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It can provide online tutoring, online tutoring, ZOOM tutoring, middle school online tutoring, primary school online tutoring, middle school ZOOM tutoring, and primary school ZOOM tutoring. Provide different educational systems, online tutoring for college students, online tutoring for adults.

Advantages of video tutoring/Zoom tutoring/online tutoring/online tutoring


Tutors choose more


Since there are no regional restrictions on tutors, the scope of students and parents to choose tutors has been expanded, and the most suitable tutors in Hong Kong can be quickly matched through the Internet.Video tutoring/Zoom tutoring/Online tutoring/Online tutoringTutoring tutor.

sit at home

Learning is important, but the health of students is also the most important consideration. Video tutoring/Zoom tutoring/online tutoring/online tutoring are the most popular choices at the moment. Classes are suspended and learning is not stopped. GETTOR will accompany you to fight the epidemic together.


stay close to the course

Understand that during the epidemic, the quality of students' learning may also be affected or stop learning. In the online class, the teacher also failed to receive the attention of the teacher, which may lead to the backwardness of learning or failure to ask questions. One-to-one video tutoring/Zoom tutoring/online tutoring/online tutoring can enable students to receive comprehensive care, and on the other hand, they can keep healthy at home.


Simply put, under traditional tutoring, students and tutors need to agree on a class location and conduct face-to-face teaching mode. The "video tutoring" Zoom tutoring is to move the class location to the Internet. Students and tutors only need to have their own computers and connect to the Internet. They can teach no matter where they are. The general form is live teaching and video teaching. kind. "Video tutoring" Zoom tutoring brings great convenience to both parties and ensures the teaching effect.

Fill in the form and fill in the ZOOM/online tutoring at {location}. If there is, or call 63080831/WhatsApp 63080831 to match you with an online tutor.

We will use online software such as ZOOM/GOOGLE MEET. After downloading, wait for our instructor to guide you to use it.

  • Computer (with video camera)
  • Headphones and Microphones
  • Quiet environment for teaching
  • stable network environment
  • [Tutor] Courseware used in teaching (such as PPT, teaching pictures, teaching videos, etc...)

Just three steps, pairing with video tutoring tutors in Hong Kong

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

1> Fill in your requirements

Guests need to fill in a little Zoom tutoring/online tutoring requirements for our company to match.

2> Instantly match multiple video tutors for free

The company will recommend suitable tutors as soon as possible and provide their resume, experience, and evaluation. Zoom tutoring/online tutoring hours.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring
Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

3> Hire the most suitable video tutor

The company will coordinate the time and arrange to start Zoom tutoring/online tutoring classes.

Pros and Cons of Online Courses for Students FAQs

How do online courses help students?

  • Flexible and accessible
  • More cost-effective than traditional education
  • Offers a wide range of options
  • No outing costs required
  • self-study courses
  • Builds students' confidence

Why are online courses important?

With the rise of the Internet, governments and education departments have decided to offer online courses to students. Today, online courses have become very important because they are the future of learning, allowing more students without conditions to break learning barriers, and the learning cost is more economical, the process is more time-saving, and there are multiple options. More importantly, the Internet has made knowledge and information more open, eliminating information gaps as much as possible and raising students' perspectives.

how do you improveOnline coursesFollowing the pace of technology?

As mentioned in the previous question, online courses are more flexible, time-saving and economical. I will continue to improve our services on this basis:

  • By making classes more interactive
  • By making students more alert to rules
  • By asking students/teachers for feedback
  • By making technology more accessible

What are the online tutoring resources?


Online tutoring resources come in many forms, but here are some common options:

  1. Educational platform: Websites like Khan Academy, Coursera or Udemy offer a wide range of courses on different topics and skills. These platforms often feature video lessons, quizzes, and project assignments to help students learn at their own pace.

  2. Tuition website: Platforms such as Chegg Tutors, Wyzant or connect students with tutors and provide one-on-one teaching services in a variety of subjects. These services often offer flexible course schedules and personalized assistance.

  3. Video tutorial: YouTube channels such as CrashCourse, TED-Ed or Khan Academy offer free educational videos covering a variety of topics from science and math to the arts and humanities.

  4. Interactive learning website: Websites like Codecademy or Duolingo offer interactive courses for learning a programming language or a new language. These platforms often use gamification elements to keep learners engaged.

  5. Educational Apps: Mobile apps like Quizlet, Photomath, or Khan Academy provide portable learning resources, including study tools, flashcards, and step-by-step problem-solving guides.

  6. Online forums and communities: Platforms like Stack Exchange, Reddit or Quora allow students to ask questions and get answers from experts and peers.

  7. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses): Universities and colleges often offer free or low-cost online courses through platforms like edX or Coursera, allowing students to learn from professors at the world's top institutions.

  8. e-books and online libraries: Websites like Project Gutenberg or your local library may provide free access to educational books and resources.

These resources can provide valuable support to students looking to supplement their studies, learn new skills, or resort to difficult topics.

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