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Want to study physics, but also want to find a suitable on-site physics tutor for you? Helping you have both my GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors Association. Whether you want DSE physics tutoring or one-to-one physics tutoring scheduled for ZOOM online teaching, a dedicated person will match you with a physics tutor for free, and help you choose your favorite physics tutor!

2022 Physics Teacher Recommendation

物理老師 物理補習老師

Miss Ho is currently a middle school physics teacher

Incumbent teacher 6 years tutoring experience

I have 6 years of tutoring experience in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and am now a middle school day school teacher

I have five years of tutoring experience in mathematics, physics and chemistry. I am now a middle school day school teacher (not a TA or an assistant teacher), teaching DSE physics. He has obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a master's degree in physics from the City University of Hong Kong. He will study PGCE science (physics with mathematics) from September to obtain the qualifications of teaching gcse phy chem bio maths and a level phy in Japanese schools. Provide whatsapp homework service.

物理補習老師 物理老師

Andrew Wong Physics 5** Full-time tuition

6 years of tutoring experience specializing in science

I am a full-time tutor. I am studying at the University of Hong Kong in the dual-bachelor program of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws.

I am a full-time tutor. I am studying at the University of Hong Kong in the dual-bachelor program of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws. I have six years of tutoring experience and rich experience in tutoring DSE candidates. Chemistry (5**). I still have notes and exercises I made in middle school for my students to use. Hope I can help you/your children get good grades!

物理補習老師 物理補習

Wendy Liu Physics: 5** University graduate

5+ years tutoring experience

Female tutor, graduated from traditional English and Chinese,Outstanding secondary school and university grades, graduated from the Department of Psychology of the University of Hong Kong

Female tutor, graduated from traditional English and Chinese,

Excellent secondary school and university grades, graduated from the Department of Psychology of the University of Hong Kong, and obtained the dean list in year 4

Five years of tutoring experience

Complementary primary and secondary school mathematics (Local & IB), English, economics, chemistry, physics, M2

Supplementary high school and junior high school general subjects

In addition to helping students with academic knowledge, they also teach students to learn in a way that suits them.

物理補習老師 物理補習

Christy Cheng Physics 5*University student

More than 3 years of tutoring experience to study dentistry at the University of Hong Kong

I am a dental student at the University of Hong Kong,Graduated from Xie En Middle School.

Elective subjects are chemistry, physics and economics.

Has rich tutoring experience, currently tutoring mathematics and science for junior high school students, and tutoring chemistry for high school students!

DSE results

Best 6: 37/42

Chemistry: 5**

Math: 5*

Physics: 5*

Economy: 5*

物理補習老師 物理補習

Miss Lau Physics 5** Undergraduate

More than 5 years of tutoring experience studying in the Department of Quantitative Finance, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Currently studying in the fourth year of the Department of Quantitative Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Graduated from Fanling Band 1 English Middle School, and served as a monitor for three years at the school. He has a sense of responsibility and is enthusiastic about teaching. From Form 4 to Form 6, they won the first place in Science, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (Extended Unit 2).

2018 DSE score is 31 points in 5 subjects, obtained 5** in Physics, 5* in Chemistry, 5* in Economics, 5* in Mathematics (Extended Unit 2), 5* in Mathematics, 5 in Chinese, and 5 in English Good results.

I have more than five years of tutoring experience. I have also worked in a tutoring agency. I have rich experience in junior high school general tutoring and high school junior tutoring.

Video tutoring will provide notes, exercises, whatsapp homework and use the iPad whiteboard to assist in teaching, in order to improve the efficiency of the class, just like face-to-face classes, while enjoying the convenience and flexibility brought by video tutoring.

物理補習老師 物理補習

Leung Chi Man Physics 5*Undergraduate

More than 4 years of tutoring experience to study risk management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

DSE Best 5 28 points, Math 5**, Econ 5*, Phy 5*, M2 5, patient and careful, also very understanding of the test requirements and skills, top-notch supplements can be

DSE Best 5 28 points, Math 5**, Econ 5*, Phy 5*, M2 5, patient and attentive, very understanding of the test requirements and skills, top-notch supplements can be used, and the course progress will be adjusted according to students' strengths and weaknesses , to analyze the public test questions for you according to different question categories and weak items. Has a large number of open test questions and exercises.

Supplementary subjects: Mainly supplement primary school, primary and secondary school mathematics and economics, either individual or group.

He has worked as a tutor for mathematics and economics classes in secondary schools and small tuition agencies. He has four years of private tutoring experience and is familiar with the HKDSE curriculum.

Physics tutor pairing

Physics tutor of eight universities

The tutors come from eight universities, and any requirements can be matched as much as possible, and the teachers are guaranteed.

One-to-one physical tutoring

One-to-one tutoring will be provided to you by a dedicated person, who will follow up carefully to meet your learning progress.

online physics tutoring

Online tutoring can be done anytime, anywhere. More tutors to choose from.

Physics tutors of different academic systems

A-Level Physics, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics. In addition to DSE, we also have tutors of different academic lengths to choose from, providing the widest range of tutoring services.

Six Physics Study Tips + Useful Textbooks

Physics is a popular subject for science as a DSE elective. If you master this subject, you will be successful in getting into the university of your dreams. To stand out in this public DSE exam, we offer the following 5 physics improvement tips.

1. It is necessary to understand the basic theory:

One of the easiest ways to learn physics is to master the basic theory. Learning the basic laws will help you solve more complex problems later on. Better yet, create a Mind Map that contains an overview of all concepts and correlates them to complex problems. Write a low Mind Map on a piece of paper and follow it thoroughly to gain insight into the subject.

2. Simplify the problem:

physics is ahard to memorizesubject, but once simplified it becomes one of the most interesting and highest scoring subjects. Sometimes you have a tough problem, in which case remember to break it down into simpler smaller components. This opens up different strategies that you can apply to solve problems quickly and efficiently!

3. Create Flash Cards:

As you review various topics, write down new words/concepts you encounter, and write some Principles and Laws as Flash Cards. You can use these Flash Cards to make quick revisions and keep viewing them at your free time. These Flash Cards also come in handy when you're having trouble solving a problem. So, remember to keep them ready at all times!

4. Make math your forte:

"Mathematics is the cornerstone of physics",Albert EinsteinThat makes sense. In order to understand physics well and excel at it, you need to have a very solid foundation in mathematics. Students who do better in maths usually do much better in physics than those who do poorly in this subject! It's a direct relationship and you need to work hard on the math!

5. Professional physics tutor

In order to do well in physics or even master it, youNeed a dedicated physics tutor,Phy tutorHe can help you simplify concepts so you can understand them effectively. Students must be proficient in the subject and theoryProfessional tutorstudy. An incompetent mentor can do more harm than good.GETUTOR With countless professional physics tutors to match, we can help youPaired pair of tutors who love physics majors!Immediately assign all phy tutors in Hong Kong.


No matter how hard you try, the final grade depends on your interest and level of practice, and effort will ultimately help you get a 5** in Physics. In case you understand Physics early on, Physics will only get more difficult in future topics. Trust us, Physics is not difficult, all it takes is your hard work andour guide.

A-Level, IGCSE, IB physicis tutor. In addition to DSE, we also have tutors of different academic lengths to choose from, providing the widest range of tutoring services.





Tutors provide private tutoring and professional assistance to meet the needs of your student's studies. Your student's grades will improve, but more importantly, his/her self-confidence and sense of competence will increase.

Other benefits include:

  • Improve attitudes towards school
  • 更快完成物理功課
  • more effective study habits
  • More free time for other activities



recognizePhysicsPrivate tutoring is one of the most successful teaching/learning models parents and students have chosenPhysicsTuition:

  • One-to-one is the most effective way to learn
  • 在選修科或技能中尋求額外補習的物理生
  • want to Parents who have succeeded in the test
  • 努力跟上課堂進度或沒有充分發揮潛力的物理生
  • 希望在參加考試或進入中學之前補習的物理生



Each student learns differently and at a different pace; in one-on-onePhysicsDuring tutoring, students receive the undivided attention of their tutors. In this way, answers and recommendations can be tailored specifically to individual learners, taking into account learning styles, strengths and interests. A mentor works with your student to achieve his/her goals.


一旦我決定聘請物理補習導師,我為什麼要選擇 GETUTOR's mentor?

GETUTOR has served Hong Kong for ten years by pairing students' academic needs and learning styles with the right tutors. All of our mentors join based on their desire to be educators, but equally important is their love of teaching.

GETUTOR has 200,000 professionalsPhysicsTutoring tutors, a trusted team of tutoring specialists, covering all nuclear water subjects and electives.

GETUTOR distinguishes itself from similar tutoring agencies with its professional approach and commitment to providing flexibility and the highest quality education. Best Tutoring Agency in Hong Kong 2022

What is the registration process for tutoring?

Click here to register for tutoring

If you decide to use GETutor. We can discuss your student's past experiences, goals, areas of difficulty/strength, learning styles, and teacher/teaching styles. Then we choose the best one for your studentPhysics tutoringtutor. Tutor rates depend on how much teaching experience the tutor has. Once we have identified a suitable tutor, we will contact you with thePhysicsMentor's contact information and background. The whole process usually only takes a few hours.


most students andPhysicsTutoring tutors will all require one and a half or two hours of tutoring (preferably).


It depends on your student's current level, what you want to improve, and your schedule. Most students work withPhysicsTutors tutor together two or three times, but only one lesson per week can see modest progress.

How soon can I see results?

It depends on the student.PhysicsTutoring results show up over time – on average, after three months, significant improvements are seen.PhysicsA major goal of tutoring is to provide students with the tools for their own success. It takes time to develop successful study and study habits, but once learned, these habits can have a positive impact on a student's learning throughout their academic career.



PhysicsTutoring takes place in the student's home. If this is inconvenient, online tutoring/ZOOM tutoring is available. Students feel comfortable and relaxed while at home at ZOOM, soPhysicsTuition and learning are more opendivisionand accept. Additionally, when tutoring online at home, students can do more with less in a home environment.


Will GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutors always assign extra assignments to my students?

your students andPhysics tutoringbetween tutorsPhysicsRemedial courses are created entirely to meet the needs of your students. Tutors can bring extra homework if your students need extra practice.



We generally recommend that tutors and teachers liaise with parents; thus,PhysicsThe tutor can notify parents of student progress and alert him/her where your student may need additional assistance. Parents, tutors and teachers work together to become your studentsEnroll in ideal high school.



Make sure tutors and students have all the required materials and a quietPhysicsTutoring space. existPhysicsCheck with your student before tuition to ensure he/she has all applicable homework and textbooks that will be used. Follow up with your students on the goals set in the tutorial. Provide specific positive feedback to your student about his/her learning efforts. Maintain an active line of communication with your student's teacher. Connect with your student's tutor and GETUTOR for feedback and suggestions for improving your learning environment.



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