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Looking for a private math tutor? Whether it is primary school math tutoring, middle school math tutoring, DSE math tutoring, college math tutoring, or adult math tutoring. IGCSE math tutoring, IB math tutoring. Hong Kong Tutors Association GETUTOR can provide relevant mathematics tutors.

Serving Hong Kong for 10 years, we have a large number of mathematics tutors from different majors and academic qualifications for you to choose from. We can match you with the most suitable tutor according to your needs.

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Recommended math tutors for 2024

Mathematics tutoring, math tutoring, tutoring agency, door-to-door tutoring, private tutoring, tutor, tutor, tutor, middle school ranking, video tutoring, online tutoring, group tutoring

Ms Leung is currently the subject director of Band1 prestigious school.

current teacher

More than ten years of teaching experience, once taught in a large tutoring center, specializing in mathematics, IB, DSE, IGCSE are all available

Tutoring students: DBS/St. Paul/Sacred Heart/Germany/Maryman/American International School/Singapore International School/Shatin Government Secondary School/HKU Alumni Association/Hong Kong Island People's Livelihood/Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School

I am very patient and responsible. I am not familiar with Hong Kong mathematics curriculum and am good at reorganizing mathematics knowledge courses for students. Each topic will teach different question types and techniques, as well as various MC skills. For almost every MC question type They all have unique experiences and teach students in accordance with their aptitude to help students achieve good results and make progress.

Mathematics Tutoring Mathematics Teacher

Amanda A-Level & IGCSE Maths, Futher Maths: A*

2 years of tutoring experience specializing in math and science subjects

Lessons are carefully tailor-made to suit various students with different learning styles. I do not waste student's time and will place heavy emphasis on the learning curriculum and exam success.

I am the youngest in my year to receive university offers as I was give an opportunity to skip 2 grades. My profile is as below:


Year 1-Year 9 – studied in an international school in Hong Kong


Year 12 & 13 – studied in one of the top performing high school (OIC) in UK after I achieved 3 IGCSE A* and 8.5 IELTS results. My A level predicted grade in Maths, Pure Maths, Physics and Chemistry is A* for each subject.


I got conditional offer for Mathematics from three top universities in UK and conditional offer for Quantitative Finance in CUHK and HKUST.


I have 2 years of tutoring experience teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry. All the students I taught had a massive improvement in their grades.

math tutor math tutor

Yang SIR Mathematics: 5** Current BAND1 teacher

More than 10 years of tutoring experience

University attended/graduated: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Department of study: Risk Management Science
Tutoring experience: more than 10 years
Self-introduction: I hold a teaching position in mathematics at Band 1 English School. I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Wah Yan College of Hong Kong, majoring in Risk Management Science and minoring in Mathematics. He has many years of teaching experience in supplementary mathematics. In recent years, he has specialized in teaching international school students. He is familiar with AP, SAT, IBDP, IBMYP, IAL and IGCSE courses and public examination question answering requirements. The Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics all obtained Grade A scores (can be regarded as the current 5**). Among them, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry even obtained Grade A1 scores (a higher level than Grade A; Awarded only to approximately 1% of candidates with the highest score at the time). At the same time, he has served as a senior in universities and middle schools for many years. Therefore, in addition to academics, we can also provide reference suggestions for further studies and career planning.

The students I have mentored this year are mainly from well-known international schools and traditional schools, including ISF, Harrow, YCIS, HKIS, SISHK, West Island, South Island, CKY, Concordia, Hong Kong Wah Yan, Boys' High School, St. Joseph's Primary School, Qisi Primary School, St. Stephen's College, St. Mary of Canossa, Kowloon Wah Yan, etc. Former students have successfully entered famous overseas universities including Cambridge University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Toronto, etc.; local universities include University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc. We firmly believe that with our rich experience in practical examinations and teaching, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and using specific teaching materials, we will be able to effectively explain in simple terms, enhance learning interest, and teach question-answering and examination skills to help students achieve good results. In response to students' learning conditions, different styles of teaching materials are provided, including past public test questions and analysis, mock test papers, test papers and exercises to assist classroom explanations and training. Whatsapp homework inquiry services are also provided.

Miss Cheung Mathematics 5**Full-time tutoring

7+ years tutoring experience

I graduated from the City University of Hong Kong, with excellent results of 5** in both DSE Mathematics and M1. I have a lot of knowledge and resources in Mathematics. I have a deep understanding of the DSE Mathematics curriculum, which can help students in Mathematics. There are more accurate directions for thinking and answering questions in the subject. I have seven years of experience in teaching middle school mathematics. Whether it is one-to-one, group or cram school, I can effectively consolidate and complement students' strengths and weaknesses. It can also teach students in different teaching methods according to their personalities and provide appropriate guidance and encouragement. In the past, many students with weak foundation in mathematics ended up skipping three levels in DSE and successfully admitted to their favorite university.

Sir Mathematics 5**College student

More than 3 years of specialized mathematics experience

Engineering students of the University of Hong Kong (more than 3 years of professional mathematics experience, whether they are supplementary students or top students, they have rich experience)Mathematics: 5**(obtained 45/45 full marks in the MC paper)

Won the Silver Medal in the 2018 Mathematical Olympiad Competition

Teaching features:

-In-depth teaching, simple and easy to understand

- Suitable for bottom-filling and star-making

-Teach numerous math test-taking skills

-The Mc volume will also teach a large number of simple and easy-to-use skills, which can be used immediately after learning.

- Regular tests to check learning progress

- Students entering Form 6 will have a free self-made mock test paper in the last class

-Unlimited WhatsApp homework questions

math tutor math tutor

Liang Jiaxi Mathematics 5*College Student

4+ years tutoring experience

I am passionate about teaching and hope to engage in education in the future to pass on knowledge to the next generation. Therefore, I hope to accumulate teaching experience from now on.

I can provide tutoring for primary school students and junior high school students in all subjects and answer students' questions.

As for liberal arts, I am good at conversation, writing and reading, and have achieved good results in school. I can also provide some teaching materials and sample essays for students' reference.

In terms of science, I achieved good results in the HKDSE and have relevant tutoring experience, so I can provide students with practice

Just three steps to match with math tutors in Hong Kong

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

1> Fill in your requirements

You need to fill in your case information and your requirements for the tutor.

2> Instantly match multiple specialized math tutors for free

We will recommend 3-5 suitable GCSE A-Level IGCSE tutors by providing their resumes, GCSE A-Level IGCSE teaching experience ,and other related information. It will take one working days to process your application normally.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring
Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

3>Hire the most suitable mathematics tutor

We will coordinate the time and arrange to start classes.

Our Feedback

Let's hear from our customer Nicole, 2022 IGCSE candidate

Thank you Sir Huang

The teaching is very careful, and he will teach students in accordance with their aptitude. He will first understand my needs and then formulate the course content that suits me.

Helped me to improve my DSE mathematics from 5 to 5**, I am very grateful.

Cherry Yip

2024 DSE

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

Math strategies + useful teaching materials

Learning math strategies

There are many ways to learn mathematics—asking a math teacher in school, private math tutoring, or specialized math tutoring in a tutoring club—but no matter which way you learn, you need to understand one basic principle. Principle: The only way to learn math is to do more problems!

1. Practice makes perfect

Mathematics is a subject that can only be improved by doing exams, so students should use their spare time to do exams. Examination is one of the most important parts of learning mathematics. Within one to two months, students will progress at a speed that is visible to the naked eye.

2. Review regularly

The most important thing in learning mathematics is to review regularly. Mathematics knowledge sometimes depends on each other. If you miss a certain concept or question type, subsequent learning will become more difficult. Regular review keeps you informed about mathematics as a whole while helping you better understand each concept.

3. Find learning resources

In addition to doing questions, learning mathematics also requires finding suitable learning resources. These resources can be textbooks, exercises, instructional videos, etc. It's important to choose a resource that's right for you, as everyone's learning style and speed is different. Don’t be afraid to try different resources and find what works for you.

In short, learning mathematics requires perseverance and investing some time in practicing every day. Only through continuous practice can one truly master this subject. Doing more questions, reviewing regularly and finding suitable learning resources are the three key points to improve your math ability. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, stay on the path to math mastery, and you’ll get great grades!

Three ways to improve DSE mathematics

Learning math strategies is a long-term process that requires a consistent investment of time and energy. Practice hard every day, and only through practice can you truly master this subject. Doing more questions and reviewing regularly are one of the important ways to improve your mathematical ability. Through repeated practice and review, you can firmly remember different concepts and formulas and improve your problem-solving abilities.

At the same time, finding suitable learning resources is also one of the key points in learning mathematics. Some people may prefer to read books, while others prefer to find relevant resources online. Whether it is books, online lectures or online teaching videos, they can help you understand the concepts and techniques of mathematics more deeply. Choosing learning resources that suit you can improve learning results and make progress faster.

Finally, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Mathematics is a subject that requires thinking and reasoning, and sometimes there are difficulties and setbacks. However, only by persisting and overcoming difficulties can you truly master mathematics. Believe in your own abilities and believe that you can overcome challenges, and you will definitely achieve good results!

All in all, learning mathematics requires persistence and devoting time to practice every day. Doing more questions, reviewing regularly and finding suitable learning resources are the three key points to improve your math ability. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, stay on the path to math mastery, and you’ll get great grades!

math tutoring

Private tutoring in math is an effective way to learn and progress in primary school math. In private tutoring, students receive individualized guidance and the opportunity to have their questions answered. Teachers can more easily discover students' weaknesses and provide targeted coaching and exercises to help students overcome difficulties. In addition, students are freer to ask questions and explore problems in depth in a one-on-one setting, allowing them to understand and master mathematical concepts faster. It can also help students identify and correct errors and remind them of areas where they need to continue working.

To sum up, to improve DSE mathematics ability, we need to persevere and adopt some effective methods. Students can look for private math tutoring to get individual guidance, find learning resources that suit them, and review learning content regularly. As long as you work hard and persist, everyone can make progress in elementary school mathematics!


Ways to Advance in Mathematics


1. Create a distraction-free environment

Math tutoring Math tutoring Math tutoring

Mathematics is a subject that requires your full attention, so avoid multitasking or studying in distracting environments, such as noisy cafes or in front of the TV. An important condition for learning math quickly is to find a place where you won't be called away or tempted by distractions like food, chores, or your cell phone.

If you want to know how to learn math quickly, here are some helpful teaching materials,private tutoring servicesand study tips can help you. Regardless of DSE Mathematics/IGCSE Mathematics/IB Mathematics, orHire a tutor to help you achieve your learning goals, GETUTOR can help you.

2. Find a math tutor to help improve your math skills

Math tutoring Math tutoring Math tutoring


If you think you're studying math alone and still don't understand something, you canFind a private tutor to help. GETUTOR can match you with specialized tutors for math tutoring: private math tutoring/home-based math tutoring/online math tutoring/middle school math tutoring/primary school math tutoring.Instantly match with math tutors in Hong Kong.


How to get 5** in DSE Mathematics


For many people, mathematics is a difficult subject to master. But in fact, anyone can achieve excellent results in the DSE mathematics exam as long as they master the correct study methods. This article will share learning experience and help you understand how to achieve excellent results in the DSE Mathematics exam through systematic exercises and learning strategies.

Table of Contents


On the road to pursuing high scores in DSE mathematics, it is crucial to understand the core requirements of the exam and high-scoring strategies. This section will delve into how to effectively prepare for the DSE Mathematics exam to excel in this challenge.

(1) Manipulation is the royal way

A frequently heard saying is “the best test results are obtained by drilling the paper”, and this is especially true during the preparation process for DSE Mathematics. Through extensive practice with past test questions, students not only become familiar with test question types, but also master time management and problem solving speed.

Choose appropriate practice materials

It is important to choose practice papers that suit your level and exam requirements. From basic to advanced, gradually increasing the difficulty will help establish a solid mathematical foundation.

Timed mock exam

Scheduling mock exams during preparation can help students adjust to the pressure and pace of a formal exam. This not only improves problem-solving abilities, but also enhances psychological quality.

(2) There must be a wrong question book

In the learning process, it is extremely important to establish a wrong question book. This not only helps students record their mistakes in solving problems, but also effectively conducts targeted review.

wrong reflection

The first step in establishing a wrong question book is to learn from mistakes. Whenever you make a mistake, you should not just focus on the mistake itself, but more importantly, analyze the cause of the mistake in depth.

Classification and organization

Categorizing errors allows for more efficient review. For example, they can be classified according to error types (such as calculation errors, conceptual misunderstandings, etc.) or related knowledge points.

(3) How to make wrong question papers

Effective incorrect questions should be easy to access and review. Here are some practical suggestions to help students create an efficient error book.

Choose the right format

Whether it is a paper wrong answer book or an electronic wrong answer book, choosing a recording method that suits you is the first thing. The electronic wrong question book is convenient for searching and updating, while the paper wrong question book is more suitable for handwriting and reading at any time.

detailed record

When recording in the wrong question book, it should include complete information about the wrong question, analysis of the cause of the error, and correct problem-solving ideas and answers. This will help you review and learn later.

Review regularly

After establishing a wrong question book, regular review is indispensable. You can set up a fixed review plan, such as reviewing the wrong question book once a week or every two weeks to ensure that mistakes are not repeated.

  1. Choose the wrong question book format
  2. Record details
  3. Review regularly

(4) Self-study and preview

Self-study and preview play a key role in the preparation for DSE Mathematics. Through independent learning, students can have a certain understanding of the content they are about to learn before formal lectures, so that they can focus more on the teacher's explanations and in-depth discussions in class.

Make active use of resources

The Internet and libraries are treasure troves of learning resources. Students should actively look for teaching materials and tutoring materials suitable for their own learning stages and goals, and preview them in advance.

make learning plan

Effective self-study requires planning. Students should develop practical and feasible study plans based on their own learning progress and goals and stick to them.

  • Choose the right study materials
  • make learning plan
  • Regularly review learning outcomes

(5) Take on-campus examinations seriously

On-campus examinations are not only an important means of testing learning effectiveness, but also an important part of preparing for public examinations. Taking every on-campus exam seriously can help students discover and make up for their knowledge deficiencies in a timely manner, while improving their test-taking skills.

Reflect and adjust in a timely manner

After each on-campus exam, students should reflect on their performance in the exam in a timely manner, identify errors and deficiencies, and adjust their study plans and strategies based on the reflection results.

Simulate real exam environment

When preparing for on-campus exams, try to simulate the real exam environment. This will help students adapt to the pressure of formal exams and improve their test-taking abilities.

  1. Prepare carefully for the school exam
  2. Reflect and adjust in a timely manner
  3. Simulate real exam environment




Common math tutoring questions

How can remedial math students benefit from the classroom?

Mathematics tutors provide assistance in DSE mathematics and other aspects to meet your students' mathematics learning needs and improve students' mathematics scores and logic levels. But more importantly, his/her self-confidence will grow.

Other benefits include:

  • Improving students’ attitudes towards learning mathematics
  • Complete math homework faster
  • Develop habits to learn math more effectively
  • More free time for other activities


Who would recommend math tutors using GETUTOR?

Most parents and students who recognize that private math tutoring is one of the most successful teaching/learning models choose our math tutors. They all have the following insights or goals:

  • Think one-to-one math tutoring is an effective learning method
  • Primary and secondary school students seeking additional tutoring for mathematics subjects
  • Students who want to get 5** in DSE Mathematics or A* in A-Level/IGCSE
  • Students who struggle to keep up in class but are not reaching their full potential in mathematics
  • Elementary and middle school students who wish to study mathematics before taking the DSE exam or entering university courses


What are the benefits of one-on-one math tutoring compared to group math tutoring?

Each student's learning style and learning speed in mathematics is different, so in one-to-one tutoring, students receive dedicated teaching from mathematics tutors. Math tutors can tailor math learning courses to individual students, taking into account learning styles, strengths and interests, and work with students to achieve their goals and progress together.


Why should I choose GETUTOR’s math tutor?

GETUTOR We have been serving Hong Kong for ten years by matching students' academic needs and learning styles with suitable tutors. All of our DSE Math tutors join based on their desire to become educators, but equally important is their love of teaching.

GETUTOR has 200,000 professional math tutors and a trustworthy team of tutors, covering all areas of math tutoring, including math DSE, M1, M2, A-Level math tutoring, etc.

Unlike similar tuition intermediaries,GETUTOR is committed to providing flexibility and the highest quality mathematics education with a professional approach.

GETUTOR: The tutoring agency platform with the highest parent satisfaction


What is the procedure for registering for math tutoring in GETUTOR?

Click here to register for tutoring

After parents register for math tutoring in GETUTOR, GETUTOR's customer service specialists will provide math tutoring based on the student's math scores, goals (target scores for DSE math or other public exams), areas of difficulty/strength in math learning, and learning styles of math subjects. Teacher expectations, etc., to match you with the math tutor that is best for you. Once we find a suitable math tutor, we will contact the parent/student and provide the tutor's information and background. The entire process usually only takes a few hours or days.

How much do math tutors charge?

The charge of a mathematics tutor depends on the tutor's mathematics teaching experience and the tutor's open examination mathematics subjects (DSE mathematics, A-level mathematics, IGCSE mathematics, etc.). Generally speaking, the hourly salary of an average college teacher is about $180-250, the hourly salary of a full-time tutor is about $250-400, and the hourly salary of an in-service teacher starts at $400.

Note: The above prices are for reference only.

How long should each math tutoring class last?

Generally speaking, most DSE math tutoring, A-Level math tutoring students and math tutors require at least 1.5 hours of math tutoring per session. GETUTOR also recommends that parents and students should keep each math tutoring class at 1.5 hours to 2 hours, which is most effective for students' math learning.

How many times a week should subject tutoring be done?

This depends on the student's current math level, goals, and student schedule. Most DSE Mathematics students, A-Level Mathematics students or IGCSE Mathematics students have at least one or two maths tutoring sessions per week with their maths tutor to be effective. Some students with poor foundation in mathematics even receive DSE mathematics tutoring/A-Level mathematics tutoring more than three times a week.

How long does it usually take to see results from math tutoring?

DSE Mathematics, IB Mathematics, A-Level Mathematics, etc. all focus on students' foundation in mathematics, so the results of mathematics tutoring will appear over time. On average, students or families can see the results of math tutoring in about three months. One of the main goals of math tutoring is to develop successful study and study habits in students, a process that takes some time. Learning, especially mathematics, is about understanding everything from one subject to another. Once a student learns it, it will have a positive impact on the student's learning in mathematics and even the entire DSE/A-Level/IGCSE/IB academic career.

Where do private math lessons take place?

Generally speaking, DSE math tutoring/IGCSE math tutoring is mostly conducted at students’ homes, while A-Level math tutoring and IB math tutoring are mostly online. If parents find in-home tutoring inconvenient, they can also consider online tutoring/zoom tutoring. Tuition at home via zoom will make it easier to adapt to the math tutor’s schedule. Secondly, students will generally feel more comfortable and relaxed with online tutoring, so they will be interested in math DSE tutoring, IGCSE math tutoring, IB math tutoring or A-Level math tutoring. Learning is more open and receptive, so students can get twice the result with half the effort in their math tutoring classes when online tutoring is done at home.


Do GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association's mathematics tutors provide additional mathematics homework for my DSE Mathematics/A-Level Mathematics/IB Mathematics/IGCSE Mathematics subjects?

The mathematics tutoring courses provided by mathematics tutors are completely created to meet the needs of students in DSE mathematics/A-Level mathematics/IB mathematics/IGCSE mathematics, so if the mathematics tutor feels that the students need additional mathematics in the tutoring class During practice, our math tutor tutors provide students with extra work outside of the math tutoring class.

Will GETUTOR's math tutors contact parents?

GETUTOR will arrange for math tutors or teachers to contact parents before the class starts so that the math tutors can understand the students’ learning needs in mathematics subjects of various academic systems (including DSE mathematics, A-Level mathematics, IB mathematics, ICGSE mathematics, etc.). Mathematics Tutors can also inform parents of students' progress after tutoring classes and reflect areas where students may need extra help in mathematics. Parents, math tutors and GETUTOR work together to help your students achieve excellent results in DSE Mathematics, A-Level Mathematics, IB Mathematics or IGCSE Mathematics.

How can we maximize students' DSE mathematics/A-Level mathematics/IB mathematics/IGCSE mathematics scores through mathematics tutoring?

One, make sure math tutors and students have all the materials they need and a quiet place to do math tutoring. Make sure students have all applicable math textbooks and other math materials before starting math tutoring.

Second, follow up with students on math remedial courses and set appropriate math learning goals. Maintain an active line of communication with your math teacher after your math tutoring class, provide specific and positive feedback to your math tutor on your student's math learning, and contact us with your math tutor and GETUTOR to provide us with feedback and suggestions.

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