[DSE Precautions] DSE exam starts, what should be paid attention to?

This year's DSE exam finally starts, what should candidates pay attention to?

The 2022 DSE will start on April 22. I believe that all the candidates are very nervous and are trying their best to sprint in the last time, hoping to get good results. But at the same time as they were working hard and reading the book, all the candidates could not remember some important matters. todayGETUTORLet me tell you about what DSE candidates have to pay attention to before the test starts, so that everyone will not forget it while they are busy preparing for the battle!

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Candidates should pay attention to the following points


1. You shouldn't post Barcode on IG! ! ! !

There is a situation in DSE every year, that is, even though countless people have strongly advised it, every year, there are still candidates who punch their cards and post their Barcode videos on Instagram or other social platforms when they enter the test venue.

This one is very low-level, but it is a serious fault. The Examination and Assessment Authority has also mentioned that if such a situation occurs, the relevant students will be punished. We take the trouble and advise all candidates to do this one more time.Do not shadow anything in the examination room and put it on any social media platform where you enter the examination room. Before starting the examination, make sure the phone is turned off and put it in a conspicuous place under the chair for the invigilator. Staff can see clearly.We really don't want to see your barcode and candidate number on any social media!

Studying DSE exam tutoring tutoring agency

Qian Qi is not good to punch in at the test venue!


2. Make sure you get enough sleep

There are not many candidates who arrange to come in at the last time, and try their best to sprint every minute and every second, hoping to get good grades and enter their favorite university.

But it is a sprint and a sprint. Please remember to ensure that you have enough sleep and rest before the exam, because the exam is not only to see how deep everyone's knowledge of different subjects is, but also to see everyone's on-the-spot performance. If everyone only focuses on sprinting, or even chooses to study the book all night, but does not have a good rest, then the state and performance on the spot in the examination room will not be good. Try to think that you are not sleepy enough, you are in a state of exhaustion, your mind may turn fast, and in the end it will only be worth the loss.

So before the exam, please make sure you have enough sleep and rest, and make sure you are in a good state to enter the exam room.

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Get enough sleep and you'll be in a good state


3. Get all the required items

Finally, just make sure you bring all the necessary items. I believe that everyone usually has a big head shrimp with a leak, but in this case, it will happen during the exam, because how good it is may affect your grades.

If you don't remember to bring a computer for the math test, or if you go to the test room and find that you have missed the admission ticket, you can say to DSE: "See you next year!" How useless are you talking if you can't get into the university?

Therefore, the best way is to put everything you need in the exam into your pocket the day before the exam, so that you can avoid the situation where you can rush to hold on to the door before going out the door, which may lead to leaks. occur.

Studying DSE exam tutoring tutoring agency

Make sure you bring everything with you!



at last,GETUTORIt is hoped that this year's candidates can get satisfactory results and be admitted to their favorite institutions.


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