[Classic IQ Questions] Different types of IQ questions test men, women and children

Classic IQ questions review different types of IQ questions to test men, women and children

When it comes to IQ questions, I believe everyone has played with their family and friends. I don't know if you have encountered so many IQ questions before, and the ones that impress you the most are the other ones.We have selected some classic IQ questions for you to try, and see how many questions you can answer.

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We have selected some classic IQ questions for you to try, without further ado, let's start right away!


animal problems

1. What mouse walks on two feet?
2. Which duck walks on two feet?
3. In the 100-meter race between a leopard and a dog, the leopard runs faster than the dog. Why does the dog reach the finish line first?
4. Why do geese fly south?
5. A caterpillar wants to cross the opposite bank. It does not know how to swim. There is nothing between the two banks to cross the river. There is only a pile of leaves around. What should it do?
6. When you visit the zoo, which animal do you see first?
7. A chicken and a goose are put into the same refrigerator, why is only the chicken frozen to death?
8. Under what circumstances can one mountain hide two tigers?
9. Xiaoming went to the mainland and was robbed. He was stabbed with many knives, but he didn't die, but a chicken died. Why?
10. Where would you rather have acne if you had a choice?
11. A greedy thief walked into a room with a lot of valuables, why did he leave without stealing one?
12. Once upon a time there was a cricket, in front of the cricket was an ant, and in front of the ant was a bee. What's behind the cricket?
13. Why can an ant crawl from Hong Kong to Taiwan?
14. Give you a blue pen, how can you write in red?
15. Why do bears sleep so long when they hibernate?

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Playing IQ questions can help improve children's interest in learning


1. Mickey Mouse
2. All
3. The leopard ran in the wrong direction
4. Flying is much faster than walking with feet
5. Eat D leaves, turn into a butterfly and fly over
6 people
7. That one is a penguin
8. One male and one female
9. Because there is nothing wrong with it, killing chickens is a god
10. Born in the face of others
11. Because it's his home
12. Worm (Once upon a time there was a cricket)
13. Because the ants crawl the map
14. The blood book
15. No one dares to wake it up


Low-energy IQ questions

1. Who is the younger brother of USA?
2. How long does it take to finish the "University of Hong Kong"?
3. Why can Xiao Ming jump higher than the Eiffel Tower?
4. What is it that you can't see in the mirror, but only in photos?
5. What kind of bucket is never full?
6. Xiao Ming and his three friends were playing sparrows in the middle of the road. Why did the police take 5 people away?
7. Xiaoming stepped on dog shit, why aren't his shoes dirty?
8. If you lose your wallet and you have a credit card in it, what do you do right away?
9. Why are Superman's clothes so tight?
10. Hit the head with a stone or a stick, which one is more painful?
11. Why are most Buddhists in the northern hemisphere?
12. Why didn't a person fall to his death when he fell from the plane?
13. Why can Xiao Ming drink soda while brushing his teeth?
14. A container truck driver hit a motorcycle. The container truck driver was seriously injured, but the motorcycle rider was fine? why? "
15. Something gets dirty the more you wash it
16. There is a man wearing a helmet with a feather tied on it, holding a banana in his left hand, a nunchaku in his right hand, and wearing roller skates. May I ask where he is going?

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After the announcement, everyone's reaction will be different, some people will laugh, some people will not know the reaction


1. USB
2. It takes about 4 words per second to study at the University of Hong Kong
3. Because the Eiffel Tower doesn't know how to jump
4. Close your eyes
5. Toilet
6. Sparrow is a personal name (attacked by someone)
7. Because he didn't wear shoes
8. Immediately hold a wallet
9. Because of the clothes tag "s" (small size)
10. Headaches
11. Because Namo Amitabha
12. The plane is parked on the ground
13. He brushes his dentures tightly
14. Because the container truck driver did not drive at that time, he was just a pedestrian
15. Water
16. Go to a mental hospital


brain teasers

1. During class, Xiaozhen slapped Jiaming so hard that he bleeds. Why did the teacher see it but didn't move?
2. Xiaoming bought a new iPhone. Why can't he hear the sound but not see the picture when he goes home and turns it on?
3. Daming has normal vision. When he was playing with his friends, why was he the only one who stepped on dog shit, and he didn't know it yet?
4. Two apples are divided among three children, and they cannot be juiced. How can they be divided fairly?
5. A chemical factory exploded and spewed a large amount of toxic gas. Why is it harmless to the human body?
6. The cheetah is the fastest sprinter on land. Why did it lose the 100-meter race with a man?
7. The weather forecast will be heavy rain. Xiao Ming wears a raincoat and water boots to go out, but it doesn't rain. Why is he soaked all over?
8. Why (koala/koala), always hug the trunk?
9. Xiaozhen's three mothers and sons went to renew their passports. Her eldest son's name is Daming, the second son's name is Zhongming, and what is the third son's name?
10. A man is 22 years older than a woman, why does a woman call a man "father-in-law"?
11. Xiao Ming didn't know how to swim, so he accidentally fell into a swimming pool with a depth of 1.8 meters. He was only 1.6 meters tall. There were no lifeguards at that time. Why didn't he drown?
12. If you are taking a nap, the soup boiled in the kitchen is overflowing, the water in the bathroom is about to be flooded, and your sister is crying for some reason, what is the first thing you do when you wake up?

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Some IQ questions require everyone to jump out of the traditional thinking frame



1. Because Jiaming is a mosquito
2. Xiao Ming is blind
3. Daming couldn't see the underground because of catching children
4. Bags, scissors, losers have nothing to eat
5. It's not harmful if you don't inhale it
6. Because the man is the Flash
7. Because of the 30 degrees, the adult is full of juice and wet.
8. Because if you don't hold it, you will fall to the ground
9. She has only two children (three mothers and sons = 3 people)
10. Because men are eunuchs
11. Because the canal has blisters
12. Open your eyes


I don’t know if the above IQ questions are suitable for you? IQ questions are very attractive to men, women and children, and everyone is not like playing with family and friends in their free time!


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