【Learning experience sharing】Is it better to focus enough?

Do you have the problem of not being able to concentrate enough?

Speaking of the issue of concentration, I wonder if you have ever experienced the following situations while studying or working:

  • The people around you will attract your attention
  • Nai Nai Nai pick up the phone to play
  • Will stare at the textbook in a daze, not really studying hard books
  • Wen Shu and Wen Ao started fishing
  • All day long
  • Tired of studying/working

If you have the above situation, you need to improve it immediately! Because the problem of not being able to concentrate enough to be easily distracted will have a very profound and bad impact on you. Wait for today.GETUTOR Hong Kong Tutor AssociationLet's discuss this issue with you!

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Do you have trouble concentrating?


What is the problem with poor concentration?

Not being able to focus can have a very profound effect on you.

  • Not doing things efficiently
  • It's easy to feel depressed, and it seems that I spend a lot of time with no results.
  • Because it is easy to be distracted, thinking is easily messy or incoherent
  • affect the future

These are some of the most notable bad effects. Try to think that you will be distracted by doing things all day long, but will you be more efficient? If you were a boss, would you prefer this type of subordinate? Therefore, the problem of not being able to improve concentration enough to distract myself all day long is very urgent.

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Poor concentration will affect reading and work


What's the point? 3 ways to help you improve your concentration:

1. Choose a peaceful environment

"Sun Bin's Art of War - Moon War" says: "The time of day, the right place, the people and the people, the three are not good, although victory will bring disaster."

Likewise, a good place definitely helps to work and study. In my experience, a quiet place is a good place, such as a library, because a quiet environment helps me concentrate on reading and working.

When I was studying hard, because of the dormitory and isolation, I would bring my friends to play. This environment would make me unable to concentrate on reading. When I'm doing assignments, I'll definitely go to the library or study room, just because I like the environment to be quiet enough, and all of them are just quietly being themselves. In this environment, I can. Help me focus on being myself.

So, I am talking about a quiet environment that will definitely help you to accomplish anything. The next time you study/work, you may try to find a quiet place, you will definitely fall in love with this kind of work environment!

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Tranquil environment for concentration


2. Identify your goals

Another reason why it is easy to lose focus on work is lack of motivation, and lack of motivation often stems from lack of clear goals. When you don’t have a clear goal when you are working or studying, you will be like a blind fly. You work hard but you seem to be making no progress, so you will be easily discouraged and lack motivation.

To clearly recognize your goals, you must understand what tasks you need to complete at the moment. For example, in the work, there are some departments that urgently need to be completed, and some are not in a hurry; in terms of reading, there are some homework to be completed. Wen several topics and so on. When you have a clear To do list and a clear direction, you can naturally focus more on your goals.

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Focus on clear goals


3. Turn off data

Another reason why it is so easy to get distracted is that many times when people are at work, they will unconsciously pick up their mobile phones and play: maybe they see a friend who asks you to answer him, and then just answer it. Unconsciously distracted; or when you see a notification pop-up in the mobile phone's Apps, you are thinking about it; or it may even be just habitually and unconsciously to start playing.

In this case, you can try to stay away from electronic products as much as possible when you are doing a lot of work or reading a book, such as turning off the data of your mobile phone, or burying your mobile phone so that you can easily get it out. That's why we try to reduce the chance of distraction as much as possible, but of course we all need to see everyone's self-discipline and will.

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It's not fun to play with mobile phones



If everyone is a person who is easily distracted, you must improve this bad habit. I pray that this bad habit will drag down your life!

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