[Translation of the Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru] Full text translation + word meaning + analysis of key assessment points

In Sima Qian's "Historical Records", "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" is one of the most fascinating stories. The story tells three stories: "Returning the Perfect Bibi to Zhao", "Meeting in Mianchi" and "Pleading for Sin". It vividly describes the story of Lian Po, the famous general of Zhao State, and Lin Xiangru, the envoy of Zhao State.

Lian Po is a hero known for his bravery; while Lin Xiangru is good at dealing with diplomatic issues and has great wisdom. This narrative reflects the difference that contrasting characters can make, especially when faced with challenges.

This article will translate "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" into modern Chinese and explain the meaning of some words. We will also focus on analyzing the function of this article, especially the help for the DSE Chinese exam.

領取論仁 論孝 論君子工作紙


  • "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" records three stories: "Returning the Perfect Bi to Zhao", "Meeting in Mianchi", and "Pleading for Sin under a Thorn"
  • Through the comparison between Lian Po and Lin Xiangru, it shows the reactions of different personality traits in the face of difficulties.
  • Provide modern language translation, analyze the meaning of Tongqi words, and help readers understand the content of the article
  • Analyze the key points of the DSE Chinese exam to improve candidates' test-taking abilities
  • It embodies the ideological connotation of "peace is the most precious" in traditional Chinese culture.

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A brief introduction to the biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

"The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" tells the story of two important figures in the Zhao State during the Warring States Period in "Historical Records". They are Lian Po and Lin Xiangru respectively. This article vividly describes Lian Po's bravery and strength, and also illustrates Lin Xiangru's intelligence and eloquence. At the same time, it also shows the challenges faced by Zhao Guo at that time.

The biographies include the stories of "Returning the Perfect Bi to Zhao", "Meeting in Mianchi" and "Pleading for Sin". Through these stories, Sima Qian emphasized the theme of the article. He praised Lin Xiangru's loyalty and intelligence, while criticizing Lian Po's shortcomings.

Translation of the biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

Classic chapters in "Historical Records"

"The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" is very important in "Historical Records". Sima Qian introduced the vivid deeds of the characters through this book. He showed the real situation of society at that time. This article depicts the souls and opposition of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru with wonderful stories and interactions.

Sima Qian's writing purpose

In this book, Sima Qian especially praised Lin Xiangru's character. He described how Lin dealt with Qin's threats tactfully. This shows Lin Xiangru's talents in diplomacy and protecting national interests.

But Sima Qian also criticized Lian Po's arrogance and disadvantages. He hoped to highlight Lin Xiangru's excellence by comparing the two. At the same time, the problem of Lian Po was also pointed out.

figureDeedsCharacter traits
Lian PoHe attacked Qi for General Zhao, defeated it, captured Yang Jin, and worshiped him as Shangqing.Brave and upright, but arrogant and lacking in overall perspective
Lin XiangruOn a mission to Qin, he responded tactfully to the King of Qin's attempt to capture the city with a jade.Loyal to the emperor, patriotic, witty and eloquent, open-minded

In short, "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" shows the political and social conditions of the time through in-depth stories. Sima Qian also expressed his views on different characters in this book. This book is regarded as a classic in "Historical Records". He helped future generations better understand the history of the Warring States Period. GETUTOR Chinese private tutoring provides professional ancient Chinese teaching to help you easily master the translation and background knowledge of "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru".

The whole story of the return of the perfect jade to Zhao

The return of the intact jade to Zhao is a famous event in "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru". It shows the tense situation of Zhao State facing the threat of Qin State during the Warring States Period. This story begins when the State of Chu presented precious jade and clan jade to King Huiwen of the State of Zhao. This aroused the idea of taking Qin.

The origin of Chu State's He's Bi

He's Bi was originally the treasure of Chu State. There are stories that it was made by ancient jade craftsmen. This piece of jade is bright and perfect, symbolizing the authority of the king and the prosperity of the country. Chu State gave it to Zhao State, hoping to further strengthen their friendship.

King Qin Zhao’s proposal to exchange fifteen cities for jade

King Qin Zhao was very moved when he heard about this. He sent people to the State of Zhao and made a so-called request for fifteen cities in exchange for He's Bi. This proposal was like a stone dropped in the lake, causing Emperor Zhao and his people to panic.

King Zhao Huiwen’s Dilemma

King Huiwen was in trouble. He could not accept Qin's unreasonable demands, but he was afraid that he would be attacked if he refused. Under the persuasion of Guoyu Fei, Miao Xian recommended sending Lin Xiangru to plead with Qin.

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Lin Xiangru went to Qin as an envoy

When Zhao State faced Qin State's request to exchange He's Bi for the city, the situation was very difficult. To hand over the jade but not receive the promised city is to be deceived. But if he refuses, Qin may launch a war.

Lin Xiangru went to Qin as an envoy

Lin Xiangru’s life background

Lin Xiangru came from the state of Zhao and was a retainer. He is smart and loyal and does good things for Zhao.

Lin Xiangru was brave and far-sighted. These characteristics contributed to his place in history.

Miao Xian recommended Lin Xiangru as the envoy

Miao Xian pushed the problem of sending an envoy to Qin to King Zhao. He strongly suggested sending Lin Xiangru to deal with it.

King Zhao finally listened to Miao Xian's words. He appointed Lin Xiangru as the special envoy of Zhao State and went to Qin State.

Although Lin Xiangru came from a poor background, his intelligence and loyalty earned him praise. Diplomats who were loyal to their country were very important during the Warring States Period.

Lin XiangruEnvoy of Zhao StateComplete the mission with wisdom and courage and safeguard the dignity of Zhao country
Miao XianEunuch of Zhao StateHe had a keen eye to recognize talents and recommended Lin Xiangru to be sent as an envoy to Qin.
King Zhao Huiwenmonarch of ZhaoFacing Qin's request, he made a wise decision and appointed Lin Xiangru as the envoy.

Lin Xiangru's diplomatic mission reflected his diplomatic talent. At the same time, it also shows the wise decision of the eunuch Miao Xian and the monarch of Zhao. This story illustrates how three key figures worked together to create a classic chapter of history.

領取論仁 論孝 論君子工作紙

The Confrontation between King Qin and Lin Xiangru

After Lin Xiangru arrived in Qin, King Qin Zhao arranged a banquet. They seemed to be treating Lin Xiangru warmly, but there was a conspiracy hidden behind them. The King of Qin wanted to use force to threaten Lin Xiangru and hand over the precious He's Bi, and then oppress the State of Zhao. However, Lin Xiangru used his wit and negotiation skills to deal with King Qin's request intelligently.

Lin Xiangru responded tactfully to King Qin

Faced with King Qin's tough behavior, Lin Xiangru cleverly said that the jade was flawed. He hinted that what King Qin wanted was not perfect. He also held on to the pillar to express that he would rather destroy the jade than surrender to Qin. Lin Xiangru's powerful words and tenacious attitude frightened King Qin and made him suspend his war plans first.

Lin Xiangru said: "There is a flaw in the bi, please tell me." He stood up holding the bi and leaning on the pillar. The King of Qin was afraid and changed his face, saying: "Sit down! What's the matter?" Lin Xiangru said: "The king uses the strong to bully the weak, uses the masses to bully the few, and uses slander to confuse the people. He can destroy Zhao and not get the jade. If the minister dies but does not lose the jade, what's more? Anengde City!"

In fact, King Zhao Huiwen had already discussed it before Lin Xiangru went to Qin. They considered using fifteen cities in exchange for the Heshi Bi that King Qin wanted. The idea behind this provided strong support for Lin Xiangru's trip. Faced with the persecution of King Qin, Lin Xiangru remained calm and showed superb diplomatic skills and strategies to defend the country.

Lin XiangruArrive at the State of Qin and deal with the King of QinPointing out the flaws in the jade, Yi Zhu angrily scolded the King of Qin for being rude.King Qin gave in and suspended the offensive
King Zhao of QinHe held a banquet to force Lin Xiangru to hand over the jade.To force each other with the intention of seizing the jadeOverwhelmed by Lin Xiangru's momentum, he had to give in.

In summary, Lin Xiangru relied on his excellent diplomatic skills and determination to defend his country and defeated the threat of Qin. This wonderful confrontation not only highlighted Lin Xiangru's wisdom and courage, but also bought precious time for Zhao. Sima Qian's "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" vividly describes this diplomatic contest, leaving important lessons for future generations to learn. Through GETUTOR Chinese private tutoring, students can deeply understand the story behind this historical event and grasp the key points of the article.

  • Lin Xiangru used tact and momentum to resolve the threat of King Qin and safeguard national interests.
  • King Qin Zhao wanted to seize He's Bi by force, but was deterred by Lin Xiangru's words.
  • Sima Qian vividly described this diplomatic game in "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru"

Lin Xiangru was clever and resourceful

Lin Xiangru used clever words to protect He's Bi

Point out that the jade is defective

Lin Xiangru was the first to notice that He's jade was not perfect. He said there was something wrong with the treasure, which made King Qin suspicious of it. His words were clever and polite, which aroused King Qin's suspicion.

Yi Zhu angrily rebuked the King of Qin

Then Lin Xiangru stood up, leaned against the pillar, and seriously criticized King Qin. He criticized King Qin's behavior as unfair and contrary to the right path. Lin Xiangru's words moved everyone present.

Threats and jade are both broken

Finally, Lin Xiangru announced that he would throw down Heshibi and would rather destroy it than surrender. He was not afraid of death and insisted on defending Zhao's dignity. Lin Xiangru's courage shocked King Qin.

Lin Xiangru relied on wit and courage to resolve this diplomatic crisis. He preserved He's Bi and protected Zhao's interests. He demonstrated the intelligence and courage that a diplomat should have.

eventLin Xiangru's words and deedsEffect
Point out flaws in jadeImplies that the treasure is defectiveMade King Qin suspicious
Yi Zhu angrily rebuked the King of QinRebuked King Qin for his unjust behaviorEveryone present was moved
Threats and jade are both brokenWould rather die than surrender, sacrifice one's life for righteousnessKing Qin was shocked

Through the story "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru", we understand Lin Xiangru's excellent diplomatic skills. He is observant, calm and adaptable, and defends Zhao State with wisdom and courage. Lin Xiangru became an example for future generations to learn from.

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The background of the Mianchi Meeting

Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

King Zhao of Qin forced the city with a jade

Although King Qin Zhao waited to see, he still did not give up. He used He's Bi to threaten the State of Zhao. King Zhao of Qin secretly sent a message to King Zhao, threatening to fight if he did not cede the land. This is an example of King Qin Zhao's political tactics, using jade to force the other party to make concessions.

Lian Po's response

King Zhao Huiwen understood that if he gave in to Qin, he would lose his land. So he sent Lian Po, who was good at using soldiers, to block Qin's attack. Lian Po led his army to Mianchi and confronted the Qin army. The two sides were temporarily balanced, waiting for the other's move.

The meeting in Mianchi symbolized the diplomatic crisis between Zhao and Qin. Lian Po and Lin Xiangru engaged in a battle of force and wisdom for the interests of Zhao. This duel became a classic chapter in diplomacy during the Warring States Period.

The background of the Mianchi Meeting illustrates the complex diplomacy between countries during the Warring States Period. King Qin Zhao tried to use jade to force Zhao to give up land, while King Zhao Huiwen sent Lian Po to fight. This incident is regarded as one of the climaxes in "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru".

The confrontation between Lian Po and Lin Xiangru in Mianchi

Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

King Qin hosted a banquet to entertain

King Qin Zhao knew that Lian Po had extraordinary prestige, so he specially arranged a banquet. He hoped to use this opportunity to talk to Lian Po face to face. This may eliminate misunderstandings and reduce the antagonism between the two countries.

領取論仁 論孝 論君子工作紙

Lian Po refused to attend the banquet

Unfortunately, Lian Po treated King Qin Zhao's invitation lightly. He thought that attending the party would lose his dignity and refused. This move embarrassed King Qin Zhao and added to the tension between the countries.

Lin Xiangru realized the seriousness of the crisis and went to Lian Po to persuade him frankly. He pointed out that refusing the invitation would define Qin's war. In view of Zhao's tight military strength, if he went to war with Qin, the consequences would be disastrous.

figureidentityPerformance in the Mianchi Meeting
Lian PoFamous General of Zhao StateRelying on his military exploits, he refused to attend the banquet
Lin XiangruDiplomat of Zhao StatePersuade Lian Po and resolve the crisis
King Zhao of QinKing of QinHost a banquet to try to ease the relationship

Under Lin Xiangru's sincere persuasion, Lian Po finally agreed to attend the banquet. The decision helped ease tensions between the two countries. It also creates opportunities for future diplomatic negotiations.

The Mianchi Meeting summarizes the diplomatic situation between Qin and Zhao during the Warring States Period. Lin Xiangru used his unique diplomatic wisdom to successfully resolve the tension caused by Lian Po. He helped Zhao Guo gain precious breathing time. This incident demonstrated his outstanding political and diplomatic talents.

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Lin Xiangru is eloquent and eloquent

Lin Xiangru is eloquent and eloquent

In addition, he once again showed his eloquence at the Mianchi meeting and helped Lian Po. Through his verbal skills, he not only solved the problem, but also demonstrated his talents as a diplomat.

Lin Xiangru said: "I came here as an envoy to complete the work of the bi. Now that the bi is completed, I dare not say anything more about other matters." The king of Qin said to Lin Xiangru: "Qin is so strong, how can it want to invade Zhao just for the sake of a single bi?" "What?" Lin Xiangru said to him: "Qin was strong and Zhao was weak, so I was able to return the jade intact." - "Historical Records: Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru"

Lin Xiangru's conversation with the King of Qin showed his acumen and sense of proportion. He not only protected the interests of Zhao State, but also skillfully resolved disputes. This diplomatic wisdom is the key for Zhao to gain a firm foothold.

eventLin Xiangru's performancesignificance
The perfect jade returns to ZhaoUse clever words to persuade the King of Qin to return He's BiShow diplomatic wisdom and fight for the interests of Zhao State
Mianchi MeetingCleverly resolved the provocation of the King of Qin and rescued Lian Po from the siegeHighlight rhetorical skills and ease relations between the two countries

In general, Lin Xiangru showed extraordinary language wisdom and diplomatic skills in the biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru. He knew when to speak appropriately to fight for the interests of Zhao State. This talent is a common characteristic between him and the diplomats of his time. GETUTOR Chinese private tutoring can help you have a deeper understanding of Lin Xiangru's talents and characteristics.

The King of Qin once again took the jade to force the city

After the Mianchi meeting, King Qin Zhao saw that Lian Po's attitude was very stubborn. He felt that Lian Po was too self-righteous, so he decided to take out the jade to force Zhao. King Zhao of Qin thought that Lian Po was so proud and disrespected Qin, so he should use Baoyu again to force him to cede land to Zhao.

King Zhao of Qin threatened Lian Po and Lin Xiangru with a jade

Threatening Lian Po with a jade jade

King Qin Zhao took out the Heshi Bi in front of his face and said very harsh words to Lian Po. He asked why Zhao Guo had not fulfilled his promise to exchange the city for the jade. The King of Qin had a tough tone and asked Lian Po to negotiate with him with the jade bi, forcing him to obey.

Lian Po was angry and avoided the table.

Lian Po was furious when he heard this and walked away angrily. He felt that King Qin's request was too unreasonable and felt very insulted. As a famous general, he could not endure such humiliation. So he left angrily, unwilling to sit down and talk to King Qin again.

Lin Xiangru saw this scene and hurriedly stopped Lian Po. He advised Lian Po not to be impulsive. Doing so may destroy previous efforts.

Lin Xiangru urged Lian Po to

Lin Xiangru came forward and persuaded Lian Po with persuasive words. He said: "General Lian, on behalf of the entire Zhao State, you cannot take risks for personal grudges. If the King of Qin forces the city with a jade, it will be difficult for Zhao to resist." Lin Xiangru reminded Lian Po to consider the greater interests and not to be swayed by personal emotions.

  • Lin Xiangru understood the truth and pointed out that Lian Po must consider the overall interests of Zhao.
  • Lin Xiangru was moved with emotion and warned that disobedience might lead to a crisis for Zhao.
King Zhao of QinUse jade to force the city and force Zhao to cede territoryKing Zhao promised to exchange the city for jade but failed to fulfill it, so he took the opportunity to put pressure on Zhao.
Lian PoAngrily refused King Qin’s unreasonable requestKing Qin's use of jade to conquer the city was an insult to him. As a famous general, he could not tolerate it.
Lin XiangruUrge Lian Po not to harm the country due to personal grudgesFocus on the overall situation and avoid stimulating the King of Qin to send troops to attack Zhao.

After Lin Xiangru's repeated guidance, Lian Po finally calmed down and returned to the banquet. Although he was not angry at King Qin's injustice, he chose to endure it for the sake of Zhao. GETUTOR Chinese private tutoring (free matching) getutor.com.hk/findtutor provides targeted classical Chinese teaching to help you easily grasp the essentials of the text.

The incident of asking for forgiveness

After the meeting in Mianchi ended, Lian Po and Lin Xiangru returned to Zhao. At the meeting, King Qin's words angered Lian Po. He felt unhappy and dissatisfied with Lin Xiangru's performance.

Lin Xiangru knew they had to solve this problem. He felt that if Lian Po's anger was not relieved, their future cooperation would be affected. So he decided to take the initiative to apologize to Lian Po.

Lian Po’s anger and arrogance

Lian Po was a famous general in Zhao State with great courage. But he is sometimes too proud, to his own detriment. At the Mianchi banquet, King Qin provoked him, and he left the banquet angrily.

The incident of asking for forgiveness

Lin Xiangru apologized naked

Lin Xiangru saw through the general trend and decided to go find Lian Po himself. He apologized to Lian Po with simple clothes and sincerity.

He said that he should be punished for what he did at that banquet that made everyone angry. He said that he would accept any punishment, as long as General Lian could forgive him, he would be happy.

Lin Xiangru said: "I know that I am guilty, but I can't blame the general for his insensitivity, so I dare to die!"

領取論仁 論孝 論君子工作紙

The two men settled their feud

Lin Xiangru's sincere repentance made Lian Po feel ashamed. He found that he had placed too much trust in force and considered too little of the overall situation. On the contrary, Lin Xiangru's wisdom and resourcefulness can bring progress to Zhao.

Therefore, Lian Po was relieved. He and Lin Xiangru reconciled, and from then on they were no longer allies.

figurePerformance in the eventCharacter traits
Lian PoHe was dissatisfied with Lin Xiangru because of the Mianchi incident, but finally accepted his apologyBrave and upright, but also proud and arrogant
Lin XiangruNaked to plead guilty and impress Lian Po with sincerityResourceful, magnanimous, regardless of past grudges

The incident of asking for forgiveness resolved the conflicts between them. This shows Lin Xiangru's great character. He doesn't care about personal grudges, he looks at the overall situation. This event not only made them successful, but also left behind important wisdom.

Writing characteristics of biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

"Historical Records: Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" tells the story of two important figures during the Warring States Period. These vivid descriptions demonstrate the author Sima Qian's superb story writing skills. Lian Po's bravery and Lin Xiangru's wisdom make the entire historical story full of vitality.

Distinctive characters

The character portraits of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru are very prominent. Sima Qian described Lian Po's bravery and Lin Xiangru's wit. The contrast between them makes the story full of vitality.

Whether it is Lian Po's boldness or Lin Xiangru's wit, they fully demonstrate their characters.

Dialogue is vivid and expressive

In the story, Sima Qian cleverly used dialogue. Through dialogue, the character's psychology and personality are directly revealed. For example, Lin Xiangru wisely saved himself from King Qin's plan, and the changes in the hearts of the two people were clear at a glance.

Narrative twists and turns

The plot of the story is varied and full of legend. From "returning the perfect jade to Zhao" to the final "asking for forgiveness", each story is intertwined and fascinating.

There is suspense hidden in every detail, such as Lin Xiangru's witty method when selecting the jade stone, which is deeply impressive after reading. In addition, there are many witty and humorous moments, which also makes the story richer.

Writing featuresreflect
Distinctive charactersThrough the words and deeds of the characters, the character traits of Lian Po, upright and proud, and Lin Xiangru, witty and eloquent are portrayed.
Dialogue is vivid and expressiveExtensive use of character dialogue to show the inner world, such as the clever dialogue between Lin Xiangru and the King of Qin
Narrative twists and turnsThe plot has ups and downs, from "returning the perfect jade to Zhao" to "asking for forgiveness", and it is fascinating.

Reading "Historical Records·Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" can make people deeply moved. The author's delicate brushstrokes reproduce historical scenes, allowing readers to remember them forever. From stories, we can learn valuable lessons from ancient wisdom and history.

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Analysis of Lian Po’s Character Image

Sima Qian described the famous general Lian Po in a profound way in "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru". He was an important general in the era of King Zhao Huiwen. Lian Po defeated Qi and brought Yang Jin back to Zhao.

Fortunately, Lin Xiangru secretly helped. He stopped Lian Po's reckless behavior. This prevented Lian Po from putting Zhao State in danger.

However, Lian Po did not understand the rules at all. He followed Lin Xiangru's advice and returned to the banquet. When Lin Xiangru came to apologize and resolve the dispute in person, he accepted it calmly.

Although Lian Po was very arrogant, he also respected others very much. In comparison, Lin Xiangru was astute and strategic, and was loyal to his country.

Generally speaking, although Lian Po is a top general, he still has flaws. His strengths and weaknesses are impressive. Sima Qian's vivid brushwork of Lian Po is attractive and rich in meaning.

By carefully analyzing his story, we can not only have a deeper understanding of "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru". You can also learn important life lessons from them. Now we should imitate the advantages of Lianpo and remember to avoid being blunt. In this way, we can move forward better and achieve greater success.

Character Analysis of Lin Xiangru

In "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru", the image of Lin Xiangru is profoundly displayed. He was witty, eloquent, and loyal to his country. This makes his character very three-dimensional.

Witty and eloquent diplomat

A loyal and patriotic envoy

As a retainer, Lin Xiangru deeply loved Zhao. He bet his life with the God of Death to obtain He's Bi for his country. He bravely responded to the challenge and safeguarded Zhao's interests.

eventLin Xiangru's performanceReflect quality
The perfect jade returns to ZhaoRespond tactfully to King Qin's provocation and successfully retrieve He's BiArgumentative, patriotic
Mianchi MeetingRescue Lian Po and safeguard the interests of Zhao StateLoyal and brave
Asking for forgivenessTake the initiative to apologize to Lian Po and turn hostility into friendshipSincerity and open-mindedness

A sincere and open-minded gentleman

In the matter of "bearing a thorn to plead guilty", Lin Xiangru admitted his mistake to Lian Po. This shows his sincerity. He respects Lian Po's past and repairs their friendship.

Lin Xiangru, naked and carrying a thorn tree, visited the door and thanked him, saying: "You are a despicable person who does not know the honor and destiny, how dare you..."

In general, Lin Xiangru was a diplomatic wise man and a model of a loyal envoy and a humble king. Sima Qian's brushstrokes reveal his charm. His image is inspiring.

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DSE Chinese sample essay "Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" Assessment Key Points

If you want to get high scores in the DSE Chinese exam, it is important to understand the classical Chinese text "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru". This article was written by Sima Qian in "Historical Records". It tells the story of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru, and shows the diplomatic wisdom and character of people during the Warring States Period.

Comprehension and application of content words in classical Chinese

There are many difficult-to-understand content words in the article, such as "tu", "de", "righteousness", etc. In this story, "disciple" refers to a soldier or infantryman. For example, the article says: "Lin Xiangru only knew Lian Po, but did not know that there was a King of Qin." The "disciple" here refers to the soldier who is "Lian".

Mastering the meaning of these content words will make it easier for you to understand the article.

Understanding and using function words in classical Chinese

The article also uses many function words, such as "zhi", "er", "yi", etc. For example, "zhi" is often used with nouns to express belonging. For example, the word "zhi" in "王之冠也" means that the noun "guo" belongs to "王".

Understanding the usage of function words will help you grasp the main idea of the article.

Comparison of ancient and modern word meanings

Some words have different meanings in ancient times and today and require special attention. For example, "sheren" in ancient times meant being a guest, but today it means giving up others and staying with others. For another example, "to make" was a verb in ancient times, referring to dispatch. Now it has become a preposition, expressing cause and effect.

Comparing the different meanings of ancient and modern words can help us have a correct understanding of the original text.

Assessment focusdetailsExamples in the text
classical Chinese wordsdisciple, gain, righteousnessLin Xiangru only knew that Lianpo was honest, Lin Xiangru got the jade, and his righteousness could not hope Zhao.
function words in classical Chineseof, and, withThe king's fault is also that the incorruptible and impetuous Xiangru stopped it. Qin asked Zhao for the quality of the bi.
Comparison of ancient and modern word meaningsgive up people, envoyThe word "sheren" originally refers to a guest, but now it means to abandon it; in ancient times, it was mostly used as a verb, but now it is mostly used as a preposition

In general, if you want to do well in the exam, "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" is a required essay. Practice understanding the meaning of classical Chinese and the difference between ancient and modern word meanings. This way you can do well on the exam.

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in conclusion

Sima Qian's "Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" is very famous. It tells three vivid stories: "The perfect jade returned to Zhao", "The meeting in Mianchi" and "Begging for forgiveness". These describe the stories of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru. Their personalities are completely different. Lian Po is very brave and tough but a little proud. Lin Xiangru is very wise and loyal.

Sima Qian accurately depicts them. He profoundly described the characteristics of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru. These descriptions leave a lasting impression on the reader.

In addition, "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" also shows the praise of Lin Xiangru's intelligence and great mind. Lin Xiangru warmed people's hearts with his wisdom and sincerity. These stories reflect the value of peace. This value is also important in today's society.

These good qualities are not only helpful for personal growth. In modern society, these qualities are also critical for getting along with people and working.

For students who want to achieve good results in the DSE Chinese exam, it is important to understand "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru". By analyzing the characters and skills in the story, it can help you perform better on exams. GETUTOR Chinese private tutoring will help you understand the skills of classical Chinese and get good grades easily! Welcome to visit getutor.com.hk/findtutor for more information.

廉頗藺相如列傳 工作紙

1. 解釋以下詞語的意思:(4分)

a) 完璧歸趙: _______
b) 肉食者鄙: _______

2. 將以下句子譯成白話文:(4分)

3. 藺相如在和氏璧事件中使用了什麼策略?簡要說明。(4分)

4. 解釋”廉頗為相國,相如為破璽將軍”中”破璽”的含義。(2分)

5. 試分析藺相如在廷爭一節中的表現如何體現其機智。(4分)

6. 為什麼藺相如在雙方和解後說”吾常度君氣,猶不能忍”?這句話反映了什麼?(4分)

7. 將以下句子譯成現代漢語:(4分)

8. 簡述廉頗和藺相如和解的過程,並分析這個過程反映了兩人什麼樣的品格。(4分)


Which book does "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" come from?

"Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" is part of "Historical Records" written by Sima Qian. It is one of the classic articles in "Historical Records".

What was the cause of the incident of returning the jade to Zhao?

This incident was caused by the Chu State's offering of He's Bi. The state of Qin proposed a condition in exchange for the jade and the city, which made it difficult for King Zhao to make a choice.

Why was Lin Xiangru chosen as the envoy to Qin?

Lin Xiangru once performed well in Zhao State, showing his resourcefulness and courage. Therefore, he was selected as the envoy to Qin to solve the problem.

How did Lin Xiangru respond to the King of Qin's attempt to force him to hand over the jade by force?

Lin Xiangru cleverly found a reason to say that the jade was imperfect. He also scolded King Qin in a strong tone. Finally, he kicked the jade away and scared King Qin.

What is the background of the Mianchi Meeting?

After returning with the bi, Qin asked Zhao for the bi again and asked for the cession of land. King Zhao sent Lian Po to meet him at Mianchi, but the advancing Qin army did not dare to attack for the time being.

Why did Lian Poxian refuse to attend the King of Qin’s banquet?

Lian Po thought that he had glorious military exploits and could not attend such a banquet. He changed his mind also because of Lin Xiangru's persuasion.

What kind of character does Lin Xiangru’s character reflect in the incident of bearing a thorn to plead guilty?

Lin Xiangru dared to dissect himself and knelt down to plead guilty. His move made Lian Po understand his own vanity. This shows Lin Xiangru's extraordinary character.

How did Sima Qian create the characters of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru?

Sima Qian vividly described them. Through their dialogue, he showed the image of Lian Po's stubbornness and Lin Xiangru's wisdom. The storyline is gripping and engaging.

What kind of ideological connotation does "The Biography of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru" reflect?

This story not only embodies strong characters. At the same time, it also shows the author's admiration for Lin Xiangru. It embodies the traditional Chinese virtue of "harmony is the most precious".

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