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  • Free Matching

    (No cost to find a teacher) We do not charge parents and students any intermediary fees. There is no need to pay tuition fees in advance like other intermediaries/tuition agencies.

  • Professional Tutor

    (up to full-time tutors and current teachers) For many years, it has specialized in parents who need top-notch tutors, and has gathered a group of professional full-time tutors and school teachers.

  • Follow-up by a dedicated specialist

    (understanding your learning difficulties) We are not cold system matching, but real customer service who can provide personalized follow-up on your needs.

  • Fast Pairing

    (Save time, focus on life) All you have to do is send us your request and we will contact all tutors. You can wait for the tutor to apply within 24 hours.

  • Providing Reviews

    (Help you choose a better tutor) Have a self-introduction but don’t know the real quality of the tutor? We will provide recommendation based on the tutor’s previous parent evaluation and successful experience in the company, which is different from other companies that only provide self-introduction.

  • Paid Trial Available

    (Learn about tutor teaching) Afraid of being caught by the teacher? The test room can directly understand the tutor's teaching method, and it is the easiest way to test whether the tutor meets your requirements.

  • Verify Education Credentials

    (employment with peace of mind) In addition to the system check, the instructor can provide proof in the first class, double guarantee.

  • Providing Replacements

    (Replace if not fit) Disagreement with the instructor? We directly help you change tutors instantly, saving time.

Evelyn Woo
Evelyn Woo
Agent is very nice, answering every question, just ask meThe teacher is very professional, Good, five-star praise! 👍👍
vivi Chung
vivi Chung
Thanks to the Hong Kong Tutor Association for helping my daughter find a suitable teacher. The reply will soon be based on the parents' request to find a tutor.very professional service,thank you all!
Sena Sze
Sena Sze
The teacher is very professional and teaches well, thank you for the introduction🤗
Private tutoring Private tutoring Home tutoring Tutoring agency TUTOR

> Academic Services Provided:
DSE, IGCSE, GCE, A-Level, IB, others

The company provides tutors for all academic systems, whether it is DSE tutoring, IGCSE tutoring, A-Level tutoring, IB tutoring, or other tutoring programs.

Tutoring intermediary door-to-door private tutoring private tutoring tutor tutor tutor tutor middle school ranking video tutoring online tutoring group tutoring

Detailed Pairing Process

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Guarantee of confidence in the actual operation of tutoring intermediary companies


Parents Questions

For our trial class service, you still pay tuition to the teacher. After the trial class, you can decide whether you still need to use the teacher, or you can find us to change the tutor for free.

Yes, we introduce the tutor to the parents, and the intermediary fee will be borne by the tutor. We will never charge parents any additional fees.

When the student successfully cooperates with a tutor who meets the requirements, our staff will immediately call/Whatsapp you for confirmation, including simple tutor information and the time and location of the first tutoring session. You need to check the time and place of the first class to ensure that the information is correct.

Before the first tutoring class, just pay the teacher's tuition fee for the first two weeks to Getutor via bank transfer.

One day before the class, Getutor will notify both parties of their contact information via Whatsapp.

If you feel that the instructor is not suitable within half a month after attending the class, you can notify the staff of the association and only pay the fee for the total number of classes attended. The association will deal with the tutor by itself. If you go to class for half a month, you can deal with the tutor yourself. If you feel that the tutor is not suitable within half a month of attending class, you can notify the staff of the association to re-arrange another tutor.

However, we hope that parents can spend more time observing the tutor's performance and avoid changing tutors immediately after the first lesson. Since tutoring has just started, it will take some time for tutors and students to adapt to each other. Responsible tutors will try their best to understand students and make remedies in response to students' weaknesses. This will take some time.

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