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Math should be read?

Mathematics is a subject with several major differences. Some people can teach it right away; some people find it very difficult and even do not know it; and some people talk as long as you understand the logic behind it. forge ahead. Everyone's opinions are so different. How hard is it for the mathematics department to understand? Today, I will discuss with you what are the things you need to pay attention to when learning mathematics, so that you can be more handy when you learn and practice.

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There are ways to improve your grades in mathematics


1. Avoid rote memorization

In the environment of cramming education in Hong Kong, students often equate reading with death in their hearts, and reviewing them is like rotten memorization. This method or other subjects may work, but it is difficult to be effective in mathematics. Mathematics is very conceptual, and simply memorizing formulas or answers cannot be integrated. Only relying on memorization may have some results at the beginning, but when the types of questions you encounter start to change and start to change slightly, you will not be able to use the answers you memorize.


2. Avoid being afraid of math

As mentioned just now, you can get high marks if you don’t have to memorize mathematics. Some people still can’t get good grades even if they work hard. Maybe because of this, they start to be afraid and even resist mathematics. In fact, many students may have encountered such a situation, and poor test scores are not the end of the world. It may just be the wrong way to learn. You don't need to be afraid of mathematics because of this. Because fear will only make you lose interest in mathematics, and you are even more reluctant to spend time on this subject. If you do poorly in the next test, but continue to be afraid and dislike this subject, it will only form a vicious circle. . What this degree is referring to does not mean that everyone must be very fond of and interested in mathematics. It only means that everyone does not need to be too afraid of him, because to learn mathematics well, it is actually a method.

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Fear of math will only lead to a vicious circle


After talking about the things to avoid when studying mathematics, let me talk about the methods of mathematics to improve the level of mathematics:

1. To lay the foundation

If you want to learn mathematics well, the most important department must start from the most basic and lay a solid foundation from the beginning. In fact, mathematics starts from the most basic and has been extended and extended. After that, the more advanced topics are more likely to be related to the previous basic topics. If the basics are not well developed, when the topics or topics that exaggerate the unit appear later, everyone. The more you learn, the more difficult you will feel. Therefore, it is very important to lay a good foundation in the subject department of mathematics, and it is not easy to pay attention to this process. If you feel that your grades in mathematics are not good, please pick up the textbook and start from the most basic one, and do it once with the textbook. The more you go to the later topics, you won't know a little bit about it.


2. Do it yourself

Another important point to learn mathematics well is that everyone must do it once. Sometimes when you go to class, you may see the teacher finish the work on the blackboard once, and it seems that you don't follow up when you know what to do. This is such a big mistake, because everyone only sees people do it once and doesn't really want to do it once. You won't know that you will encounter this when you do it before you go to the exam. What's the problem? Shimi really understands this concept completely, and it's even less proficient in it, and it won't get into the brain. So when everyone is studying mathematics, it is not good to read the words, and the rest is done once after reading the person. It is really necessary to do it once, and count the answers one by one.

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Mathematics needs to be done by hand, first-come meeting is really learned


3. Be accurate first

Accuracy should be the priority in learning mathematics, and students need not be discouraged by slow progress. In the process of learning mathematics, everyone should make it the primary goal, because doing it first means that you really understand and understand the concepts behind the subject. When you have done it once, the process is done, you really understand the relevant concepts, and after you know the final answer, you can count and get the answer no matter how the question type is changed.


4. Process comes first

Another small experience is: even if you do it when you do it, it's really good, you can't look at the answer right away, try to think about it first and do something. Thinking is an important part of learning mathematics. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, because making mistakes is the most valuable experience. When you make a mistake once and read the answer, and then look back at what you did wrong, let’s start with a little bit of knowledge, and then go to the side where you really know your mistake and don’t know what it is.

reading math tutoring tutoring agency

Don't be afraid of mistakes, mistakes are the most valuable experience



All in all, don't memorize maths by rote in learning maths, it will make you less interested in maths. Remember that the process comes first is the most important thing. I hope that all students can enjoy the fun of learning mathematics while doing well in mathematics!


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