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What is the difference between college and high school?

Many people have talked about the DSE strategy, but few people have talked about the university strategy. Today, I will share with you my reading experience in college. Take me as an example, in fact, I am not very good at reading, because I don’t know how to study, so I didn’t like to study at all, and my grades in primary and secondary schools were always poor. Until I went to college, I first got enlightened and knew that I should start studying. I'm too lazy to be a lazy person. For a lazy person like me, in the environment of Hong Kong's cramming education, writing a book is a very distressing thing, because a lot of times I have to memorize a lot of things into my brain. Work hard. The only thing is that I got good grades in college, so today I will tell you what I will study in the next four years of my college career.

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You need to work hard to get good grades in college


1. Read while you read

First of all, when reading, try to attend all the classrooms as much as possible. In terms of workload, I can talk about a lot in this subject. My schedule can have classes every day, and there are even three or four classes on some days, so there is not much time left to return after class. Under such a tight schedule, I have to return to part-time and participate in activities. Sometimes I feel so hard, even if I insist on attending all the classes.

Someone said: "You don't have enough time to use your microphone to walk in the classroom in college. It's better to spend your time on other things." Do what you love and never go back to part-time or play. I think it is necessary to go to court. I have never heard of the book and I will not understand the notes. If you have any doubts, you can ask immediately, and ask until it is clear.

Some people will take a nap in court time, and I will think: instead of taking a nap in court, before the exam, I will study the book all night, and in the end, I will understand it by myself and go to the person to ask the time to do it. If you don't go to court seriously, you only need to concentrate on three bells, why not do it?

2. Be sure to attend the last class

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It is very important to go to all the halls

If you really have other reasons, and you really can't attend all the classes, you must attend the last class, which is the summary class of week 13, because most of what Lecturer said in the class is related to the exam. My experience is this: Lecturer will give you the most tips in one class, and will tell you what are the key points to pay attention to when talking about Wenshu. You will probably know that the answers to the assignment and past paper come from a part of the lecture notes. If you read the book, you will be able to avoid the wrong way, and you will not have any big problems during the exam, because the Lecturer can give it. In fact, the types of questions come and go.


3. Make Past Paper

In addition to going to the foot hall, it is necessary for me to exercise paper. It's hard to think that doing past paper is only applicable to DSE, in fact, it is equally important in universities. If there is a past paper in one subject for everyone to worry about, please do it for one year and two years, and do it all. Because the question types of Exams are almost the same every year, no matter how the Lecturer produces the questions and adjusts the difficulty, the content of the exam is all Lecture notes, and the questions that can be asked are not too different from the past paper. So past paper must be done, and the volume system must be rushed! There are many places in the university where you can go back to the past paper, please remember to do it!


4. Copy Notes

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It is very important to copy notes in class

As for the sample to ensure that you can find an answer when you do the past paper? The answer is to copy the notes. In addition to concentrating in class, the most important thing is to copy notes. Even if you don't know what to say at the moment, whether you know it well or not, you must copy all the key points. And I will use different color pens to copy down, I will be more energetic when I look at it, and I will not look at the notes. It is a sea of dull words. It will attract a lot of my lectures, so I am willing to read it.



In fact, I have never tried preparing lessons, going to the library to borrow books, or borrowing videos to watch, etc. I have never done it once in the department during my college days. As for borrowing academic books for reference, I have never tried it. I have asked other friends who are good at reading, and they all feel that this is not necessary, it is enough to simply concentrate on going to class and fucking with Paper. Sometimes I really don’t understand it very well. Sometimes when the Professor comes to class, he will give you an answer and listen to it, but you always choose to go to sleep. What’s the point of you appearing in the classroom? Uh, do you think you really deserve to go to court? Therefore, everyone prayed not to waste time in court, and asking for sleep would be as if I had left the hall and returned to the house to make sure that I had enough.

Finally, I advise everyone to pay attention to attending court. Remember the points mentioned above, and I hope everyone will be satisfied with their grades when they graduate.


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