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The importance of taking notes

Not many people have the habit of copying notes in their school days, because whether it is in primary and secondary schools, or in college, copying notes is of great help to learning. The process of copying notes not only helps everyone concentrate on attending class and digest what the teacher said, but also helps students understand the contents of the book more easily during revision, and also helps students absorb knowledge.

Since there are so many benefits to copying notes, what are the secrets? todayGETUTOR Hong Kong Tutor AssociationLet's discuss it with everyone.

讀書 抄筆記 重點 補習 補習中介

Should copy notes be copied?


Can you take notes first? Let’s talk to you about the four key points:

1. Simple points/conclusions instead of copying

Some students will interpret the notes as: I will copy a sentence when the teacher says it.

It's not like taking notes carefully, you're just writing silently in Taoism. It's not really effective for learning, and it's even a little waste of time. Because when you spend time blindly copying what the teacher is saying, you don't understand and digest what the teacher is saying. Even if you review your notes later, you still need to study it all over again, and there is no teacher to teach you.

The correct method should be based on the main points/conclusions of the text that the teacher said. In this way, when you review the notes after class, you can remember the main points faster and be more in the mind, thus improving the efficiency of reviewing.

讀書 抄筆記 重點 補習 補習中介

Pay attention to the key points when copying notes


2. Copy with different color pens

Another tip for copying notes is to try copying with ballpoint pens of different colors.

I remember when I was reading, I would use different colored pens to copy notes. In this way, the notebooks have a lot of spirit and attracted a lot of attention, and it will not be a dull sea of words, which makes me more willing to look at them; secondly, different colors can be used to represent different points, so my notebooks It will be more organized, and it will be clearer and easier to understand when reviewing.

讀書 抄筆記 重點 補習 補習中介

Try using different colors to make your notes more organized


3. Avoid tirade

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to fasten more or less. When copying notes, avoid long speeches. If each page of the notebook is full of words, it will be hard to see it, which will seriously affect the motivation to review.

Please keep in mind that the notes are for your own viewing. The purpose of copying the notes should be to make it easier for you to understand the knowledge covered in the textbook and to help yourself review. Therefore, it is best to avoid long essays when copying notes. Think about it, if every page of your notebook is a dense sea of words, would you want to keep such a notebook and warm the book?

讀書 抄筆記 重點 補習 補習中介

If there are so many words on the page, you don't even want to read it.


4. Make note-taking a thought process

How can you make your notes concise and easy to understand? The best way is to make copying notes a process of your own thinking.

What is the process of thinking about it? Just when you are in class, you should listen carefully to the teacher's teaching, digest and integrate the content into the key points, and then write the key points in the notes, instead of copying the teacher's words. Therefore, taking notes is actually a process of thinking and learning. When taking notes, you should try to understand and integrate the knowledge taught in the classroom. When you review, look back at the key points that you have summarized, and you can remember the time. The process of thinking, so that you can remember the key points faster and be more in the mind.

讀書 抄筆記 重點 補習 補習中介

Taking notes is actually a way of thinking



Copying notes is really useful for learning, and it helps everyone to understand more easily when reviewing after class. I hope that all students can develop this good habit, and their academic achievements can be improved to a higher level!

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