturing enterprises as an example. Separation and specialization from their work tasks "impacts" productivity, and students should make it clear that it "improves" work efficiency.

 同時,謹慎選擇措辭至關重要。 “不要忘記應用你學到的術語和理論。它們是你與沒有進行複習的候選人的區別所在。”

Part B is divided into Parts 1 and 2 and requires students to complete mandatory questions and answer one of the two given questions respectively.

近年DSE 比 2019 年更容易

 林SIR的建議是在嘗試兩個部分之前通讀所有問題。 “沒有必要按順序回答[必填]問題,”他說。 “從你最有信心回答的人開始。然後,解決更具挑戰性的問題。這會讓你的考試更順利。”

有些考生會在 Section B Part 2 中同時回答這兩個問題,即使只有得分較高的答案才會計入最終成績。 “學生應該選擇並花時間在他們更熟悉的問題上,” 他說。 “如果他們還有時間,他們應該仔細檢查他們的 MC 答案。”

When dealing with MC questions, most students are only concerned with getting the correct answer and use exclusion for questions they don't know the answer to. While this saves time, he encourages using the time spent on past papers to consider why other options are incorrect.

How to Manage Exam Stress

"Many times, the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority revise questions from past exams and recycle the answers. What may have been correct in the past may be wrong this time. Beware of these tricky questions."

 Candidates who choose either the Accounting or Management module as electives are advised to aim to complete the MC questions in no more than 35 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. "Be sure to complete all MC questions before continuing with the short questions. Each MC question is worth two points."

Moving on to Paper 2A, both GETUTOR tutors urge accounting students not only to focus on practicing their numeracy skills, but also to prepare for highly predictable interpretation problems. Liu, these short questions provide a maximum of 10 out of 80 points.




Meanwhile, if you're a management student studying Dissertation 2B, it's a good idea to complete the case study questions in Part B before returning to the short questions in Part A.

這將降低為短問題寫長文答案的機會” 。



Tutors provide private tutoring and professional assistance to meet the needs of your student's studies. Your student's grades will improve, but more importantly, his/her self-confidence and sense of competence will increase.

Other benefits include:

  • Improve attitudes towards school
  • 更快完成BAFS功課
  • more effective study habits
  • More free time for other activities



recognizeBAFSPrivate tutoring is one of the most successful teaching/learning models parents and students have chosenBAFSTuition:

  • One-to-one is the most effective way to learn
  • 在選修科或技能中尋求額外補習的BAFS
  • want to Parents who have succeeded in the test
  • 努力跟上課堂進度或沒有充分發揮潛力的BAFS
  • 希望在參加考試或進入中學之前補習的BAFS



Each student learns differently and at a different pace; in one-on-oneBAFSDuring tutoring, students receive the undivided attention of their tutors. In this way, answers and recommendations can be tailored specifically to individual learners, taking into account learning styles, strengths and interests. A mentor works with your student to achieve his/her goals.


一旦我決定聘請BAFS補習導師,我為什麼要選擇 GETUTOR的導師?

GETUTOR has served Hong Kong for ten years by pairing students' academic needs and learning styles with the right tutors. All of our mentors join based on their desire to be educators, but equally important is their love of teaching.

GETUTOR has 200,000 professionalsBAFS補習導師,值得信賴的補習專員團隊,涵蓋所有核心科目和選修科。

GETUTOR 以其專業的方法和致力於提供靈活性和最高質量的教育而與同類補習中介機構區分開來。香港2023最佳補習中介。

What is the registration process for tutoring?

Click here to register for tutoring

If you decide to use GETutor. We can discuss your student's past experiences, goals, areas of difficulty/strength, learning styles, and teacher/teaching styles. Then we choose the best one for your studentBAFSTutoringtutor. Tutor rates depend on how much teaching experience the tutor has. Once we have identified a suitable tutor, we will contact you with theBAFSMentor's contact information and background. The whole process usually only takes a few hours.


most students andBAFSTutoring tutors will all require one and a half or two hours of tutoring (preferably).


It depends on your student's current level, what you want to improve, and your schedule. Most students work withBAFSTutors tutor together two or three times, but only one lesson per week can see modest progress.

How soon can I see results?

It depends on the student.BAFSTutoring results show up over time – on average, after three months, significant improvements are seen.BAFSA major goal of tutoring is to provide students with the tools for their own success. It takes time to develop successful study and study habits, but once learned, these habits can have a positive impact on a student's learning throughout their academic career.



BAFSTutoring takes place in the student's home. If this is inconvenient, online tutoring/ZOOM tutoring is available. Students feel comfortable and relaxed while at home at ZOOM, soBAFSTuition and learning are more opendivisionand accept. Additionally, when tutoring online at home, students can do more with less in a home environment.



your students andBAFSTutoringbetween tutorsBAFSRemedial courses are created entirely to meet the needs of your students. Tutors can bring extra homework if your students need extra practice.



We generally recommend that tutors and teachers liaise with parents; thus,BAFSThe tutor can notify parents of student progress and alert him/her where your student may need additional assistance. Parents, tutors and teachers work together to become your studentsEnroll in ideal high school.



Make sure tutors and students have all the required materials and a quietBAFSTutoring space. existBAFSCheck with your student before tuition to ensure he/she has all applicable homework and textbooks that will be used. Follow up with your students on the goals set in the tutorial. Provide specific positive feedback to your student about his/her learning efforts. Maintain an active line of communication with your student's teacher. Connect with your student's tutor and GETUTOR for feedback and suggestions for improving your learning environment.


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