【University Taboo】Warning! When I entered the university, I wish I could do the following things...

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Caution! When I entered the university, I wish I could do the following things...

While enjoying university life, there are two things that you should keep in mind that you must not do when you enter the university, otherwise there will be serious consequences. From the perspective of the university, they attach great importance to the honesty of students. If they find any academic dishonesty/fraudulent behavior, the university will definitely punish the students involved. What is involved in academic dishonesty/fraudulent behavior?

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Do not engage in academic dishonesty


1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the first act strictly prohibited at the University. This kind of plagiarism probably means copying someone else's work and using it in one's own work. Therefore, when all college students are in their first semester, the university will clearly instruct them so that when students cite other people's works, they must refer to the standard format and teach students to refer to the standard format. Everyone must follow the instructions. , to avoid being plagiarized! In addition, copying the homework/work that you have handed in before, or copying the homework of your classmates, will be regarded as a kind of plagiarism in the university, and the university department will have a system to check this kind of behavior, everyone, please don’t try it!

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Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in the university, even if you copy yourself


2. Cheating

The university department cracks down on cheating among students, which is what we usually call "out of the cat". Some people may have tried to breed cats in primary and secondary schools, but Qian Qi would not be able to do the same thing in a university, nor would they have a fluke mentality, thinking that as long as no one catches them, nothing will happen. Because in primary and secondary schools, the teacher catches a cat, it may only be a matter of detention.

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Qian Qi is not good to have a cat at the entrance of the university


as a result of

Of course, doing something wrong will have corresponding consequences, and when students expose plagiarism or cheating, the consequences will be more serious than most people imagine, and most people can't bear it. The consequences mentioned in this article are that you will have to re-read the first subject you are studying, or you may need to see the Board and leave a record of "Academic Dishonesty" in your Transcript entry, and this record will affect your life.

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Plagiarism and cheating will make you regret


1. End of career

Generally speaking, the HR of most companies or institutions will reject the applicant as soon as they see a record of “Academic Dishonesty” in Transcript, because no company would be willing to hire someone with a dishonest record. people. That is to say, there is a great opportunity and there will be no opportunity for interviews. It also means that it will be very difficult for him to get a job, and his career has come to an end.

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Institutions do not hire dishonest people


2. Cut off the path to higher education

Academic Dishonesty is a death sentence in the academic world. If you have a record of Academic Dishonesty on your Transcript/Graduate Certificate, you will not be able to continue your studies in the future. Because most colleges will reject your application without hesitation after seeing your academic record of Academic Dishonesty, so this record has completely cut off your way of continuing to study in the future.

讀書 補習 補習中介

Academic Dishonesty Department Academia Capital Offense



To sum up, the consequences of catching a plagiarism or a cat in a university are very serious, and everyone should not try it, because it will affect your life.


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