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Want to find an IELTS tutoring English tutor? The Hong Kong Tutors Association GETUTOR provides you with the top IELTS tutors in Hong Kong to help your students lay a solid foundation in English and achieve good results in the IELTS IELTS English test!

Serving Hong Kong for 10 years, you can choose from a large number of IELTS tutoring English tutors from different majors and educational backgrounds. The most suitable tutor can be matched according to your needs.

IELTS IELTS tutoring

2024 IELTS teacher recommendation

Grace is currently an English teacher

Incumbent teacher more than 10 years of teaching experience Graduated from the English Department

Current middle school English teacher 

Master's Degree in English 

10 years of tutoring experience, many years of tutoring English and IELTS experience, IELTS Overall score 8.5/9 

Provide mock exam papers and practice carefulness and patience

IELTS tutor IELTS tutor

Miss Lau IELTS:8.5/9

4+ years of teaching experience for IGCSE and ALevel students

I graduated from Good Hope School and am currently studying in the Journalism Department of the University of Hong Kong.
4 years tutoring experience, students ranging from Primary 3 to Secondary 6. Achieved 5* and 5** in Chinese and English respectively, and 8.5 in IELTS. Fluent in English, fluent in both Chinese and English. Also has other work experience, punctual and patient.

IELTS teacher IELTS tutoring

Miss Ma IELTS: 8.5/9 College Students

4 years of tutoring experience, double major in English Language Studies and Language Education, The Education University of Hong Kong

Hello, Your Excellency. I am currently studying at the Education University of Hong Kong with a double major in English Language Studies and Language Education. I have always had a strong interest in language literature and cultural interaction, and hope to help in a more relaxed but effective teaching method 

 Dear children, so that they can enhance their love for learning while tutoring. I tend to observe students' levels, hobbies, backgrounds, etc. through writing and daily conversations, and help students to improve on this basis.

In addition, I am currently working as a part-time English tutor and a volunteer teacher at Sheng Kung Hui Kee Hau Middle School and Principal Chen's Free Tutoring World respectively. I also have experience in educating children, junior high schools, high schools and adults. Nine students registered for the HKDSE this year. At the same time, I took the IELTS exam in 2019 and got an overall score of 8.5 and sub-scores of 7.5 to 9.0.

IELTS tutoring IELTS teacher

Miss Lee IELTS: 8.5/9 college graduate

More than 5 years of tutoring experience Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

I graduated from a traditional English-Chinese girls' school. I have a certain foundation in English. I got a good score of 8.5/9 in IELTS. I can supplement IELTS in English or Econ in Chinese/English.

Since I have used a short period of time (within half a year) to quickly increase the Econ score from Level 1 to Level 5, I am confident that I can help students with average backgrounds and students in lower grades to lay a solid foundation.

Moreover, I was weak at the end of the year, and I can fully understand the feeling of being less successful. I am confident that I can use my personal experience to encourage students and take them to the next level.


Zhang Sir IELTS: 8/9 College Students

More than 4 years of tutoring experience to study at the University of New South Wales, Australia

– Currently studying in Australia’s top three: University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW)

– Primary to Secondary 4 to Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School, Secondary 5/6 to top UK secondary schools

– IELTS total score of 8 points

– Focus on IGCSE/A-Level/Secondary subjects

– Three years of private tutoring experience, taught students including local famous schools and international schools.

– Mainly focus on the basic English class. Due to the previous experience of studying abroad, I understand the differences in the interest and level of English of Hong Kong children and other regions, and will use different forms of activities to increase the children's interest in the subject.

– Self-designed teaching materials, spend a lot of time integrating the resources of each primary school, absolutely close to the scope of the school

– Love children, have patience and sense of responsibility, and have the ability to teach children, which can definitely make children progress by leaps and bounds.

– There are also exam classes and IELTS classes, please PM for inquiries


Young Sir IELTS: 8/9 College Students

4+ years tutoring experience


Among them, the reading paper got full marks (9/9)

8.5/9 in listening paper

DSE English Reading Score 5*

Dear Parents,I am currently studying in NYC and My major is Musical theatre .I have two years of tutoring experience with students of different ages.I am experienced especially in English reading comprehension and writing.A previous student scored 8 out of 9 in IELTS .


Just three steps, pairing with IELTS tutors in Hong Kong for IELTS English tutoring

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

1> Fill in your requirements

You need to fill in your case information and your requirements for the tutor.

2> Instantly match multiple IELTS English tutors for free

We will recommend 3-5 suitable GCSE A-Level IGCSE tutors by providing their resumes, GCSE A-Level IGCSE teaching experience ,and other related information. It will take one working days to process your application normally.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring
Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

3> Hire the most suitable English IELTS tutor

We will coordinate the time and arrange to start classes.

Our Feedback

Let's hear from our customer Nicole, 2022 IGCSE candidate

Thanks Miss Cheung

The teaching is very attentive, and he will teach according to his aptitude. He will first understand my needs and then formulate a suitable IELTS course for me to help me improve my scores in each IELTS Test.

After the patient teaching of my tutor Miss Cheung, my overall English level has been improved, and my IELTS overall score has been 7.5/9. I am very grateful.

Tracy Lau

2022 IELTS Academic overall 7.5/9

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

IELTS - The Ultimate Guide

IELTS Study Plan and TIPS

English Tutoring DSE English Tutoring Middle School English Tutoring Primary School English Tutoring IELTS

The full name of IELTS is International English Language learning System (International English Proficiency Test),It is an international English proficiency test recognized by many English-speaking countries. The results of IELTS are valid for two years. IELTS IELTS preparation involves understanding how the IELTS test is formatted, how IELTS examiners are graded, and then making a plan to achieve the score you want. To do this, you'll need to improve your English, practice your exam skills and take a preparation class to check your progress before registering for the exam. 

How to prepare for the IELTS IELTS test

Here is a quick checklist to help you prepare for the IELTS IELTS test: 

1. Understand the format of the exam
2. Know the IELTS grading criteria 
3. Create an all-English learning environment
4. Develop an effective IELTS Study Plan 
5. Take IELTS Remedial Courses 
6. Do IELTS simulation exercises 
7. Familiar with various IELTS skills 
8. Regularly assess your English level 
9. Sign up for the IELTS IELTS test 



Why is IELTS IELTS preparation so difficult?

It's very simple, because there is too much information about IELTS on the Internet, and students who have never been in contact with IELTS do not know which information is true or not.It is not clear which professional IELTS tutors they can trust. Preparing for IELTS can take months (or even years!) of effort and high tuition and exam fees, so it can be stressful to do it right the first time.



Three main directions help you inGood results in IELTS IELTS:

1. Improve your English (slow)

2. Test skills (medium)

3. Understand how IELTS is scored/scored (quick)

English IELTS tutor


1. Improve your English

The IELTS IELTS is essentially an English language test, so the higher your English proficiency, the higher your IELTS IELTS score should be. If your English is not good enough, it is not enough to learn IELTS skills and do IELTS simulation exercises.

As mentioned above, this will be the longest part of your IELTS preparation. Most IELTS tutors recommend at least 6 months to prepare for this part, which can improve students' English proficiency,The total score of IELTS IELTS can be improved approximately 0.5-1 point.

Below I will show you how to improve your English on a daily basis at home.

English IELTS tutor


2. Become proficient in each IELTS test-taking technique

The IELTS IELTS test has four parts - Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. Each of these sections has many different possible questions, and each section has specific skills you need to acquire.

For example, candidates taking the IELTS Academic paper can expect that in the IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 they will encounter one of seven different types of questions, each of which requires different answering skills.

There are more than 10 different types of questions in IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading respectively. Likewise, each type of problem requires different strategies and skills.

IELTS IELTS tutoring


A large part of preparation for IELTS IELTS will be spent on learning these skills. When these skills are combined with a high level of English, it should yield high scores.

Learning these IELTS IELTS answering skills does not require long training like laying a solid foundation in English, but it also requires you to spend months with your IELTS tutor. Therefore, many professional IELTS tutors recommend spending at least 2-3 months to learn these skills.


3. Understand how the IELTS test is scored/scored

The fastest and most effective way to improve your score is to know exactly what examiners want and give it to them.GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutor AssociationMost of the star-rated IELTS tutors' IELTS tutoring courses will also help students to tutor IELTS based on this principle.

To reiterate, it is unlikely to expect high scores on the IELTS exams on this alone, they should be combined with improving your English and exam skills.

IELTS IELTS tutoring


If you want to know more about the official IELTS scoring standard, please pay close attentionGE Blog!


A step-by-step approach to preparing for the IELTS test

1. Decide whether to take IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic

IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic are two different papers. Applying for IELTS General Training is mostly required for immigrating to English-speaking countries.IELTS Academic is mostly used for studying abroad.. Candidates should understand their purpose and needs before registering for the IELTS IELTS test, and do not register for the wrong IELTS test. 

IELTS exam 


2. Understand the test format

3. Set realistic goals

The emphasis is on "actual" and"Achievable" goals,The IELTS score you seek will not be very different from what you can achieve in your ability. If your English level is about 5 points in IELTSRight, you can't expect to have an overall IELTS score of 7 or above after just a few months to half a year of IELTS remedial courses. This is a fantasy.

So, please set when preparing IELTS"actual" and"Achievable" goals. A valid IELTS Study Plan ensures you get the best grades you can, and may even improve your overall IELTS score by 0.5 to 1 point, but it doesn't guarantee miracles.



4. Understand the scoring criteria

IELTS as an exam, it is important to know exactly what IELTS examiners want.

GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutor AssociationOur star-rated IELTS tutors have years of experience specializing in IELTS and can explain what the different scores mean, how examiners determine scores, and the official grading scale used to mark exams.

clickStart matching with our IELTS tutors.


5. Understand the different question types

There are more than 10 different types of questions on the IELTS Reading and Listening papers. Likewise, the IELTS writing papers each have more than 10 different questions.

Therefore, knowing the question types of the various papers in the IELTS test in advance will give you a huge advantage, because each type of question you may encounter in the IELTS test requires different methods and strategies to answer, This all requires the help of a professional IELTS tutor.

IELTS IELTS tutoring


6. Proficiency in all IELTS IELTS skills

As mentioned above, in order to be successful in the IELTS IELTS, you will need many different approaches and strategies for each of the IELTS papers. For example, do you know how to write an essay that meets the IELTS examiner's requirements in the IELTS Writing Task? Do you know how to develop your answers on the IELTS Speaking test? Do you know how to find answers quickly in the IELTS Reading Test? This isNeed the guidance of a professional IELTS teacher.

GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association gathers all the star IELTS tutors in Hong Kong, immediatelyClick hereFind your IELTS tutor!

IELTS Tips IELTS Tuition Tutor

7. Improve your English vocabulary

Learning English is a cumulative process, and the English vocabulary you have has an important impact on the IELTS IELTS test. Its impact covers the entire IELTS Speaking Test and IELTS Writing Test with a total score of at least 25%. The IELTS Reading Test and ILETS Listening Test also have the same far-reaching influence.

So, please implement your English Vocab improvement plan as soon as possible. immediatelyClick hereStart pairing with our English tutor/IELTS English tutor.

Vocabulary IELTS tutor


8. Practice dailyEnglish

When it comes to improving your English, the best way must be to practice English consistently and incorporate English into your daily life.

There are thousands of different ways to improve your English skills. Doing boring IELTS practice is not the only way. The most successful IELTS tutors are able to integrate English into their lives. They are often able to practice English by doing things they like in English. The more you use English in your daily life, the faster your English skills will improve and the better your chances of getting a good score in the IELTS test.

English proficiency IELTS tutor


9. IELTS mock test

You should take the IELTS IELTS practice test to determine your current score and familiarize yourself with the test.

However, before taking the IELTS IELTS mock test, there are two points that all IELTS candidates must pay attention to.

First, there are many inaccurateIELTSSimulationTests/fake IELTS IELTS mock tests that you can easily find online or in bookstores. In Hong Kong alone, there are hundreds of books that claim to provide the "official" IELTS test. But the reality is theseIELTS simulationtest, usually written by someone who doesn't know much about IELTS and just wants you to earn a few hundred dollars.

Inaccurate IELTS tests will be a disaster for prospective IELTS test takers, they will make students who are preparing for IELTS English test unable to understand what the real IELTS test is like, and even make everyone prepare for IELTS in the wrong direction. Exams are a waste of everyone's time.

Therefore, you should only test from official IELTS or other trusted sources. According to the evaluation of many excellent IELTS tutors from GETUTOR, the best sources of IELTS information are:Cambridge thesis books,British Council,IELTS Essentials,IDPWait.

IELTS IELTS tutoring

Second, don't take these IELTS practice tests as all you need to prepare for IELTS. There are many students who are looking for IELTS tutoring before they start tutoring: "I want to take the IELTS practice test every day, so that I can get a 7 in IELTS, or even higher!"It is a pity that although they work very hard every day to do the IELTS mock test, most of them have hardly improved their English ability, and their scores are not as good as they should be.

Therefore, Miss Wong, a star-rated IELTS tutor who has been supplementing IELTS English for many years, reminds everyone that these IELTS mock tests should only be used to test your current English ability. To prepare for the IELTS, you should spend most of your time improving your English and IELTS skills.If you are training your English all week, you should only take 1 or 2 practice tests per week. In other words, IELTSPractice exams are important, butShould only be a small part of your IELTS preparation work.

IELTS IELTS tutoring


10. Assess your English speaking and writing skills

When preparing for the IELTS IELTS English test, it is very important to have a professional IELTS English tutor to assess your English speaking and writing skills. You can know your current level and more importantly, they can point out your weaknesses with their extensive IELTS tutoring experience.

This is the most important part of the entire IELTS Study plan. If you don't know what your weaknesses are, you are wasting your time because yourIELTS Study plan has no direction. You have to focus on improving your weaknesses in order to improve your IELTS score.

The most effective IELTSThe IELTS high score strategy is to identify your English weaknesses, work to overcome them, and then have your English skills assessed by experienced IELTS tutors. They can then tell you if you have improved and then suggest what to focus on next.

IELTS IELTS tutoring


How do I know that I am ready to take the IELTS IELTS test?

Hundreds of thousands of students fail the IELTS every year for one simple reason:

They signed up for the IELTS test before they were fully prepared!

According to our experience, you need aProfessional IELTS tutorWith assistance, the success rate will increase by 80%.

Whether you are DSE English tutoring, primary English tutoring, middle school English tutoring, adult English tutoring, IELTS IELTS, GCSE English tutoring, A-level English tutoring, GETUTOR can provide you with corresponding tutors. If you want to improve your English as fast as possible, click GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association Immediately match all Hong Kong English tutors.

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